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  1. Phew took me a few weeks to make another video... but it's finally out.
  2. Henlo Comrades. Guess what it is! Uhh no it's not a nose hair trimmer bundle for only $9.99. IT'S ANOTHER VIDEO!
  3. Hello my fellow compadres. It's an APB Video!
  4. Aaaaaannnd It's a Funny Moments video! :
  5. Hey! We gotta bump that post count SOMEHOW.
  6. Bit more serious this time guys... I embark onto an alternate timeline where Realtime Worlds never shut down. Hope you like this one too
  7. Hi, this time something a bit more.... uhhhh.... yeah... (It's a joke... )
  8. This is really helpful actually. What I've been doing is I would just place a symbol at an angle to cover that spot but that always created other issues. Thank you this will help me out tremendously ^^
  9. Could I have 255 on my char "Sedustic" please? Thank you.
  10. Shhhh... we're all worst teammates. Deep inside... you know it.
  11. Welp, finally got around to applying ^^
  12. When you start opening doors like this you know youre a good player. It's a sign of skill and experience.
  13. Day before: Make swag outfit and car combo. Today: (Speaks to clanmates) Hey mah doods LUK at this outfit. APB: Kek. You can't login scrub. Me: Why has god forsaken me. Please lord Matt help us in these dire times... It's been 4 years without APB. The supplies of toxicity are running short within our veins. People are going crazy. Please bring it back!
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