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  1. Slightly offer-topic: the US Air Force stopped using 8-inch floppy disks to control their nuclear arsenal in June. This year.
  2. Do I have permission to continue my line of jokes?
  3. I’m not invested in lore, but I wish I was and I have a massive amount of respect for people who are. You earned your ‘like’ @MartinPL.
  4. If that sentence won't set off a G1 PTSD-triggering flashback, then nothing will.
  5. I think you earned some money through trading fair and square, and that Rick is a dumbtard.
  6. You are an idiot if you have never walked into glass doors. You are not an idiot, if you have walked into glass doors but gradually learn to open them before attempting to pass through.
  7. But... then they would have to shut down the forums as well...
  8. Stop pretending that you ever get out of your parent's basement!!
  9. Added bonus: Higher chance of finding redeem codes hidden in various threads.
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