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  1. Hi all, Lately, I've been knee deep working on finishing the network move and getting new servers in place so we can finally put threat back in, so I'm behind. As of today I have: A certified buttload of unanswered mails (upgraded from uncertified to certified over the holiday) A buttload of buttloads of total mails (up half a hogshead of buttloads over the holiday) I am answering mails from 11/21 putting me back to 57 day turnaround. I have purchased an oversized bee for the company to free up my time to help bring this back down. The bee should clear customs very soon. Thanks, Not-Matt
  2. Here is the most recent information regarding the EU servers.
  3. Whether or not the role as Community Manager was performed to the satisfaction of the community, the consequences of unexpected life situations, both positive and negative, can be rather large. I wish Lixil all the best, both in her new situation at home and in her new position at Little Orbutt. Good luck in finding a new CM and further development of the CM role.
  4. If you care about mod workload during Christmas, why did you create this thread in the wrong sub-forum for them to move? ...and no gifs? Seriously, this place is hurling down the shitter faster than a [not enough time to think of a culturally semi-insensitive poop analogy, as I have to wipe and get on with my day].
  5. Bot translated rus folklore is best lore.
  6. I sense a defeatist tone in your post. Please do not question this community's resolve, when it comes to knee-/circle jerk complaints. Exciting forum times are afoot after the engine upgrade comes out!!
  7. It takes a steady hand to dig down optic fiber cable at a cemetery, but it's totally worth it.
  8. Store the cremated remains in their own basement --> problem solved. OR erect a rockin' mausoleum/crypt with high-speed internet.
  9. Slightly offer-topic: the US Air Force stopped using 8-inch floppy disks to control their nuclear arsenal in June. This year.
  10. Do I have permission to continue my line of jokes?
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