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  1. Thanksgiving here, Thank you for all your hard work LO team. Thanks to APB Player base for waiting patiently.
  2. Ooo... the chaos coming... No segregation.. I can't stop grinning.
  3. With APB being down... I was able to finish my work in a timely fashion and sleep comfortably. I don't like this, I'm an ogre, not an average member of society.
  4. I JUST NOTICED THAT 5 YEAR PART. omg I am dying
  5. This thread has gone off the hinges a little bit, people be wild bout APB being down what avid gamers. So many people love the game in their own little way... It's, real nice to see.
  6. Wings are unimportant, Just gimmie MattScott's Scarf, Thanks for move- I'm happy you support my suggestion.
  7. Not a routine maintenance, not something you can estimate. Elementary my dear Watson.
  8. It's only been like... 29 hours since PC went down.
  9. Okay okay, I'ma just keep this short and sweet... It's not a big deal or anything like that... But... for Christmas- whatever the event may be, can we get an item like the wings and stuff added to the shop. Well... I had an idea for the item I think it'll be a pretty great addition at least. Can.. we get.. "MattScott's Scarf" for a Christmas item? Not joking, I want this.
  10. My curiosity is not sated, but thank you for the reply.
  11. Sooo... when servers are merged... What happens if there are two characters of the same name that previously existed on both servers... Like me for instance.. I am Ogre on Jericho, not sure if there was one on EU, or atleast a character previously existing with that name...?
  12. APB Announced, APB Being shutdown. APB:R Announced. Waiting for APB:R Release. Imagine the time waited. Less then 24hrs of downtime. I feel no pity.
  13. Jiggy-Chan

    Steam Log-in Issues

    So, I think I've experienced this issue before-- but backwards? If you're running APB through steam instead of typing in your G1 Account credentials(which probably don't exist- technically). When the servers are back up just ignore the fields at the top of the log-in completely and hit this nifty little button
  14. Hi, Zolerox, thanks for being super informative, see you in-game. if you're interested in selling yours please send me a mail. I like to keep my thread relatively on-topic. If you're not interested in my offer please refrain from posting!
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