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  1. I literally said this already. You could perhaps proofread a little before commenting.
  2. They could but they won't, it's not inconceivable but I reckon this move was entirely based on financial reasons to get APB 3.5 through the door (finally) that move may also have duality to it but we will not know until a later date I assume that they'll sell off their extended portfolio of titles to Unit as well in time or some subsidiary under Unit. Working on 4.0 might come with some significant financial overruns meaning the project would be stuck in constant development cycle if they didn't have the capital to invest there in the first place. This quote makes me believe they honestly shelved the project not because it was technically complex but the capital they would've had to invest to fulfill it would be so financially prohibitive that they gave up on it entirely. I don't know why Unit targeted APB reloaded IP in general but what I believe is they needed at least something with some brand recognition to sell to a mostly Asian market. They just saw that Little Orbit was sinking and saw an opportunity to acquire some brand with some recognition in the market.
  3. Unit still holds IP rights to APB reloaded this means that any future ventures are completely off the table for Little Orbit when it's regarding APB reloaded. I'm talking specifically of course about "APB2" which is the engine update to 4.0. So it's 3.5 and that's it and then if the game doesn't pick up and let's be honest 3.5 is going to show substantially less improvements than 4.0 ever would so I can foresee that APB reloaded at this point is doomed to die. Consequently anything that immediately comes after APB reloaded may be APB reloaded in name but it'll probably be heavily pandered to an Asian market changing the tone and aspects of the game making it unconventional to what we're currently playing. I honestly expected they'd get to 3.5 but I was pretty skeptical about ever getting to 4.0, just too much of a stretch and at least now there is some vindication for my concerns. So whatever 3.5 turns out to be whether it's bad or good, enjoy it while it lasts.
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