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  1. AsgerLund


    If you don't engage constructively on feedback on a forum designed for discussion, then you are part of the trolls. And if you are part of the trolls, then you are in fact pro-cheating yourself. Get out of here with your cheater agenda, pro-cheater!
  2. AsgerLund


    The problem is not the few trolls in this thread. The problem is that the people who disagreed with you, using valid and rational points, were also labelled as trolls and pro-cheater by you. Your suggestions are not the absolute truth or the ultimate solution to cheating - they are just your personal opinion. People have given your their own personal opinions, and that is exactly how a forum should work.
  3. AsgerLund


    Hey OP. Did you get a reply to the petition you sent personally to M. Scott? And if he replied and didn't agree 100% with every single word you said, did you write him back, calling him a toxic, hating, stupid, pro-cheater troll?
  4. Your nihilistic lulz portray a clear 2009 consciousness.
  5. My rear bumper does not approve.
  6. Correct. It is not against the EULA, which is what matters. If that will change, nobody can tell, so it is irrelevant. Nope.
  7. AsgerLund


    Such a wimpy rear-bumper attitude.
  8. AsgerLund


    There you go. Proper expert advice.
  9. AsgerLund


    If you could be more specific about which of your daddy issues require our help, then we can more easily direct you to the correct sub-forum. We have experts on all kinds of daddy issues here on the forum, both from the daddy point-of-view and from the receiving end.
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