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  1. Or just give the ignore list unlimited space so I can ignore people who always blast music over their mic in social district without having to do spring cleaning
  2. Dexem

    VOLVO 240

    That kid is adorable. Also yes, this car, now.
  3. Tier lists are fun, but you're missing a lot of unique weapons. Plus I think this is based on frequency of encounter as well as viability in a mission. HVR is definitely A tier, but not S tier.
  4. Anything that brings more communication and honesty is welcomed.
  5. Being able to min ttk at 35mish (what you showed in the video) is pretty rare for the pmg let alone all smgs. I think smg's are really well balanced with the OCA potentially in need of slight tuning as it's top of the class.
  6. What the big events are the halloween and christmas ones anyways. I'm sure they'll have those up. Probably most things will be dealt with before next year.
  7. Whisper has the same range, ACES smg has the same range what is the complaint here?
  8. Everyone should use this WTH Change the APB logo to the Dexheads logo
  9. Wow looking at the current weapons these changes are really needed. Doesn't cover any potential problems when viewing from the front though
  10. What about that cake that looks like it has confetti in it? There are no pies that look like they have confetti in them. Therefore cake > pie.
  11. Well if they decide to cheat again it is likely that they will be banned. If they want to play legit again good, I think not having access to an account you've spent a lot of money on for years is punishment enough
  12. Ah yis all about that Watchman, enjoy ur ATAC very good gun.
  13. I thought ur 2nd montage was supposed to come out last saturday smh When am I gonna b in ur montages LmaO
  14. ok ok ok ok ILL EDIT IT QUICK but its in ur quote. STOLEN
  15. I like beacon appearing for events. Very weird district to play in.
  16. She really was more of a punching bag for the community. Also she would not handle situations properly and ban people too easily....... Sure [signature deleted] yay im back to 100 posts
  17. Wait so like a very large and slow area cap hold and just fight over it for rewards or something? Sorry I didn't feel like reading through the old forum
  18. It's okay, don't let it happen again. Maybe one day
  19. Marked for Death: Functions similarly to Spotter (you can see tag through walls), for less of a duration (3 seconds?). Puts a Ankh about their head. This instead of it's Hunting sight mod, would make people consider using the gun. As it stands it's useless. They did a long time ago, every just because some are harder to content doesn't mean they should remove them. In my guide I go over some of the harder spots. I plan on adding more, with videos instead of screenshots soon. If you wanted all spots to be identical why don't we all play on a flat boring plane. So make it horizontal progression instead of vertical? (Like cosmetics instead of modification and guns etc) Worked out well for Sea of Thieves, jk, it didn't and a lot of people complained. What would you implement instead of mods to unlock. Prestige skins that nobody will see? People won't play if they don't feel they are progressing. Another thing to change/take out without any alternative offered in it's place? Ok. No, this mod is either really good or useless depending on the person using it. It should stay this way, people should just be more aware of it. I remember when they increased secondary equip time to discourage quickswitching. Didn't last long, people will just find a new way (perc/hvr loyo/hvr). Not opposed to the damage drop but I like that it's already not a one shot kill like in most games. Though it won't make much of a difference overall. The Rapid shift to the RFP proves it's very good if not the strongest pistol right now. These nerfs are ill conceived. It works well as a long range pistol. You should nerf it, but nerf hipfire accuracy greatly. It shouldn't be able to compete with close range pistols (FBW / Frog) Don't know why I made this reply, all of one person will read it. For fight club maybe? For missions it encourages the team with the VIP to work together. Sure it's not the best end stage but it's pretty unique mode to APB.
  20. Dexem

    Kanadian Kommunists

    In fairness though what clan isn't dead #clansin2018
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