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  1. Mind your eyes and fingers, listen to the CDC, read your constitution, bbq something mouth-watering, be excellent to eachother, stop calling American Football ‘football’. Happy Independence Day!
  2. I approve of and relate to this smug attitude. Ifyourepoorstopbeingpoor.gif
  3. As much as I love and respect this post, I have some points to make. I need my bread to balance the richness and fattiness of the cheeses. White bread doesn't really do that for me, so I would need sourdough, wholegrain, or bread with more character than "just" white. Regarding the cheeses, I need the saltiness of the parmesan. If I don't put parmesan, I have to spread olive tapenade on one of the slices of bread. I do agree that one of the cheddars can be substituted, I would add aged havarti to your suggestions above. Now please excuse me for going completely of the rails related to my previous non-negotiable stance, but I often like to croque madame my grilled cheese and put a sunny side up egg on top.
  4. Got'ya. There you go @Aeronaut. Climb aaaaaaall the way to the top, and then front-flip down that sum'beach.
  5. What, now we're playing "Ponzi-scheme or Prostitution" again?
  6. For the sake of your own future, the only flipping skill you should focus on is this one:
  7. Yes, Erica absolutely made the right decision, and I wish nothing but happiness and prosperity for both her and the tribe.
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