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  1. Can’t believe I missed all the drama.
  2. Let's all change names to Cyrillic and everyone happy.
  3. Servers are under maintenance still? + 2 hours..
  4. This game has died how many times so far?
  5. Than why we play event? Not talking about ears, talking about u putting everything from event on armas..
  6. Agree with what the majority said, and would add the impossible team killing.
  7. I like that there is no threat system, all of the dethreaters that bully bronze servers are getting slapped around now and raging when they lose..
  8. Imagine that the game is off for so long now and when comes on - its all the same, with no changes..
  9. Umm, mby he wants to be Christmas angel?
  10. Let's see.. I ate everything in the house while I was waiting and not knowing if the game was going to come online and when, so now I have nothing to eat and I'm still hungry + nervous, and no the shops don't work so I can't go to buy and eat, it's 5 am here, and no I can't sleep..
  11. Hmm if they shut it down wouldn't it be us who would save the money?
  12. Like someone here said: Make it black than please? Orange color just don't go with Demon/Demoness title and it's ugly..
  13. Yep... Orange color just don't go with Demon/Demoness title.
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