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  1. I second the comments from Eva. My comment was just a harmless light-hearted tongue-in-cheek joke, there was no malice or personal attacks in the joke in any way. Don't get depressed over the APB community either, we are not worth it.
  2. Is it up for sale on the marketplace? Maybe I can resell it with a hefty mark-up and make a bit of dosh.
  3. cow - horse - man - camera - tv
  4. On the plus side, a Polish server would be a great place to test changes to concurssion grenades, vehicle spawning, and green character mods.
  5. Dislikes don't reduce your rep, and you can't see who reacted to your posts. This social experiment is neither social nor experimental.
  6. Yeah, would be nice if it still worked that way. But for some odd reason LO changed that...
  7. Considering your in-game skill level, you're exactly the right person to ask. Do you have any thoughts on the current grenade balance? Any things you would like to tweak related to nades, to make this game less unfair?
  8. In its current state, the game pretty much sucks. And the forum sucks as well. I appreciate the effort and progress made by LO on the engine, but that doesn't change the current state.
  9. Mind your eyes and fingers, listen to the CDC, read your constitution, bbq something mouth-watering, be excellent to eachother, stop calling American Football ‘football’. Happy Independence Day!
  10. I approve of and relate to this smug attitude. Ifyourepoorstopbeingpoor.gif
  11. As much as I love and respect this post, I have some points to make. I need my bread to balance the richness and fattiness of the cheeses. White bread doesn't really do that for me, so I would need sourdough, wholegrain, or bread with more character than "just" white. Regarding the cheeses, I need the saltiness of the parmesan. If I don't put parmesan, I have to spread olive tapenade on one of the slices of bread. I do agree that one of the cheddars can be substituted, I would add aged havarti to your suggestions above. Now please excuse me for going completely of the rails related to my previous non-negotiable stance, but I often like to croque madame my grilled cheese and put a sunny side up egg on top.
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