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  1. Then for now we will have to rely on the hard working individuals lowering the bar of entry for new players!
  2. Did they say they were going to do a new tutorial? I may have missed that part...
  3. I disagree I think the forum boxes are a good color, especially since the default text color isn't a pure white. I do agree, however, that there should be an option to allow the background to scroll, and possibly to set it to whatever you want.
  4. Yo is that SKayUK my favorite UK gamer. Happy birthday man!
  5. Dethreating is very hard to enforce. I'm interested to see how LO plans on handling it.
  6. Dexem

    Suggestions by Lislya

    I very much agree with these more ranks is a good way to keep players around. As far as new maps, lots of my friends have over 5 thousand hours and seem to be content with the maps, but seeing new mission types would be interesting
  7. Hey the game looks pretty decent when you're not running a config for ultra low settings
  8. Hopefully they dont take too long to fix the mess apb is in~
  9. In my guide I have linked your guide several times because I think it has really cool information! Definitely recommend Would you care to help me make my forum post look more presentable?
  10. Hopefully the population will increase enough so that there would be a use for having more servers with more players per server!
  11. Yeah of course in the ideal scenario but knowing some of the crazy people on APB, I wonder how it would turn out... never-the-less I am excited to see what would become of that
  12. Got to be careful of the APB gods making their way into those games tho ; )
  13. Dexem

    Suggestions as CBT

    Maybe long into the future, I don't think they're going to change district sizes anytime soon and sure as hell bet they wont make lobbies a thing, there would be an outrage.
  14. Blessed dislikes have returned today is a good day
  15. In the Q&A it was mentioned that people should use the vanilla game and avoid all config edits. Does this mean you guys will implement these quality of life improvements?: Always Sprinting Hold to Crouch The Mouse Fix Hopefully you can add these soon. As they can really improve the experience of APB
  16. Would be neat for them to add a restricting option that is similar to how the one in the marketplace works. But as zombl said it's probably low priority
  17. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's why it was taken out in the first place = w=
  18. Last time the refer-a-friend didn't bring in that many new people. Hopefully a improved tutorial will be added to the game, APB has too steep of a learning curve without a proper one.
  19. True, speaking of which I see the Dexheads club is on the rise, people should consider joining that if they like being cool.
  20. Are you going to make being in a clan worthwhile? How will you go about easing new players into APB so you don't lose any new faces? (The tutorial is awful)
  21. "No Advertising Promoting your website, Twitch/Youtube channel or other services such as referral links by posting topics or DMing members (signature promotion is allowed) " Why not just have a section of the forum dedicated to promotion?
  22. Like the Armas marketplace; your post needs to be less hectic. But seriously, they need to clean it up. Not just look wise, but just logical placement wise.
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