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  1. AgentWatson


    Even if you were to get a mission going you'd just be matched with the same people over and over. I don't like playing the same people over and over, because people get familiar and I don't wanna have to play against people I know very well.
  2. I think it was clearly stated that if there was enough substantial evidence to warrant your ban then they'd not unban you. So in your case they have enough evidence where there is no doubt in their mind that the ban was reasonable.
  3. AgentWatson


    Regardless of what people want for the server now it's clear that the server needs a more active player base before any decision can be made. Hopefully the update to 3.5 or 4 will attract more people to the game but I'm not holding my breath, it's a stretch but if that doesn't materialize in getting more players then I could see no future for Han.
  4. AgentWatson


    Yes we're aware and if you've seen replies within previous threads on this issue including this one. We're trying to make the case that isn't the correct procedure to take. Giving people the option to migrate to Jericho is a nice gesture. It however doesn't help with the underlying issue, that and a lot of the people on Han already have seperate accounts on Jericho anyway. The reason people on Han may choose to stay on Han are purely for network based reasons and Jericho cannot accommodate that niche for SEA and ANZ players.
  5. AgentWatson


    Why..? The remaining population of the server is either Australian, New Zealanders with the minority being South East Asian. Besides are the South East players getting such a raw deal having to play on a server in Japan..? If what you're saying is actually true and it actually isn't wouldn't the South East Asian players of stayed because as I said they wouldn't be getting a bad experience right now. As I recall the server slowly started to die once they had decided to move it from Australia to Singapore because everyone got pissed off with the decision that G1 had decided on. I also recall the submarine cable being damaged between Singapore and Australia at that time which further caused huge instability with latency for Australian players. The submarine cable being damaged is actually a pretty common occurrence these days, it happens at least once a year and that can last up to 2 months, if the break is bad enough. That's just one of the very few issues with placing a submarine cable in a high traffic area where there are a tonne of fishing boats. https://www.computerweekly.com/news/450431205/Australia-Singapore-submarine-cable-connection-cut-again This was just last year. ^ And this is this year https://subtelforum.com/perth-singapore-subsea-cable-down-again/
  6. AgentWatson

    So far, so great

    The stuttering I was experiencing is gone.
  7. Happy that this milestone is out of the way now so I don't have to deal with the plethora of threads asking about BattleEye or generally on the conversation of BattleEye itself. So I guess that means the engine update is next, which is what I'm looking forward to more honestly.
  8. AgentWatson

    HAN migration to Jericho

    Didn't realize your ping was so bad, I'm not sure how you can play so good on Jericho with that ping. I get 191 on Jericho and 110 on HAN and even I complain about that.
  9. AgentWatson

    So do we not have AntiCheat at this time?

    Go right ahead, E3 is right around the corner, plenty of new games to be released.
  10. Banning cheaters isn't going to improve the game all that much, not sure why people keep hyping up BattleEye. The actual biggest addition for preventing cheaters isn't even BattleEye itself, it's the addition of a new engine upgrade. You implement BattleEye and the hack websites only need to create a new bypass. You upgrade the engine however and the hack websites need to take down their cheat and re-code everything and on a low population game like APB, it's going to be hard for those websites to find the financial incentive to continue to support the cheat any longer.
  11. Huh..? I'm not under the assumption that BattleEye would be implemented today, I crushed that expectation days ago.
  12. Pretty sure regular server maintenance is today, was sort of thinking that they may use that chance to implement BattleEye. It could also be a good opportunity to post a blogpost giving a brief update or doing something extra with the servers to mitigate DDOSing.
  13. I mean you can sort of do that anyway, 2 hours in both FC districts and you should have enough tickets to get yourself a high rank mod for a week. I don't think they should ever lower it however, I think it's a good deterrent to get people to not cheat. If you work your way through the ranks, it'll pay concessions, but if you decide to cheat you'll never get to have availability to 4 slot cars you can purchase with in-game cash or high level modifications. The availability of thos mods and cars, weapons are the only things we can sometimes have over cheaters.
  14. AgentWatson

    [GAME] Merging all servers

    Colby had the best culture, an unfortunate victim to segregation, tko is a product of Colby.
  15. AgentWatson


    How dramatic, but it looks like I already have a fan. No, I'm no fan of Little Orbit, in-fact there is nothing to be a fan of. I'd be lying if I said I was a fan of their other work which I know nothing of, I'm just not such a huge fan of neuroticism and melodramatisation, that's all.