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  1. @Willy Wonka @CookiePuss As tiny as your e-peens might be, mine is both tiny and e-smelly. Some might say e-rancid. So jog on.
  2. We can't all get one another all the time, homes.
  3. I also expressed myself with humour. I over exaggerated my dislike of pineapple on pizza so much, that I compared it to the holocaust, and I also incorporated a few tidbits from other threads. Sorry if I didn't make it obvious enough for you.
  4. You're good damn right I am. Forum moderation is a joke these days, the holocaust thread was locked, but this abomination of a post is allowed? I will NEVER frequent this forum under THEIR power. The fruity matriarchy has taken over.
  5. I think this was the tipping point. The new matriarchal world order can no longer be stopped.
  6. LO doesn't do dinner. Your choices are to take it (up the rear) or leave it. Welcome to Brown Town, population: you. They work hard - and they play (you) hard. Wait, you thought the engine upgrade was implemented based on Steam user comments on the latest non-existing patch notes?
  7. Visiting a concentration camp is, among many other things, an extremely humbling experience.
  8. Old one was a horsey-type - new one is more bearish. So we can pick and choose from here:
  9. All gone. Sorry, but not sorry.
  10. Let people have fun the way they want to have fun within the rules set by LO. If you remove the fun for some people, then those people will play less or even leave.
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