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  1. You didn't get it yet? Weird, I got mine months ago.
  2. I want to eat the shit out of that majestic creature.
  3. I'm annoyed that my Tagger mod isn't working on my team mates. That would be the friendliest of fire.
  4. As long as you keep the cheese coming, you can talk to me any way you want
  5. Even if my comment made me look like a cheese-simpleton, it was worth it. It had to be done. I dislike blue cheese as well, and I'm not particularly fond of soft cheeses. My favourites at the moment are aged gouda/parmesan'ish hybrids - firm and flaky cheese with crunchy crystals, and we have some excellent local choices here in Denmark.
  6. And the cheese is bluer.
  7. Wait... are you breaking off our "gay food" snapchat streak?
  8. Thanks, d00d. I always thought I was averageficial.
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