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  1. It is unfortunate. Its the same thing us mid golds had to deal with for the past year and a half when we were locked in the 1 silver district with all the best players in the game. With this change we can actually play for more than half an hour without getting super bored. So its kind of a lose-lose situation as a whole.
  2. This is a good change for low-mid golds since we have been stuck with all the best players in the game for the past year and a half with unplayable matchmaking. Perhaps we wont find ourselves in as many losing missions before they even begin now. However I can see many silvers and bronzes quitting in the near future due to this change as matchmaking will become increasingly worse for them.
  3. They should have added in the option to make our own character high quality as a band aid fix. So we dont have to play with a blurry character on minimum settings for years. For those who dont want to use the advanced launcher.
  4. We can only hope that APB will live on and become at least half as good as it used to be. Its the game I have the most good memories from out of any game I have ever played. Everyone I have played with over the years does not play anymore and playing it solo is just not so fun anymore on top of all its other problems, so its annoying when I get the urge to play it since I still really like the game.
  5. Unfortunately right now its a lose-lose situation for everyone. If those players were to switch to silver district then they would be in the exact same boat as you, except they would be versing a whole bunch of the literal best players in the game who fill up half the 1 remaining silver district.
  6. I once deleted an event weapon, sent a ticket in and they sent me the armas version of it.
  7. Even when I actually get a couple of missions that aren't against a group of players 10x better than me I want to stop playing because I dont want to push my luck and ruin the rare fun I just had.
  8. Dethreaters are a big problem no doubt, but at this point in the games life there is a much bigger disparity between the skill floor and the skill ceiling in the silver district, which has alot more of an impact on the current population. Its felt near impossible to get a balanced mission because much of the players in the silver district are the best players in the game who make up the remaining hardcore playerbase. This causes many players to stop playing out of frustration and the skill gap and the matchmaking gets worse and worse.
  9. Putting your graphics settings to minimum will stop it crashing. So unfortunately you must play with blurry characters which defeats the point of the customisation. Still waiting after a year and a half for little orbit to add an option for high detail characters as a band aid fix. Its not too bad once you get used to it but its really not ideal. As long as you set the graphics preset to minimum, you can turn on all the advanced settings like bloom and shadows etc and it will still not crash. So you dont have to have the game looking like a dark washed out mess at least. Setting it to low (no blurry character) and turning off all advanced settings will still crash however.
  10. Holding reverse and then pressing nitro and handbrake and doing a double backflip.
  11. Raichu

    Ran out of memory!

    Still waiting for them to add a high quality character option for only our own character on minimal graphics settings so we dont have to play with blurry characters and clothing for years without having to use 3rd party stuff, as a band aid fix.
  12. Not a screenshot but a funny story, I was driving to the next missions stage location with an enemy car behind me, when suddenly a dump truck from somebody elses mission just spawned right infront of the enemy car and they instantly crashed into it. Used to have a clip of it i think but dont have it anymore sadly.
  13. In April it will be exactly 8 years since work started on the engine upgrade apparently i think.
  14. Im not talking about the gold disctrict. I said at this point in the games life, so the population has been dropping for years to the point where we only have 1 silver district which is mostly filled with top players since they are the hardcore playerbase. And there really isn't much to learn from versing top players 5 missions in a row and spending the whole time on the spawn screen before you had enough and want to quit. Balanced missions or players a little above you give you way more room to actually see what you are doing right and what you can do to improve. But balanced missions are rare these days.
  15. Players who are a little above you in skill and knowledge of the game sure, but the players who are doing the stomping at this point in the games life are literally the best players in the game since they are the hardcore playerbase who take up a large portion of the only remaining silver district population now. Ive personally hardly touched the game in the past year due to this reason, its that difficult to enjoy now. Watching streams of the best players was a good way to learn however, if thats your thing.
  16. Making some of the guns slightly less RNG would be nice I guess
  17. Unfortunately the game is at that time in its lifespan where a large portion of the remaining playerbase are the most hardcore players who are way up there near the skill ceiling. It makes it increasingly difficult for everyone else to play as the matchmaking gets worse and worse and lose alot of interest in the game. This will probably happen more and more over this year. There are still often 2 mostly full bronze districts, but they will soon run into this same problem with the game. The declining population from past couple of years has snowballed into larger problems which will accelerate the game shutting down over the next couple of years.
  18. All i'd want them to add in 2021 before engine upgrade is a queue system so i dont have to spam join silver district for 10 mins when i want to play, and for them to increase the quality of our own characters on minimum graphics settings as a band aid fix so those of us with rtx cards arent forced to play with low res character for years.
  19. They should have developed to the strengths of the game such as missions and customisation. Instead of making console apb they should have made new contacts so everyone has more things to do while playing missions. And instead of making riot mode and overly detailed preset armas clothing, they should have made more plain highly customisable clothing. Alot less wasted time and resources and more people happy for longer.
  20. At this point its impossible to play no matter what level you are, and its due to the exact same thing that you said.
  21. I think as of right now the bronze districts are more healthy than the one remaining silver district. While dethreaters and cheaters are probably the biggest legit issue, they are not the biggest realistic thing that is holding the game back right now. Im pretty sure the stomping situation is a hell of alot worse in the silver district than it is in the bronze district right now, since it is filled with all the top tier players with no where for every other gold player to go. The population feels like an hourglass shape now, not alot of players in the mid gold area. Though its pretty natural as a game gets older that the most hardcore player base becomes the most sizeable.
  22. The game has been increasingly unplayable for me this year in the times I have tried to play due to bad matchmaking because the one remaining silver district is half filled with these kinds of players with no way to avoid them. I have noticed alot less mid-golds playing in the past year compared to the really really good high-golds that dominate the silver district. The skill gap is really huge between even mid and high golds now and its just not fun anymore to have 70%+ unbalanced missions that im guaranteed to lose. But nothing anyone can do about it because everyone is welcome to play so its just the way things are now.
  23. It is worth it if you think it will be something fun to do.
  24. Hi there. Ive mostly seen the black fashion sunglasses or whatever they are called from that armas pack being used much more than the 3D. I love the 3D ones too I won them in an event in 2011 and felt special having them for a while xD
  25. Its the same thing at this point. All the players who wear the plain shirts with plain or printed combats / joggers, with the black sunglasses. And who start shooting the walls doing all the dodge movements as if the walls are firing back.
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