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  1. Dont know why all those dislikes on this, everything is worse after server maintenance - its a fact. I play PC but I feel you. And btw latest pop is telling everything. Ofc they not going to reply you but sure they can see it. And I want to they see that they are losing players and to do something about it. You dont need to spread the word, we all can see whats going on. We are all tired, well most of us, some are still like "eveything is fine". Greetings!
  2. Dont worry, I done that + I got in game, good thing happening to good ppl and stop hating me I was just joking
  3. Just one thing to say on this: They are nothing without us . . .
  4. Ok thats it.. LO, is someone going to tell us wtf is going on, what is wrong and when is going to be fixed? Instead of saying stuffs like "We are working on the problem" like 11 hours ago............ You are not acting professional at all so Im not going to be professional too! Its not coincidence that after 12 hours of maintenance we have this.. Just fucking update us about problems! THANK YOU!
  5. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...
  6. Pls, fix this cuz Russian becoming more mad!
  7. Dead Servers, he he he... Ok, I will remove myself.
  8. 12 hours off day ago than this 11 hours , ok no problem - give me back my 1 day Premium and all good @MattScott
  9. Rude? U aint see rude my boi! It takes time, 8 hours....
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