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  1. Nice to see these. But an introduction about yourself would've been nicer. We hardly know abt u.
  2. The lesser you notice the chat, the better. You might get upset/angry if someone swears you or your family which affects your gameplay. "An angry person loses his mind." Also what if someone swears you in other languages? Will u go google it out instead of playing? Think that way and keep playing.
  3. Many dont seem to realise that. They jus complain how they couldnt land their hits on a 'warping' player.
  4. Issue fixed: Did a partition to my existing drive and renamed it to the non existent drive name and installed apb in there..worked at last. Pls close this thread.
  5. Hi, I tried reinstalling the game today and the game tries to install itself in a non existent drive and it throws up an error. Heres a quick recap of what happened in the past.. One of my hdd's crashed and i couldnt recover any data from it.. and i stopped playing after that. Now while installing the game in another hdd of mine, the game tries to install itself into a directory which is non existent( i'm not given a choice to select the installation directory.. i am only able to download the apb installer of size 5.05 'ish GB and i'm installing it.) Any ideas to fix this?
  6. when g1 said that they will no longer be supporting "trusted middleman posts or billboards", they themselves helped players with trade which was similar. It used to be like this. Go to suport page and draft a mail with subject stating that you wanna trade with x, Name your weapons and his weapons for which the trades are done, server name. The GM's will do the trade instead of the middleman; this process took a period of 4-7 days. Ofc it was a good initiative, but not really welcomed among the community. Jus imagine, that you have to wait for 4-5 days of time to trade your weapons. I remember doing a trade like that once.
  7. Ok lemme tell u this. I was a dethreater myself. I dont have a pc which is quite good. Its a pc from the 2008's. My closest server is han and cuz of low pop, i moved to eu years back. I started out in silver dist and i was bashed by em silver dist players. I would go 2-10 or worse. I moved to bronze, it was far diff there. Either you are a silver in bronze dist or u're a beginner. There is no intermediate threat in here. Why i'm saying this. There was a crim clan which went by the name Kill2beus PT. Not a well known clan among the community. There were 4 players (leader, his brother and two frnds) who mostly played together. You either lose the match or tie it. Thats how it goes. It was called the hacker clan in bronze dist. The thing is..you could take down if they arent together as a team. I learnt that teamspeak made it possible. I was in good terms with the team leader and he invited me to his channel. But i could jus speak english and they were portugese. So i had to decline. For a fair amount of years i had quit playing on action dists and been hanging around FC's where noone has the time to rage on u or force u to do an objective I use the mic if any of my english speaking frnds are around. I could see the diff in the gameplay itself. So i suggest you to find a chill dude whos of ur skill level and can play as a group. Also dont worry about those who say git gud, silver scrub etc. Always remember, there is no one in the world that can be a better you than you.
  8. Name: zirc0nium From: India Preferred faction: Enforcer Likes : Bird masks, long themes, baylan, stabba pig Hates: high ping, russians with ntec (no racism, they are too good with it), cheater streams Phrase : RAAWWWRRRR
  9. I am a f2p player from the start, relied on events to get premium. I'm not much of a designer, so when i needed premium I wrote to g1 support and i explained how foreign exchange is weak in my country. They provided me premium for a couple of days.
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