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  1. Either this: https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us Or PM Matt Scott/Lixil on forums.
  2. You shouldn't have posted that in the forums. Now people are gonna see this and use it to troll the entire districts.
  3. #BringBackTheOldVegasEngineSounds Also, please fix the suspension on the RWD version. It's soooo stiff...
  4. Szambi

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    I know that but CRIM MALES can't buy that shirt.
  5. Szambi

    On-Eye VR Glasses

    Don't forget about the short sleeved buttoned shirt that only enf males can buy!
  6. Szambi

    Snowball bug?

  7. You're an Xbox player, right? So why would you want to have snow which would most definately decrease your fps?
  8. Thanks for the update, really appreciate it! While we're on subject of SPCT... Will there also be a come back of SPCM? @MattScott
  9. I don't have any car, but what I can tell you is what I'd love to have... Ex-police 2013 or newer Ford Taurus! I don't know why but I just... uughhh! It's sooo cooool
  10. I mean hey, it's APB, what did you expect.
  11. Szambi

    Roadmap Talk

    Gimme tha Mirage
  12. Inb4 they release that UE3.5 on OTW but you gotta have premium to access it :troll_face:
  13. Imagine a motorcycle gettin' pushed by a vegas (for example) into a wall...
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