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  1. Please make crafting gain experience points. As a theorycrafter... gaining in crafting, seems unnecessarily long, due to the fact, that you do not gain from it, in terms of xp. I'm furthering my character, I believe, I should get experience points for that. imo. ty Feel free to post any other ideas, this post is for everyone who would like to see certain things implemented. Please make it so mutant abilities, can hit the eyes, and the hands, of opponents. This would allow mutants, to have a fighting chance, against guns. Burning or chilling hands, to mess up fire. Effect on eyes, causing miss chance. Possibly.. as powerful as a disarm, but that may be too much. Not sure. but yeah... mutants need to compete as well please.
  2. they do a wipe. im out. unreliable game i play to progress, and move on. not start over, completely at random. if there's ever a chance, what im doing, will get thrown away? count me out completely edit: "game reputation"
  3. id pay for a sub, for this game. maybe even buy some shit edit: buy things, that dont ruin the challenge of gameplay, that is. not sure what, but i would if it doesnt ruin the game, just stuff. maybe a house or somethin. guess that's assuming a housing expansion though -.-
  4. Im always gonna complain.. that the mutations r too weak.. But besides that, it's an awesome game, and I miss it as well. I think the real problem though, is noone knows the game exists. if they relaunhced, with some kinda 'gift' for putting that u play fallen earth, on facebook or something, Or some kinda advetisment at all... It would be fine. (i dont typically use social media, so i may be incredibly wrong) But nonetheless, everyone i talked to about this game, before and now, never heard of it at all. the game is clearly good, amazing even. The problem almost has to be, noone knows the game exists. But, advertising is expensive, and on a low volume game... 'possibly', not worth it. anyway, petition wise? im there as well.
  5. I would spend money on this, being able to play again, at all. Edit: the weakness of mutants, and the nearly absolute strength of guns, still annoy me. But I'd still play, cuz the game itself, is awesome. Edit2: was thinkin on it a bit... might even be better, due to not having some guy, in chat, tellin ya what to do n say all day, lol. No idea, how many times, I logged off, due to that guy.
  6. I understand, being a core member, of a game, I really do, im like that about Ultima Online. I feel, if people knew more, they would just play it. and i never want it to change, but i realized, many years ago... if this game stays the same? to one small niche. it will never be popular. Im saying, this game is great, but sadly... it doesnt appeal, to a large enough crowd, in it's previous form, to ever have a playable population. For this game, to ever be popular, to the point of daily play, and constant, around the clock things to do, and advance... pvp, etc. It's just gonna be a game, most lvl to 34, and leave. Even as a core member, u gotta realize, it needs more population. I feel, the re-release, will depend on u core members, making it good to all, yet, keeping it's perspective of an overall game. So all can enjoy.
  7. Well. tbh. All my extra points were in crafting. But still, ud think id be able to lvl. I didn't plan, on taking out elites, and droppin grps, i just wanted to play -.-
  8. I got to lvl 34, and couldn't even lvl, do to the fact, that i couldn't kill basic mobs anymore. I actually made some pistols, of which i had no skill in, at all, and could then kill the same pulls, with 0 skill.
  9. Fallen Earth, was always my favorite game... Sadly... none of the builds I wanted to play, ever worked :/ So I didn't really get to play. Hopefully, a swords Mutant healer, or Witcher style, will exist. Atleast to the point of playable, and still have fun.
  10. I think, this may work, in Fallen Earth, as well. https://www.reddit.com/r/New_World_MMO/comments/f0u5hz/pvp_fix_bounty_system_w_pvmr_and_pver_aspects/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x Sorry, but I'm not gonna rewrite it all...
  11. Repost, to get own Topic. Also.. I would like to say. Things like social... are those things, that of course, 90% of people dont do... But for the 10% that do? that's where the games cool stuff come from, so that the other 90% always have cool stuff for their char.. Cool and/or down looks.. Enough equipment, always for sale... New and fun stuff, always being available... All the colors unlocked, and in current and available rarities... etc. These things all come from the 10%, to make the game more lively, and they're the ones that go and unlock all the new stuff, and hard to find things, so the 90% have things to do and buy... look forward to, etc.. So please don't throw things like social away, just cuz it was few that used it. It makes the game go round. If you were to add an archeologist... and all they did was go around diggin stuff up, from pre apocolyptica? sure, there may only be 10% or less that do it. But it would feed the other 90%. Fallen Earth example: I had max social, and max crafting... when I got to a lvl that I could sit around doin whatever... I used my time, buying copper, then turning it into arrows... then sold it back to the vendor, for small profit... This gave me available money, at all times, allowing me to be able to look at, and try out all the gear available, and craft whatever I wanted, and sell it on the market. I 'think' I was the first, to put science gear on the market. I could be wrong about that... but that's the way it seemed, as there was none on the market at the time, and i talked to chat, and they knew nothing of social/crafting endless money. Edit, for New Topic: All these skills and/or crafts... that only a dedicated player can achieve. Too things, too boring, for the 90% to do themselves. Adding 1 skill, anyone could do... but if the whole char, is didicated, to just these things... the 90% would stick to killing, and buy the stuff found and/or achieved. Archeologists digging up Hitori Hanso blades... from pre-apocolyptica... Remington rifles. Specialised weapon crafting, with too expensive respecs, so not everyone can do the best stuff. Scavenging, that only a true gatherer can find. Dyes & Potions... only a true alchemist can make. Scientists, that can add to gear, odd-job pluses, some may want. I'm just going off the top of my head on these specialized crafts... and anyone has any, please post it. The economy depends on it... Of course... we all want our own homes, to sell our stuff out of... but if that's not realistic? the current trade system will do I guess. If it were homes, with vendors, it would allow people to browse, for things they 'may' want or need... many such items, the 90%, 'may' not know about... but would learn, from a small list, or trusted trade home, they like to go to. Or, a more detailed auction house, would work, listing every items, that has the pluses they want on it, in search. Sorry for rambling your head off... but I feel this would 'truely,' make the game. Any ideas? on how the 10%, could help the economy, or take the 'annoyance' from the 90%, trying to get items on their own... rather than just buying em. Please list. Thank You, Balidore Merged. I hate to quote WoW.... I really do... But I have to say, one of the cool things, that make WoW playable... Is that the whole world is full of things. Either NPCs, huminoid monsters with stuff, normal monsters sometimes... NPCs walking around... No matter where you go, there's 'something' there... Fallen Earth, is 50% dead space... and dead space? Is obviously no fun. No one likes wasted space, or dead space... it's pointless... and a waste of time to go there, and being as it's a decent amount of time, anywhere you go. That means everything we do, is a waste of time, a decent amount of time. Merged. One of the cool things about Ultima Online? You could show off how much money you had. So just sitting around, making tons of money, then showing it off? Is a thing Merged. Please add a "Watch" option... in game. Listing all the best/#1 players by type... and choosing to 'watch' him/her play, from a sky view. Of course... not everyone wants to be watched. So would need a toggle on/off mode, for the player to option...
  12. The balance, was impossibly, terrible... The game had 0 pvp abilities, for 90% of the abilities in the game... guns just won. It's a game, u dont "have" to make it realistic. The point is fun, complete playability, at all times, and the ability to do, anything and everything, the game offers.... and still compete. Playing the game, as anyone wishes. Hopefully many things, like it did, (imo). And it's Post-Apocolyptica... no one really 'knows' the truth to it... For all you know, fumes from the nukes and chemicals, mixed with the soil, and bio-fuels from planting crop. Leaving a 'haze' in your eyes... making guns hard. to hit people half the time... and the adrenaline, from a sword, raises ur instincts... Allowing for more accuracy. So many places to go. The metal could be alterred even... or, if not altered, a crafting option... to mix it with the new found things... like ur gigantic roaches... 'something' changed them, alchemy, and blacksmithing... could be all new types of stuff... and i also wanna point out... who's making all this gunpowder going around anyways? can u even make gunpowder in the grand canyon? lol. metal and gunpowder dont grow on trees either. Nor do cast models and coal fed fires to form and shape em... I'd understand, if a faction could... or maybe a few... but unless u make something up? guns n guns powder, would be in rare supply anyway. So it could be overpowered... but in limited use... even if u wanted to be 'realistic' about it. Sadly... limited things people wanna do, isn't the way to make a game, (imo). people should be able to do whatever they want, but you have to put it there for us, and make it useable for us as well, to the point we wanna always play. Thank You, Balidore
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