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  1. Id hope they can at least increase the quality of our characters and customisation on minimal graphics since thats a large part of the game while many of us are forced to play like this and have blurry looking characters
  2. Both me and my friend have been getting the Ran Out of Memory crash many times in the past week also. I have an RTX card but she doesn't, but still gets the same crash. It only really started happening for us since the update a couple of weeks ago that messed up the apb catcher file. It also only happens on the spawn screen.
  3. Oh phew so its not just me. Ive been getting this 20fps drop and mini game stutter every minute or so since a few weeks ago, exactly like what its like in the clips in this thread. Even standing still in social it happens. Side note: at least it seems they have fixed the 30 minute d/c problem as it hasnt happened to me for a while. Oh nope not fixed
  4. The only time I get annoyed is when the game gives me no hope of winning. Like when the matchmaking gives me some new players vs a full team of golds and no backup option.
  5. Agreed. There are alot of things in this game that you need to look at outside sources for to understand how things work or what they look like which shouldnt be the case honestly. Adding better descriptions on things or pictures of things in game would be a nice quality of life thing and be helpful to alot of people.
  6. I just think this reward structure design is really odd and shouldnt be in place for a big main seasonal event. Im fully aware of how daily and weekly grind things work to keep people playing and subscribbed to mmo's, but these things are usually when the system is in place indefinately so there never comes a point where its impossible for anyone to get the rewards, it will just take longer if they miss days or weeks. The only time rewards should be impossible to get from an event, especailly a big popular seasonal one, is when the event is over.
  7. I feel like the reward should be grindy, but the kind of grind where you have to put in the hours of play to get it. Not having it be daily with a set limit you have to play before you have absolutely no chance to get it, which is only half way through the event period, theres no point to the event continuing at this point. Daily or weekly limit grind content is fine if its indefinite, but an event that only lasts some days is a bit of a silly design choice. They should try to make people play for longer by making the event itself fun to play.
  8. Not happy with how you can be locked out of obtaining some of the rewards from this event if you have not done it everyday at specific times up to a certain point throughout the event. All rewards from events should be able to be obtained at any point during the duration of the event, especially if its one of the big holiday season events like this. Apparently I am unable to get the rewards that I wanted from this event now as I have only just gotten round to starting it, which I didnt know.
  9. Is it really 1 second? Thats insane, I had no idea. Would love for it to be increased by alot or even better the mod removed entirely.
  10. For anyone wanting to customise clothing during this pixelated issue, if you click customise on clothing you are not currently wearing as part of your outfit then they are displayed correctly. So unequip the clothing first.
  11. Have never liked that hazard suit since it got released on armas so not gonna bother with the event if im forced to wear it. Also many people create their own halloween outfits which im sure they'd like to wear for halloween event.
  12. The loading screen that you get before you get to the login screen seems to now take 4 times as long as it did before the recent patch.
  13. Honestly never understood how people can get so mad at dying in a regular way in an online pvp shooting game and feel the need to make the effort to insult someone over it. Getting told to die of cancer for shooting at an enemy is great. Or those that go gg ez after winning a mission, as if its their first ever win or something. Even if you don't play lame at all they will always find ways to insult you. People on this game are just trash. It feels funny when I see people in stream chats acting all nice when they have trash talked me and others for no reason in game before.
  14. No the game does not treat gold and high gold the same. Matchmaking still uses the underlying 'ELO/Rating' for its calculations. The previous system compared to now is no different except for how your threat is displayed to you. You misunderstand what I am saying. I know that system is in the background but im talking about how much harder it was to get gold back then. And 2 players who are both high gold, but one is much better than the other get treated the same. Because getting high gold threat is easy.
  15. It is a bit of a joke how easy it is to get gold and even high gold and it creates many unfair matchups in the higher end of the threat spectrum too which are even worse than what you deal with in bronze id imagine. Because the enemies are alot more skilled and the game treats you the same as them when there is a clear big skill gap. But at the same time its one way to help you improve and they can sometimes be fun. The previous system from open beta with bronze silver gold 1-10 was much harder to gain threat and made there an actual point to winning which was very enjoyable and felt good when you went up but at the same time many people would play ultra lame to try and win.
  16. Adding the 3 slot ntec stock gun to armas would also be fine, I just want that gun permanent so bad!
  17. Would not mind a permanent version of the 3 slot ntec stock model at all which you unlock for lease at rifleman 16. Its the only one I like to use.
  18. This would actually be such a great thing. Also would be nice if people have to send a request to add you to friends.
  19. I remember just after the server merge they did not reserve names properly and there was someone who made a new character on the new citadel server with my name, while I was unable to login because of an error. I was freaking out!
  20. Any time I get killed by a perc or remote det, or when the enemies run with an item. Or when I get new players as team mates vs a team of average gold players who I know I can beat but cannot clutch a win because I am alone and cannot call backup.
  21. Should have bought Final Fantasy 14 instead.
  22. Do you know if your disconnects are after exactly 30 minutes of being logged on to your character? I sometimes have this problem and has been happening for years and ive never known why.
  23. Hmm honestly whats in the picture and what you described seem pretty normal for a bronze district id imagine. Also competitive golds typically do not really use explosive weapons as they are too situational or considered lame.
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