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  1. Sedustic

    Vegas 4x4

    Firehawk pack ?
  2. Sedustic

    My APB YouTube videos.

    Hey guys. After the absolutely amazing success of the previous video I have made another video this time talking a bit about BattleEye and cheating.
  3. Sedustic

    Make Forum Join Date Your Acc Creation Date

    I would like two dates. One for Joined Forum and one for Joined Game.
  4. Sedustic

    Annoying BattleEye installation

    I am having the same problem. A solution could be launching through the game's exe not through the launcher. But that's not fixing the problem.
  5. Sedustic

    Rule 28 - Recruitment

    Hi, my name is Sedustic. You may know me or you may not. I have been around for a few good years now. Me and my friends have all been parts of a small amount of serious clans. During my time as a member of one of these clans I have really enjoyed the sense of community and unity within. I have however always found the same problem. The leadership would lack any sort of firmness and the clan would end up infested with people who had no idea what they're doing. I would like to aim to create a clan where everyone knows their place, their role and the direction the clan is going. I want to create a clan where the players can feel like they're important. Rule 28 has been a small clan that me and my closest friends used as a way to identify us as one. Due to Little Orbit taking over and the game once more regaining hope I believe that once more there is a reason to create and expand a proper clan. Therefore, I would like to announce that Rule 28 is now hiring. Requirements: - For now the clan is only Enfo. If more people join we will make an equivalent on Crims. - We are looking for mature people, age is important but there isn't any restrictions on it. - We prefer game experienced players however, we do not look for a specific threat. - Being communicative in the English language is very important to us. We need to be able to speak to you. Which leads me to the next one: - In order to group with us we would prefer to be able to speak with you using a microphone although once more it's not a requirement. All in all we're looking for people who just like us - want to have to some fun. In order to apply please send me a private message with the following filled out: Name: Age: APB Game Time (Hours): Thanks and see you in San Paro
  6. Sedustic

    Should they nerf the true orge

    #trueogrenotop The amount of hate whispers I got for using the ogre. But all it takes is one mistake and I die. Good secondary and good anticipation skills are a must with the ogre. Engaging the timer before an enemy even appears is also important . Ultimately it's a weapon that anyone could be good with but to utilize it properly you need quite a bit of skill. And it's quite easy to beat if you just think about it.
  7. I love you Matt and Little Orbit. To do this in such a short time. Amazing.
  8. Y'all gotta understand - Giving a date puts a strain on the dev team and everyone involved. And then leaves a possibility of the community feeling cheated when something doesn't arrive by the approximate date. We all should have learned that with the engine upgrade. Itll be here when it'll be here Little Orbit is working hard as we can all see and I believe they will deliver in the near future. Just let them work ^^
  9. Sedustic

    My APB YouTube videos.

    Made yet another video where I just ramble on about some stuff. This time it's about Little Orbit and the Rock Paper Shotgun article. Enjoy
  10. Sedustic


    Just make it All Points Bulletin and be done with it
  11. Hey guys. I had a special topic for my videos on the old forums. Imma bring it back Below you'll find a playlist containing all of my APB videos. I will also be posting all of the new videos I make as replies to this topic.