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  1. With the added bonus of being able to rewatch all your matches against him on his 4K YT uploads with colour commentary.
  2. What about online guys? I prefer them to IRL guys in many cases.
  3. Related thought - will we have proper 64bit butt cheek physics for the /fart emote in 1.3?
  4. Fresno kit + Anubis revert + Fart thread = Unlimited pop and cash
  5. It is topics like this that makes the forum worth browsing again. I believe this specific topic could actually translate into an increase in in-game /pop, ultimately off-setting the massive disappointment of repeated engine upgrade failures, making APB the go-to TPS MMO this decade. To answer your questions: Yes. Yes.
  6. I'm just here to beef up that number. I like beefing up numbers.
  7. Proportionate AF. Exactly on the top, not a single Planck length over it.
  8. Would you rather: be a Light Warrior? be marked by the beast? have stars thrown at you? watch Summit stream APB? No cash betting, only kosher replies.
  9. You step the f away from sewage mountain right now ese, or I'll make you run a turd-minion gauntlet barefooted.
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