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  1. i kept saying in social "buying all legendary guns 25k each" but nobody would listen, now you will be getting nothing
  2. anybody else notice since they added all these guns you can get with JT, some names changed my mounty nunavut now has pr1 at the end, so does my n-fa9 quickdraw trouble maker has pr3 at the end, and my NFAS says JT3 (even though i bought the NFAS on armas years ago) i never noticed the other guns saying pr1 or pr3 before, but how can a gun that i bought like 6 years ago on armas be a JT gun?
  3. are those new titles, or spelling mistakes, because i see like 4 of them
  4. yay, back to having reduced rewards just for trying to play the game
  5. but but but.....muh exclusives
  6. i finished it on 5 characters, 2 others i didn't even try to do them on because my wrists were really starting to hurt i also know people who didn't even try to do it because the snowball thing is literally RNG, you got people with 20ms and people with 100ms....and then you got the people using macros to throw snowball after snowball with no delay in between throws people were trying to help other people just get the weapon skin, that's all they wanted.....then you have people like Yood who would go out of their way to kill the people who just wanted to survive one time to get the skin exclusive only things are just for people who want to pull out their peen, like all these CBT/OBT people who think that after a decade it still means anything "So far literally there is maybe 1-2 items that are still remaining unique until today, and I sincerely hope LO and @MattScott will at least leave alone those and let them remain unique." i hope they put the butcher skin on armas just to see you flip out
  7. they wanna make the elf ears exclusive, ok........ but not after you use it in your pics for the christmas event
  8. they gona put the elf ears by themselves up on armas? seeing as we cant unlock them, but they were on the pics with all the new clothes
  9. what am i suppose to do to get this
  10. can you just put the pack on armas already (including titles this time) i don't have time to do this on 7 characters
  11. i didn't get my 7 days of premium, and on the ticket under "customer issue" i donno what to press on the drop down bar
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