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  1. Szambi

    Real World Cars (image heavy)

    I don't have any car, but what I can tell you is what I'd love to have... Ex-police 2013 or newer Ford Taurus! I don't know why but I just... uughhh! It's sooo cooool
  2. Szambi

    Autumn Assault!

    I mean hey, it's APB, what did you expect.
  3. Szambi

    Roadmap Talk

    Gimme tha Mirage
  4. Inb4 they release that UE3.5 on OTW but you gotta have premium to access it :troll_face:
  5. Imagine a motorcycle gettin' pushed by a vegas (for example) into a wall...
  6. Did somebody say wine?
  7. This is off-topic section and your posts here don't really count.
  8. Can I have it ummm... boneless?
  9. I choose eggplant
  10. Whale hello there
  11. You made my day Aero XD
  12. Might give it a try later. I use my Deep Impact, concs and RD Fresno.