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  1. Nice to see these. But an introduction about yourself would've been nicer. We hardly know abt u.
  2. The lesser you notice the chat, the better. You might get upset/angry if someone swears you or your family which affects your gameplay. "An angry person loses his mind." Also what if someone swears you in other languages? Will u go google it out instead of playing? Think that way and keep playing.
  3. Many dont seem to realise that. They jus complain how they couldnt land their hits on a 'warping' player.
  4. Issue fixed: Did a partition to my existing drive and renamed it to the non existent drive name and installed apb in there..worked at last. Pls close this thread.
  5. Hi, I tried reinstalling the game today and the game tries to install itself in a non existent drive and it throws up an error. Heres a quick recap of what happened in the past.. One of my hdd's crashed and i couldnt recover any data from it.. and i stopped playing after that. Now while installing the game in another hdd of mine, the game tries to install itself into a directory which is non existent( i'm not given a choice to select the installation directory.. i am only able to download the apb installer of size 5.05 'ish GB and i'm installing it.) Any ideas to fix this?
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