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  1. Purple, duh.. High Tech and Assassin too.
  2. Can’t believe I missed all the drama.
  3. Let's all change names to Cyrillic and everyone happy.
  4. Servers are under maintenance still? + 2 hours..
  5. This game has died how many times so far?
  6. Can someone translate this post?
  7. Than why we play event? Not talking about ears, talking about u putting everything from event on armas..
  8. Agree with what the majority said, and would add the impossible team killing.
  9. I like that there is no threat system, all of the dethreaters that bully bronze servers are getting slapped around now and raging when they lose..
  10. Hahaha, well u can't use it (enjoy in it) anyway so..
  11. Imagine that the game is off for so long now and when comes on - its all the same, with no changes..
  12. Umm, mby he wants to be Christmas angel?
  13. Let's see.. I ate everything in the house while I was waiting and not knowing if the game was going to come online and when, so now I have nothing to eat and I'm still hungry + nervous, and no the shops don't work so I can't go to buy and eat, it's 5 am here, and no I can't sleep..
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