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  1. Why did they not bring Talon in terms of range in line with other RFPs? This does not make any sense AT ALL. It's always been the worst version with some actual vertical recoil, one less round in the mag and its supposedly "unintended" 30m range compared to its siblings. At least give it the range that other RFPs have. Or better yet... REVERT THE 40M BUFF ALTOGETHER. THAT'S WHAT STARTED IT ALL. GIVE FANG IR2 OR IR1. IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR FEEDBACK THEN FUCKING LISTEN TO IT. I'm done.
  2. I'm just gonna repeat what I said on discord - RIOT is a complete disaster if it comes to execution.
  3. RNG is strong with this one. Couldn't we just have like Login & Win type of thing again?
  4. It did receive a buff a couple of years ago - it used to bloom like crazy when you were exiting sprinting mode so it was really hard to hipfire it.
  5. Well okay, here it goes. Who the hell thought that FBW would be a great starter pistol for this mode. Like seriously. Now there's no point in buying a secondary or looking for one around the map.
  6. We said it wasn't ready. You released it anyway.
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