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  1. It is worth it if you think it will be something fun to do.
  2. Hi there. Ive mostly seen the black fashion sunglasses or whatever they are called from that armas pack being used much more than the 3D. I love the 3D ones too I won them in an event in 2011 and felt special having them for a while xD
  3. Its the same thing at this point. All the players who wear the plain shirts with plain or printed combats / joggers, with the black sunglasses. And who start shooting the walls doing all the dodge movements as if the walls are firing back.
  4. This sort of thing has an impact on the upper end of the skill spectrum too since the skill ceiling seems to have increased alot in past couple of years and the gap between what i always considered a mid-gold and a high-gold has increased. There seems to be alot less mid-golds nowadays.
  5. I got my 2080ti in May 2019 and didnt start crashing until around August 2019 with a driver from around July I think. It always wanted to crash, the game would freeze on spawn screen and then the screen would flash white but it wouldnt crash. But since August 2019 it just crashes.
  6. I bought a 2080ti last year and since about august 2019 have had to play on minimal when i always used to play on maximum. Ive got used to it now but its not ideal. I always hoped that they would at least do a sort of band aid fix and increase the quality of our own characters and cars on minimal settings so we can still enjoy the customisation things and the look of our characters without needing to use the 3rd party stuff. I hate having to have a low res character and cant see the details on my clothes.
  7. Getting stomped by players way better than you happens all across the player skill spectrum, not just in bronze districts. Probably happens worse in silver districts cause the difference in skill between a gold and a gold is insane.
  8. Porbably just getting whispered really nasty things when I kill them during a mission in a pvp game.
  9. Im unsure why they dont update the game in areas that are the strongest parts of the game like missions and clothing. They should create new mission types and add more basic clothing instead of adding different game modes like riot that are not popular, and overly detailed niche clothing that cant be used with anything else with not much room for customisation.
  10. Raichu

    a small problem

    I have had a problem like this for years also. The game kicks me out after being logged on to my character for exactly 30 minutes. Sometimes it doesnt happen and sometimes it happens 5 times a day. Ive never known what causes it but it hasnt happened for a while now.
  11. Many of us are really attached to our characters cause we have had them since 2011 and hardly any other game lets you have a character like this one. APB has always been my go to pvp shooter game because imo it is the best one in terms of movement and gun play. Sure its got its problems in many other areas but all the guns always feel so satisfying to use and require enough skill for you to always know that you did good or bad in a fight unlike the feel I get with other games. Also all the friends I have made from this game over the years keeps it close to my heart, even though hardly any of them play anymore.
  12. Only a few of the items in a few of the packs are usable anyway sadly. Majority of all the armas clothing is overly detailed niche clothes that only someone role playing as whatever style the pack is would wear, which is like a handful of people. More basic everyday clothing would be lovely to have.
  13. Don't worry too much about it. The general skill level of players has shifted quite a bit in both directions in the past couple of years due to the lowering population so it will feel like its harder to avoid the higher skill players since alot of these players stick around. All you can do is do your best and have fun and focus on the missions where you're versing players of around the skill level as you. I too am very average at this game and have been stuck in mid-gold since 2012. I'm surprised i've kept this threat level this long but feel like i am going to drop some time soon for first time since 2012 I think cause of how player skill has shifted with population.
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