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    Raytracing and DLSS - UE4?

    Partner is not analogous with labrat it's analogous toward mutual beneficiary. Because DICE teaming up with NVIDIA here to deliver this technology is going to benefit DICE in the long run. You're only thinking about it in simple terms. It's about adding technologies specifically, DLSS or NAS, or Ray-tracing. path-tracing that add longevity to the game well into the future. BFV will still perhaps be relevant in another 2-3 years and even further out when people are still playing BFV they'll be able to utilize the new cards of that day to provide them a playable experience with ray-tracing included. The whole reason we can appreciate games like Crysis is because there was a lot of forward thinking design choices that slaughtered the hardware of that day, but we're appreciate of the ability to play Crysis. NVIDIA have changed the game when it comes to how computation of effects works on their cards, thanks to the ingenious use of tensor on the die. Tensor can be used in conjunction with CUDA but overall the tensor stack on NVIDIA's cards is open source you can design your own effects to utilize the tensor stack on a card that supports it. More importantly, we've not even gotten to UE 3.5 yet, by the time I imagine UE 4 is here NVIDIA will coming up on their next lineup of cards and I'm going to make the prediction that raytracing will become playable in 2 years from now. NVIDIA have been playing with chiplets on their PCB, using their new connection interface called NVSwitch on the PCB to connect multiple die spaces. They'll do this to increase the amount of silicon on the die dedicated for tensor stacks like ray-tracing but have a seperate die purely for tessellation. NVIDIA have published a white paper about this technology and their implementation of chiplets. If APB is going to remain relevant for another 10 years then I don't see any issue in implementing raytracing into the game. No one is forcing anyone to use it, it's a alternative feature you can toggle on or off in BFV.
  2. AgentWatson

    Voice chat issue

    Obviously I can't speak for console players as a PC player if it's really that vital for Vivox to be working. But personally I don't think I'm too bothered by the issue of Vivox not working, if I want to communicate with someone on PC as other people have highlighted already in this thread we're spoiled on choices exclusively on PC and I also don't think fixing Vivox is either going to attract people back to the game. I don't wanna press so much on you and your development team Matt but 3.5 UE is pretty much vital right now to maintaining not only the active fanbase but attracting new players and older players back to the game, I've sort of fallen in and out of interest of this game in the last few months because even though you've hustled and done a lot with the mess you've been given, weapon balance and new anti-cheat aren't going to be enough to attract new people. Game balance only matters to people who actively play the game and it's the same with the abundance of cheaters. Vivox is just another one of those issues that exist in the game and does nothing to revitalize the game by adding it back. It's a distraction of talent and I hope you don't consider pouring man hours into more needless distractions.
  3. They're not ignoring tickets though, it's people like you who send in tickets about every little thing that pretty much congest the whole system. Seriously how many tickets have you sent in now...? Because as I recall the last time I called you out on it I remember seeing a little over a dozen tickets you've filed. I've filed 1 ticket in the entire time I've been apart of this community and I've probably gone through just as much harrassment, vulgar language as someone like you but I don't really seem to have as many issues with the support as you do. Maybe you need to stop being so hyper-sensitive and just play the damn game like everyone else at this point. What you'd define by "care" is completely subjective. I don't really care if there are GM's in-game I never wanted their presence before and It's not something highly desirable now, I just want them to plan more events ones that preferably give us rare items for completing them, have more sales etc. Asking that a small studio like LO is going to hire a full-time moderation team is just expecting and demanding too much. There are other things on the itinerary which are more pressing right now, like making sure that the engine update goes through successful and integration with the console platforms also happens.
  4. Hey @LO_Beastie could you go into your changes to ISSR-A..? Currently I don't feel like the changes you've made to the gun have any substantial difference to the viability of the weapon and it seems as though the Dog Ear which is the ISSR-B has the actual stats of the ISSR-A with regards to walking, jumping, running, sprinting etc accuracy and vice versa. Do you wanna change this weapon or do you wanna continually adjust this weapon with small changes or is there something more substantial you wanna try with it..?
  5. Probably should of prefaced they've changed CJ in OTW so that it increases minimum accuracy(bloom) I mean I guess you could make the argument that some dude who has bought a patroller is angry because his gun is absolutely different to the experience he thought to expect but I'm just not convinced by the metrics of that argument. I just don't believe that someone who owns any of those pre-set guns are in any shape or form absolutely devastated by these changes because they most likely have a plethora of alternatives to choose from in their own inventory and those who're new who aren't as well informed aren't going to care anyway because they've no notion of what it was like before the changes. My solution to remedy that might be to just give everyone who has a character exclusive pre-set should get it automatically upgraded to a account wide weapon and all those who bought for 30 days should just get it for character exclusive or to just allow them the agency to change the mods around as they please.
  6. Oh you mean like CJ. No dude, that's a horrible idea. Simple issue, simple solution, you wanna have "mah 7 metres" and do close range..? Too bad. For all the people complaining how they can no longer do close range with their favourite "insert weapon name here" but still want to remain competitive at longer ranges, that's just bad luck. So you can either to not take IR at all or use it and then have your gun excel at longer ranges. Substantial bloom increase works on CJ because the issue is compounded by a faster rate of fire, so it increases even faster how uncontrollable your weapon can become. Good shot grouping is vital for longer ranges it's not as important for close range because you can be the biggest potato and still land shots on someone. As a result some guns will get easier to control yes, but you're conflating that with requiring no skill. You've been here longer than I have, so you should know that the experiences and how we know how to use weapons is only a portional part of the gameplay mechanics in APB. I think developers are focusing on this point of contention the community is having far too long, I'm not saying it should be the last change they should ever make to IR, it can get better but I think the community is choking on this one mod right now.
  7. So IR has been changed again. -2.5m -5m -7.5m I mean 0.5m more than the original at Tier 3, nothing really to complain about anymore, it's back to where it was for the most part. Can't really test the new shotgun changes, hard to determine anything by simple stats, I'll probably wait until notes are posted.
  8. Doesn't have to do with what I feel either. I never said I was 100% happy on the patch, I'd of done things differently to how they addressed them but I think the balance pass was a step in the right direction overall, that doesn't mean everything is perfect but changes that need to happen seem simple, not complicated.
  9. It was addressed you wanna know how Mr, Anecdote I got on and I can consistently two/three shot people at <10m with a shotgun. That wasn't feasible for me before it now is. They're not reworking them because they agree the guns are broken that's an appeal to authority you really can't make. They're fixing them because a bunch of whiners like you have been constantly creating threads and posts on the subject ad nauseam has nothing to do with what they think on the matter, they'd put in completely broken weapons as long as people would enjoy that. I suppose that means they're actually listening..? Surprising too, I thought the experts on this forum said they weren't listening.
  10. Oh, I'm sorry master of APB. But N-TEC has the same TTK as most SMG's the only thing that prevents N-TEC users from killing SMG users in close range is mobility. You can't have it both ways, before people were complaining that N-TEC is too good, poking at CR762's in their range bracket and beating out CQC weapons in their niche. You're not balancing around bad players it's as simple as segmenting divisions between weapons to make them perform better within their respective range, I don't know what about that you're not getting. That's whole point around the shotgun changes, they were performing inconsistently even when you tried the same methods on point you could get variably different results. Living in Australia, I'd have to hit some people 4-5 times with the CSG <10 because of the way shotguns were before. Sorry that you liked the broken mechanics in the game before..? But I don't miss that experience.
  11. Rofl. How is it better when it takes longer to get shots off? That's the whole point, it's meant to take longer to get shots off, you're paying repercussions for choosing to have more range on your weapon by losing effectiveness in close range. If the changes are reverted to how they were before with the old IR system then you'd still get N-TEC out performing SMG's and Shotguns at their respective ranges because at closer ranges the bloom is negligible because your target is bigger. The issue currently is that it's exacerbated by the shotgun changes and IR changes, so all shotguns for the most part are more effective at close range and most mid-range to long range weapons have lost effectiveness at close range. So it has created a bubble in close range where only OCA's and Shotguns are effective, not that this should be all that surprising. That's the way it should be though in my opinion, just need to make it so there is balance done to a lot of the other SMG's so they can be just as effective.
  12. AgentWatson

    Weapon Balance Changes - 1.19.6

    Yeah I played with it an hour to see if I could notice a change. I couldn't find anything different about the way it performed. Suggestion: PerShotModifier 1.50> 0.80 PerShotModiferCap 1.50>1.15 Run Modifier 5.0> 3.8 Sprint Modifier 7.5 > 4.0 Walk Modifier 1.2> 1.1 Jump Modifier 40.0> 9.0
  13. It wasn't the wrong way to fix HVR. intentionally it's meant to make it so that when you're not fully aimed that you'll suffer damage penalties. You can't critique a system that's not even functioning correctly.
  14. Hmm, that shouldn't be possible looks like something must've broke when it was pushed to live.
  15. Then there is something wrong with you dude, if you think the game is in a worse position now than before the balance pass then I don't know what to say. I'm actually enjoying myself more now than I was and that's not because I'm using shotguns or N-TEC in-fact I've been using stuff like Misery, Anubis since the server came back up and I definitely feel as though I'm doing much better respectively than I would have previously. Yes one of the most used red mods in the game got nerfed and so what..? Good. If it falls out of meta I'm glad. I'm not going to be losing sleep tonight because some people just can't get over the changes to IR, in my opinion it's probably deserved if they've grown so accustomed to it. I'm not a fan of the way IR is right now, in fact I'd of kept it the way it was originally with the 21% firerate nerf and original range benefits if I had it my way. It's not some baseless assumption either, you literally created this thread 20 minutes after the server came back up, so I know for a fact you haven't given the balance pass an actual decent try. You stick to this thread voicing out your grievances and I think it's sad that people in this thread are simply pandering to your neuroticism like you actually made this thread in good faith, your entire first post and some other posts you've made in this thread are insults directed at LO. Please stop acting like anything you have to say on the matter is made in good faith, because you could've said any number of things to voice your criticisms and instead you went straight to insults, which is why I'm willing to discount most of what you've said. It wasn't even this thread it was also the posts you made in the balance pass threads too.
  16. Don't think that's what needs to happen. They just need to adjust IR3 to 7m again but keep the fire rate deficit and we'll pretty much go to the way it was before the patch. N-TEC doesn't nearly have as much of a dominant position in the meta anymore as it use to before the balance pass. So we've managed to take two steps forward in a certain regard but in other places we may of went one step back and that's fine, I just feel the game is in a better position now.
  17. This is what your brain looks like on APB kids. Seriously, you're going to make that case. A bunch of other guns have been buffed with this patch so it's not nearly as relevant a point anymore, yes you'll still have N-TECs, CR762's and CSG's but you have a lot of other things going on now that weren't happening before. Firstly, the Misery is actually a really decent weapon now and I'd definitely say almost competes on equal footing to the N-TEC 5, you've also got things like the ISSR-A now which is pretty decent, the Anubis is much better etc. I don't see why you're developing an aneurysm in your brain over the balance patch, my theory is that you got on got killed a bunch of times and that was confirmation of your biases that N-TEC is too strong. I find this balance to be much more enjoyable than it was before the balance pass.
  18. I don't think so, LO still has their own TOS and I think that'll still strictly be against the TOS.
  19. I have figuratively thousands of pre-modded weapons still laying around in my mailbox that have never been touched.
  20. That's what we all want.. What they did was listen to one guy and ignore the rest. Even the 1%. I mean 1% of all players in APB is 20 people, maybe less than that if you're talking about concurrent players based on time zones. Someone new has just as much of a valid opinion than someone who has been playing for years. Someone new may not know the entire nuances of game mechanics but if you were to give a new player a bunch of weapons and have them test all the guns individually, objectively they'd find some guns to be better than others. I'm not talking about silvers or people within the majority of the people lower than the 1% I'm genuinely talking about actual new players.
  21. AgentWatson

    Support Team?

    My god...you're part of the problem.
  22. I mean the changes have been up on the liver server for a little over an hour and people are already complaining. I'm going to give it time, I'm playing the same game that you guys are and I'm willing to accept changes will take some adaptation. Doesn't mean I'm not finding issues with the current balance and I personally thought and perhaps wish they had extended the OTW longer as well. I think I'll give it a week or more before I actually come to some decent conclusion on what I think. Honestly I'm wondering as I went to live server why Mobile Radar Tower didn't just get completely removed or demolished.
  23. They weren't okay. The issues with servers and network lag made it so that you could get inconsistent results with the shotgun, the new model makes it so there is a fairer player ground between people who're equally as skilled and no nonsense going on in-between. Because I live in Australia, this issue was compounded by my latency, I'd sometimes have to shoot people upwards of 4-5 times <10m I'm not saying the new model is perfect by any stretch personally I'd of lowered CSG range to 11m or 12m overall I think the changes here are really positive.
  24. AgentWatson

    Slow download speed of the patch?

    OTW may still be up. I was on it just moments ago.
  25. It isn't. Go and check the OTW they've made last minute changes to the mod. It now has 3/6/9 and 6/12/18% respectively now on the OTW.