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  1. I haven't said every other gun. I'm talking about the weapons that compare to the N-TEC, like some of the other, weaker assault rifles. Depends on what you picture as high TTK. The N-TEC is one of the lowest TTK weapons in the game, and lowering it a bit would bring it down to most of the other weapons. The test server/district to try out potential weapon changes is a very good idea and should be reintroduced to gather as much feedback as possible, but your balance focus shouldn't be 100% on what the players say. Some games have done that before and it's a mess. Doesn't everyone secretly fart under their blanket and then sniff it?
  2. That's not what I said, at all. Please stop making up random things.
  3. Finally someone that knows what he's talking about. In my opinion, the N-TEC kills too fast at most ranges, and should be slowed down a little bit by lowering the recovery time. Then balance all the weak guns around it so they're comparable to the N-TEC, and not just flat-out weaker. I fear that if we balance guns around the current N-TEC, we'll be having tons of weapons that kill incredibly fast with little time to react and outgun your opponent, which results in a game that plays like call of duty, where skill isn't all too important.
  4. Excuse me, what's wrong with you? You keep twisting arguments and make up things I've never mentioned. Why is it suddenly a skill problem? I don't even know how many times I have to explain you what's wrong with the N-TEC. At this point you're either incapable of reading and understanding things, or you're just trolling. Again, versatile doesn't mean overpowered. Theres are a few versatile weapons in APB that compare to the N-TEC, some of these are the FAR, the S1-FA, or the STAR. The N-TEC is better than them in every way.
  5. Haven't been silver since 2011, nor have I ever been crying for nerfs. The only guns I complained about have been nerfed and have never been reverted. Now what's your point on that picture? Of course a good player will be demolishing others with a good weapon. That's not what I'm asking for, and that's literally what the problem of the N-TEC is.
  6. Don't even try to balance out other weapons by equipping a secondary, when the N-TEC doesn't need one to begin with. Why are you suddenly bringing in the most situational weapons in the game? That is true, there are a few versatile all-range weapons in the game, but the N-TEC is a straight upgrade to all of those.
  7. I think you fail to understand that none of these weapons are as versatile as the N-TEC.
  8. STAR doesn't compete as it's slower, deals less damage and has a slower recovery time. ATAC can't do much against the N-TEC on range. Carbine is the same as the ATAC, it's mostly a CQC weapon. Ursus is slower than the N-TEC in both fire rate and accuracy recovery. Obeya can only stand it's ground at higher ranges, the N-TEC can easily outgun it. None of these weapons are good at 0m up to 60m, they only fill their own roles within these ranges, and become way worse than the N-TEC out of their designed range. Edit: By the way, your picture makes no sense. Why would I go to the forums and complain about the N-TEC when I'm having a JG in an open area? That's my risk I'm taking and I know I'll be defenseless if I get shot at by anything.
  9. I'm going to disagree on that, the pre-nerf N-TEC was even stronger than the one we have right now, it was a legit problem to most of the community. Bringing back the jump shot accuracy of the scout isn't a good idea either. You could accurately shoot people while flying just as fast as sprinting, while having pin point accuracy. To top that off, you could do that over cars and walls, which made it really powerful, and a few objectives very hard to attack/defend. The only downside was that your movement path was predictable, but that didn't balance it out. The only changes I would like to see about the two problematic weapons would be to slow down the recovery time of the N-TEC by a little bit, so it isn't as spammable as it is right now. And about the H-VR.. it's a tough one, without making it bad at the same time. A damage reduction to 750 instead of 850 would probably be fine, and a decrease the crouching accuracy while not aiming down the sights. The next problem would probably be the OSCAR, which has been a mainstream weapon for a long time, until people discovered that the N-TEC is more reliable and easier to play. The OSCAR with RS3 can be hip fired at extreme ranges, and has been a controversial topic for a long time.
  10. I don't just think of nerfing. I think about balance, and honestly, as far as I can remember, all the weapons I have mentioned to be overperforming the past years have been nerfed. That's where you're wrong. Most of the firefights happen with cover. The N-TEC is very powerful with and without cover on both ends. Name me one weapon that is as good as the N-TEC in close range, mid range, and high range.
  11. How is that even an argument? That wasn't one of my points to begin with, I was just explaining to you how the N-TEC works at ranges. It's still one of the best weapons, and the most versatile weapons, without IR3. Yeah, I am aware. I haven't seen a single useful post of him in the past years. I'm honestly just doing it to talk about the N-TEC.
  12. You are aware that the N-TEC starts to drop off at 50m, right? So that's not the ideal range it was initially made for. It only extends by 7m if you equip IR3. How many times do I have to explain the issue to you? Yes, other assault rifles or SMGs outperform the N-TEC under that range. But the N-TEC is perfectly capable of defending itself in such scenarios, while STILL being able to be very lethal at other ranges. You can't just go ahead and full auto the ursus. Unless you're planning to take down a whole building.
  13. The ursus deals just enough damage to kill in 5 shots. If your enemy has Clotting Agent 3, you will often require 6 shots to kill him. it's also suffering more recoil and isn't as fast as the N-TEC. It's not as versatile as the N-TEC, especially in close quarters. What range are you talking about? 40-50m is the range where the N-TEC really shines when tap fired, and the ATAC isn't effective at that range at all.
  14. The ATAC is more suited for close quarters, probably around 30m. The STAR isn't as accurate as the N-TEC. Carbine is also more of a close quarters weapon. All of these will loose to an N-TEC player in an open area, when engaged at the same time. Unless the N-TEC player doesn't know how to play it. //Edit: Of course you can outperform it by chosing better weapons for specific ranges, but there is no gun that competes to the N-TEC at ALL the ranges it's good at.
  15. Of course an Obeya will outgun a N-TEC in its range. Or a OCA in close range. Or a STAR in mid range. It's not precisely overpowered in any range, but the fact that it can pack quite a punch on various ranges is what it makes it stand out from the rest. It has been nerfed before for that exact reason, but it didn't change much.
  16. Whatever floats your boat, I think I'm capable of judging weapons after 5000 hours. The N-TEC just overperforms when compared to every other assault rifle in the game.
  17. Of course the star is easier to play, you can full auto it. And the obeya is very hard to mishandle, unlike the N-TEC where you need to learn how to tap it before it becomes good. That is usually done after a few missions with it. Once you know how to tap it, it destroys anything up to 60m, while still being very good in close quarters.
  18. There's a reason why there's no weapon diversity and almost everyone plays these two weapons.
  19. Agree. Almost every single name is used already, or more like - reserved for pre-merge players. It makes purchasing the name change on armas rather useless.
  20. Imho most guns are fine, but the N-HVR and the N-TEC need some adjustments to bring them more in line with the other guns.
  21. Can confirm, but they were 4, actually. It was pretty fun, and the GM presence ingame lately is amazing. Keep it up guys!
  22. If Little Orbit manages to push out patches, especially big patches, they need to bring back the San Paro City Testers program, and if the games population rises, the San Paro City Mentor program. I'd gladly volunteer for both of these programs.
  23. Things like this are impossible to predict when they're going to be finished, especially not in a complex game like APB.
  24. One day after the Q&A and people are already asking when BattlEye will be released. You guys are impatient as hell.
  25. In germany, traffic lights are where you stop your car, literally in front of you. No neck-breaking required because there's lights at the very top for the third and more vehicles, and one on the side for the first two cars. You need to move your head at times because your A pillars or the rear view mirror block the line of sight. Sometimes there's also an additional, single light on the left side of the road. I do prefer the american way of traffic lights though, where it's on the opposite side of the intersection.
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