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  1. Yeah if u suck at driving bet you know all about that
  2. It will never stay upsidedown Soccer vans are beautiful
  3. Would be such a simple QoL improvement. My hands hurt trying to spam into districts.
  4. I say one line, in one of his videos. I think Tim is afraid of getting too famous so he keeps me out of them.
  5. If you want my honest opinion I think Espacio needs to be bumped up to good tier as it has all the benefits of the Pioneer with the only downside is single side shooting in the back seats. The jericho also needs to be bumped down to bad tier for it's seemingly random ability to get stuck and blow up, or flip over when lightly caressing a curb.
  6. Obviously cake is superior as it is infinitely less wet than pie.
  7. Dexem


    Hi NotZombieBiscuit I am Dexem
  8. Damn I remember watching his older videos, first the fight with the community, then with cancer. Harsh. Hopes n prayers.
  9. Watch all this guys videos, the amount of effort put into each one and the quality of the content is too good to pass up. Make sure to like comment subscribe and turn on his notifications as well.
  10. Dexem


    Yeah how could it be, zombiebiscuit was an insta ban name on the old forums (^:
  11. Dexem


    why aren't you banned for every post
  12. No that was probably someone with a similar name, dxn... dexate... couldn't tell you. I've been gold since I got gold.
  13. juxtaposition is the great artists most valuable tool. Changing the attitude of the community starts with tutorials like these though.
  14. Lag shield abuser!! That's why you're so good.
  15. There are people who happily play 200+ They are very hard to hit
  16. When I used to browse imgur for the longest time the likes and dislikes were almost seemingly random. People need to learn to form their own opinion anyways, not rely on like/dislike ratio
  17. These are really cool, really captured the art style. Makes me wish I had a render of my character...
  18. I wonder if LO will handle server instability better than the last company~
  19. Dang, Dexhead Society was on the come-up too...
  20. The current hat is very large I want more casual clothes for sure, stuff that has plenty of space to customize. No more weird clothing packs please~
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