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  1. AsgerLund

    BattleEye exist?!

    Go to the corner and think about what you've done.
  2. AsgerLund

    When you get a feeling

    Isn't this the exact opening line from Homie-o and Julie-lit?
  3. AsgerLund

    i just had a scary thought

    is that racist It sounds like the oceans around the land of sushi are full of man juice rather than dead people juice. That's not racism, that's a celebration of life.
  4. AsgerLund

    Breast Cancer Limited Weapons

    Let's turn it into an event. Down-size character bewbs (realistically, that's only way to resize bewbs for 95% of all female chars). Make teams of two with smaller-bewbed chars, enter teams in a bracket tournament with quaterfinals, semis, and final. Winner wins a lifetime supply of pink percs. We'll call it: "The A-Cup Cup"
  5. AsgerLund

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    Let's do this...
  6. AsgerLund

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    I'm not an American, but I would beat your fuzzy bunny patootie as well.
  7. AsgerLund

    i just had a scary thought

    Finally - someone brought sushi into the equation.
  8. AsgerLund

    Bring Back Beacon!

    No gifs in this thread? I'd rather do this than play Asylum.
  9. AsgerLund

    Light machine guns in apb.

    LMG buff patch going live in 3...2...1
  10. AsgerLund

    Real Talk LO!

    Haven’t they outdone G1 on points 1 and 3 by a country mile? ... and they fixed your ‘maybe’ as well.
  11. AsgerLund

    Apb nowadays

    Gordon Ramsay just called. He would like to have his Michelin-star roast back.
  12. AsgerLund

    Apb nowadays

    They should make a shotgun kill event to pump (teeheee) those rookie numbers up.
  13. AsgerLund

    oatmeal raisin cookies

    Hitler's favourite snack.