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  1. I prefer newtonslaw. All three of them.
  2. Seriously, no one has posted this unreal Unreal screenie yet? I am disappoint.
  3. Which standard standards does not have the connected connections?
  4. You know it's desperate times, if a vegan would kill an animal for a veggie burger. Or would cut down a tree for a bacon-cheese burger. And now I have material for a new thread!
  5. Yeah, these situation are more often than not a nice change of pace. Especially with players assembling on both sides of the Kolva wall, trying to Vegas jump or just ram everything. Next step after the Kolva wall is to do a 3 Kolva wide map cruise, clearing the main roads of any and all vehicles. Finish off the evening with a 12 car destruction derby at the grief station.
  6. AsgerLund


    Stay fresh, cheese bags!
  7. I agree. Waaaaayy too early for a reset.
  8. It’s almost as if the comment reaction functionality is a way to express personal opinions...
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