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  1. That's one way to get banned in APB
  2. I don't really know if moving DevilDog to that particular place was a good idea...
  3. Sorry, I somehow missed your point, apologies!
  4. There's a way to do that - you need to be standing next to the person you want to report or be in the mission with them. If it's a mission: 1. Click 'Tab' to show the scoreboard 2. Click on the player's name 3. Click the 'Whisper' button 4. Replace 'w' with 'report'. Similar thing goes for standing next to someone. This time instead of the two first steps you gotta press '.' (I believe) when facing them to bring up the interaction menu.
  5. Szambi

    Valentines LMG

    After the weapon balacing stuff that LO did, it feels much better to play with it.
  6. Szambi

    A classic version

    Gib moar kits plox ^new T-25 kit.
  7. Kills don't feel satisfying. The tactics that you used in order to kill someone do.
  8. 1. Add challenger grille option for criminals. It's such a nice grille, c'mon! Just delete those police lights or swap them out with just normal light and voilà! 2. Add Fast Track roof and hood option for enforcers. It's a bit weird - you get those by buying Nightrider kit yet those don't fit the theme of the kit at all! Why shouldn't we have those available on enforcers? Or add more parts labeled as Fast Track in the future and release it somewhere; maybe as a contact reward or on ARMAS.
  9. I think if anything cash penalty should be based on rank of the player. 'Cause if you're a newcomer and you accidentaly TK, those 5k gone may hit a bit too hard. On the other hand for most of 255s 5k is next to nothing.
  10. Szambi

    Melee Weapons?

    Why would you want a melee weapon in a game where most of the weapons have TTK sub 1 sec?
  11. Either this: https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us Or PM Matt Scott/Lixil on forums.
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