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  1. oh im happy that im not the only one who keeps getting this error
  2. Check this image https://pasteboard.co/IPMSqGZ.png
  3. they bringing EU Servers back online? i keep getting this error https://pasteboard.co/IPMSqGZ.png
  4. Can Colby 1922 Hazardous/mk2/mk3 get fixed? It became a useless gun. Can't even kill a fly with it. Even in close range bullets do not hit to enemy at all. It lacks of accuracy which has made it so bad. It's one of my fav. gun and many other players like it too, we miss using that gun while playing. Please increase its accuracy like it was before so it won't be useless gun. Thank You, Regards, RareassaiIant/CaptainEddy
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