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  1. AsgerLund

    You're not Excused

    You don't want a taste of the WTF soup or the jagermeistergrape?
  2. My parents are in their late 60's, you post-post-millennial.
  3. AsgerLund

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Low rank players on motorbikes should not be matched with golds. Period.
  4. AsgerLund

    Let me whine

    Ur da bezt school guidance counselor EVER, Mr. Lin!
  5. AsgerLund

    Let me whine

    Okay okay. So the exclusive items turned non-exclusive are now a lock that can be open by any key. And the people with formerly exclusive items are now on all fours, while LO is behind with the master key, handing out roses from a limited bunch?
  6. AsgerLund

    Let me whine

    So the analogy is exclusive dating/items versus nice lady dating/items?
  7. AsgerLund

    check out my jedi moves

    Yeah, be more like Kylo Ben.
  8. AsgerLund

    You're not Excused

    Sorry for repost
  9. AsgerLund

    Bring back daily events

    Obligatory pot-stirring comment about how fun the teamkill dailies were.
  10. AsgerLund

    Autumn Assault.

    Brown autumn sale.