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  1. Please buff Remote Detonator and Percs too.
  2. I wish I had more than 14000 posts... Anyways, if I made an APB playlist (I'm not), I would deffo include this song, just for the "old title screen music vibe" I'm getting from it.
  3. Like a handful of half-dead flies attracted to some fossilized dino-poop. It must be the alluring ffbans vibe of the thread.
  4. Easy fix would be to add a "legs" vehicle mod for the motorcycles they're adding to the game in next week's patch.
  5. Are we doing this again? Okay, here we go... Racing district when?
  6. I see myself more as a casualgressive, but I will stand up for the butt-hand community all day err day.
  7. It's all hands on deck to save this game, so you cannot exclude queer-hands or butt-hands, and go straight-hand only.
  8. I'm searching for my past husband. Or passed.
  9. I would consider this fun 100% within the "spirit of the game" and in no way "disruptive behaviour".
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