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  1. I'm searching for my past husband. Or passed.
  2. I would consider this fun 100% within the "spirit of the game" and in no way "disruptive behaviour".
  3. He'll miss both the engine upgrade and subsequent rollback to the current version. But at least he'll enjoy the permanent concurssion nerf/kevlar buff with the rest of us.
  4. Thanks for thanking for my patience during the maintenance.
  5. I guess this is what happens when you post in a forum literally titled (bolded for clarity): SOCIAL DISTRICT (GENERAL DISCUSSION) Discuss all things APB Reloaded related here! Unfortunately, there hasn't been a dev Q&A in a long time, where you could address this directly to Little Orbit. I appreciate your effort in keeping the forums alive, tho.
  6. Are you assuming my trampoline is not being used buck nekkid?
  7. Thanks for cross-posting this thread from Game Updates. It is very convenient.
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