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  1. Since many of us are forced to use minimal graphics because of crashes with RTX cards, it would be nice if the character and clothing quality were higher on minimal. It really sucks to have to play with a blurry looking character and customisations that you can hardly tell what they look like for the next year or so until the engine upgrade gets finished. And I know theres the advanced launcher but for those who'd prefer not to use it, something of a more official fix would be welcomed. Since customisation is quite a big part of the game and this is quite a serious issue.
  2. Hmm might have found how to make my characters skin look better but the clothing is still blurry
  3. Thats true and might have to try it but shouldn't really need to use a third party launcher for even being able to do customising in a game about customising. And id hate for LO to think that is the solution. ohh does editing the file manually work to increase character quality? Im not sure how to do that
  4. I know that, but thats probably at least a year away. And many of us are forced to play with low quality looknig characters until then. So seeing as they cant fix it until the engine upgrade its the least they can do for us in the time being.
  5. Id hope they can at least increase the quality of our characters and customisation on minimal graphics since thats a large part of the game while many of us are forced to play like this and have blurry looking characters
  6. Both me and my friend have been getting the Ran Out of Memory crash many times in the past week also. I have an RTX card but she doesn't, but still gets the same crash. It only really started happening for us since the update a couple of weeks ago that messed up the apb catcher file. It also only happens on the spawn screen.
  7. Oh phew so its not just me. Ive been getting this 20fps drop and mini game stutter every minute or so since a few weeks ago, exactly like what its like in the clips in this thread. Even standing still in social it happens. Side note: at least it seems they have fixed the 30 minute d/c problem as it hasnt happened to me for a while. Oh nope not fixed
  8. The only time I get annoyed is when the game gives me no hope of winning. Like when the matchmaking gives me some new players vs a full team of golds and no backup option.
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