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  1. i didn't get my 7 days of premium, and on the ticket under "customer issue" i donno what to press on the drop down bar
  2. i can't 2 shot an orge at point blank range with my hvr before they kill me, plz nerf
  3. when you've played the game for a week and didn't uninstall
  4. remove it from the game? wut you get a big bonus if you kill one of them, an even bigger bonus if an enf arrests a n5 crim, also x2.0 dropping off money when ram raiding also contacts have a daily for killing a n5/p5 so that would need to be changed if you hit n5/p5 and only somebody in the match could take it that would be ok, and then if you have it not in match only people also not in match can take it
  5. yeah that's when the game really started to die, i said that lots years ago you'd log into apb and 90% of the golds would just be sitting around in social, they'd even make jokes about how apb is just second life 2 i work shift work so some times id be online all day or online all night, or half and half, didn't matter what time i was on playing in a gold district you'd just be playing the same small amount of people all the time
  6. would be able to make some good outfits with this, i remember people used to do it somehow in the clothing kiosk but G1 said "no fun allowed" and stopped people from doing it also being able to only put 1 shoulder pad on, instead of having to put both on
  7. yes get rid of the advanced tab...but also get rid of threat segrigated districts....which actually killed the game because a lot of people quit after that, image wanting to play the game and you get put in a gold district because you are gold...except its maybe you and 3 other people.....and all the other golds on the server are just afking in social all day long or its 2am and most people are sleeping go back to the old days where it was everybody vs everybody, no threat segrigation districts, so we can get backup wars going again with half the district in a mission
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