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  1. You lost access to your account because of 2FA not working or you lost access to your phone? If its the first try pressing the sync time option on the 2FA app.
  2. The thing that changes the direction of grenades when standing near an object is soo annoying in this event. Ive missed so many direct hit shots on people with snowballs and missing chances to kill because the game decides to make it throw all the way off to the side.
  3. The achievement is fine, it just takes a few days to get out of the 3+ weeks the event is going for.
  4. Its a bug and is not obtainable this year. Which is sad cause i really want the Slayer title.
  5. After playing it a couple of days since the hotfix the event is not THAT bad, still far worse than 12 deaths though. The most annoying thing about this event I think is having to go through the filler snowball fight every time that you get nothing for before you can continue progressing with the actual event.
  6. A good portion of the games current population are really good. Which sucks for the rest of us but what can you do than do your best.
  7. If its the mobile authenticator thingy suddenly locking you out of your account after changing passwords, click the sync time button on the app on your phone. This worked for me.
  8. Yeah they literally just copy pasted the halloween event from financial and didnt even change it to make it work for a small map. Have been in instances where people try to get everyone to just not shoot eachother so everyone can survive but always someone that ruins it xD
  9. Would be soo amazing if they added the 12 deaths game mode permenantly all year round, i always wished they would do this too. Its the most fun event. Really sad they removed it this year and replaced it with the impossible halloween event.
  10. +1 for 12 deaths event. I also wish they would just remove the snowball fight event. Its always such a slog to have to go through that everytime after the real event ends and having to wait til the end of snowball fight to continue with the event.
  11. Another issue i encountered was that the filler snowball fight event has no time limit and the match didnt end when one whole side left the instance, so it was soft locked in to a never ending match.
  12. I wish they still used the 12 deaths of christmas event, it was my favourite event this game has had. It is very hard to survive the halloween event in the small beacon map. They should have at least tweaked it to make it possible like lowering the time needed to survive instead of completely copy pasting an event designed for a big map, and I really want the weapon skin Also the filler snowball fight event has no time limit so you get soft locked into a never ending match if one side leaves.
  13. I would say a veteran is someone who has played since 2011/2012, has alot of game knowledge and is decent at the game.
  14. Since many of us are forced to use minimal graphics because of crashes with RTX cards, it would be nice if the character and clothing quality were higher on minimal. It really sucks to have to play with a blurry looking character and customisations that you can hardly tell what they look like for the next year or so until the engine upgrade gets finished. And I know theres the advanced launcher but for those who'd prefer not to use it, something of a more official fix would be welcomed. Since customisation is quite a big part of the game and this is quite a serious issue.
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