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  1. 8/10 dont understand it but I like it Some epic music
  2. Hey! Thanks for the links. Linked your guide also at the top Also sent you a pm about the guide, as for the forum posts. I just used spoilers to not make it one huge page
  3. Really only got two questions regarding LTL, Will Less Than Lethal get touched at all? Would love to get a moddable CCG so I can slap CJ3 on that baby Will crims get anything similar to LTL? Also about the crosshairs, I heard on the stream that theres plans to allow us to change the color of the crosshair but will we be able to customize it?* and perhaps allow us to have the option of keeping the crosshair on while we sprint *Something like the one i have in this game and a booty slider :3
  4. Steam Guide , Dexem's Guide [Beginner to Advanced] APB Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures By: Aural *Seeing as theres new hope for APB, I'm reposting this guide and will be updating it in the future* Introduction Hello, and welcome to the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures guide for APB. My name is Aural: the leader of the clan “RockNRollas” from Joker NA East. The guide will provide insight for players of all skills, ranging from newer players with a general idea of how the game’s mechanics work to the experts of the game who are simply killing machines and nothing but winners. The idea is to improve upon everybody’s established skills in APB, and in doing so will hopefully better you guys as players in the game. My intentions for creating this guide, with the help of friends/ players, revolve around my curiosity for how some of the top-dog players in APB got to be at the skill level that they are at now. This motivated me to search for tips and tactics anything that will provide me with insight on how the best players play; my search came up empty. I only found basic strategies that players should already know coming into a game like APB. Most of these strategies lacked heavily in detail, and the better players don’t provide the community with the knowledge at bettering other players. Of those good players that do share their information, some helped write this guide, but still only a fraction of the more skilled players help at all. So how do I solve this? I decided to make a guide: a guide on how I play with the contribution of others and how they play something that will serve as a foundation for the community’s bettering-of-themselves and additionally bring discussion on how we can improve as players. With everything said so far, I invite everyone to provide feedback on the entirety of the guide: this can cover whether something needs to be removed, added, more detail, or less detail. I especially encourage the “alpha players” who always find themselves on killstreaks and win streaks to provide feedback as well (I don’t expect you to spill every one of your secrets, but to hear our knowledge plus yours would be appreciated.) To become a better player and share this knowledge to improve others’ skills: that is the goal here. Inspiration A HUGE inspiration of this guide is the ArmA 3 Tactical Guide. I decided to take ideas from the ArmA guide and put them here because I feel that many of the ideas apply to both ArmA and APB. Credits for the ArmA 3 TTP guide goes to Dslyexci of the ArmA community, Shack Tactical. To look at the ArmA 3 guide, click me! Computer and Hardware
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