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  1. I wish I had more than 14000 posts... Anyways, if I made an APB playlist (I'm not), I would deffo include this song, just for the "old title screen music vibe" I'm getting from it.
  2. Like a handful of half-dead flies attracted to some fossilized dino-poop. It must be the alluring ffbans vibe of the thread.
  3. Easy fix would be to add a "legs" vehicle mod for the motorcycles they're adding to the game in next week's patch.
  4. Are we doing this again? Okay, here we go... Racing district when?
  5. I see myself more as a casualgressive, but I will stand up for the butt-hand community all day err day.
  6. It's all hands on deck to save this game, so you cannot exclude queer-hands or butt-hands, and go straight-hand only.
  7. I'm searching for my past husband. Or passed.
  8. I would consider this fun 100% within the "spirit of the game" and in no way "disruptive behaviour".
  9. He'll miss both the engine upgrade and subsequent rollback to the current version. But at least he'll enjoy the permanent concurssion nerf/kevlar buff with the rest of us.
  10. Thanks for thanking for my patience during the maintenance.
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