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  1. You talk about things wich you have no ideea kiddy. Everything wich is client sided can be hacked more or less! Stop trolling. You are noob (or you forget how is to play apb without hacks), you dont know how cheats works, thats why for guys like you there are no cheaters, you dont have an ideea about hacks and how they work. Saying ” i saw a cheater two months ago ” its like saying the last time you seen the moon was 2 months ago.
  2. Is possible, if you know to code, my weapon never ever changed his position and never got blocked or freezed because of some personal hardware issues, there is no graphs issue or things like that on my system and apb runs normally, in that case was hack, and its real, they edit the memory of the game and inject hacks into the game, maybe even they can reach the server side! Its true, its not bs and are not lies, the truth man, thats why the ppl complain so much about cheating because the game is very easy to hack and there are cheaters, many! I play games since 1998 and when im saying ” Thats hack ” then means its a hack not bs, its rly sad that nothing can be done to stop this guys, because the game have a huge potential.
  3. The matchmaking needs to be rethinked/reworked, i give one case, 3 golds lvl 255 premades with shop weps full moded players, matchs against 1 gold and 3 silvers wich the silvers are low lvl with no mods, and the gold is middle range player, its clear unfair and adevantage for the premade, and in this cases the 3 gold premades always make 15/20 kills on this poor low moded/skilled players... Matchmaking is very bad and creates so much hate in this game..., premade teams should never match against random teams! its very unfair because the random teams are masacrated!
  4. LO needs to find some experts to fix the game and improove everything, from security anti cheating to performance and new content! This game have alot of potential, its sad that noone take care of it!
  5. You must be stupid to judge Jesus for something wich is not true. Dumb
  6. This game (and most of this kind of games) will always have cheaters, because its a client side, and everything wich is located outside server, can be hacked with all kind of programs. There are many cheaters, i just give you a case in wich the chater blocked my weapon when i was trying to shot, i wasnt able to use my wep, he just flooded me with his scripts and ive got freezed.
  7. Code: holiday2019 Lord of lord, King of kings!
  8. I sugest gamefirst to rent servers from Romania, not because is my country, but because it have rly good internet infrastructure, it is one of the best countries from europe at internet infrastructure and ofc, best speeds from europe, top 5 world wide internet speed! Why i said that? from experience, I lived in the western countries in the past, many years, and they have rly bad internet infrastructure and expensive, im refering to the southern contries, spain, italy, greece, france (this guys have rly bad internet lines and expensive), i can tell you prices to make diferences, One example, Spain dsl 5mb down (500kbps) 60€/mo, Romania optic fiber, 1gb (940down/450up Mbps real) 9€, Come on guys, rent two servers for EU players, one server in Germany and one in East Europe (Romania) and it will be flawless for all EU players!
  9. Hi guys, i would sugest you to rent a server in East Europe for the eastern europeans, for example Romania for the eastern european players, Romania have very good quality internet infrastructure, rly good speeds at decent prices!
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