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  1. Bit more serious this time guys... I embark onto an alternate timeline where Realtime Worlds never shut down. Hope you like this one too
  2. Hi, this time something a bit more.... uhhhh.... yeah... (It's a joke... )
  3. This is really helpful actually. What I've been doing is I would just place a symbol at an angle to cover that spot but that always created other issues. Thank you this will help me out tremendously ^^
  4. Could I have 255 on my char "Sedustic" please? Thank you.
  5. Shhhh... we're all worst teammates. Deep inside... you know it.
  6. Welp, finally got around to applying ^^
  7. When you start opening doors like this you know youre a good player. It's a sign of skill and experience.
  8. Day before: Make swag outfit and car combo. Today: (Speaks to clanmates) Hey mah doods LUK at this outfit. APB: Kek. You can't login scrub. Me: Why has god forsaken me. Please lord Matt help us in these dire times... It's been 4 years without APB. The supplies of toxicity are running short within our veins. People are going crazy. Please bring it back!
  9. Hey guys. After the absolutely amazing success of the previous video I have made another video this time talking a bit about BattleEye and cheating.
  10. I would like two dates. One for Joined Forum and one for Joined Game.
  11. I am having the same problem. A solution could be launching through the game's exe not through the launcher. But that's not fixing the problem.
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