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  1. Yes, please listen to me. Buff percs and don’t mess with Remote Detonator. Those were my two silver cents, consider the game improved!
  2. Yes, please expect backlash. Some people may now see you as part of a clandestine cabal, which is using unofficial communication platforms to manipulate LO into reducing playstyle/gun variety. However I think your idea is interesting.
  3. That's a band name, that would have worked 60 years ago: "Oh-Man and the Jelly-Elves".
  4. I was just hoping you could give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the early colonies. My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War the economic modalities, especially of the southern colonies, could most aptly be characterized as agrarian pre-capitalist.
  5. If you knew my in-game driving skills, you'd appreciate that reference even more.
  6. Should Hand Sanitizer be a char mod or a consumable?
  7. What if my char is a 18 year old Asian woman with no preexisting conditions and access to a non-US healthcare system? I'm just playing the devil's advocate here, because my char is a old, fat dude, so I'd drop dead before you'd be out of my PIG range.
  8. Grow those bewbs with pride, son!!!
  9. All I need is a vid of an ambulance going boom. But I respect your decision to cater to the popular vote by doing a more in-depth review.
  10. Give me a vid of you blowing up an ambulance parked under the bridge in Central Memorial Park in Financial or gtfo. 30 FPS is fine, but there’s no need to feel anything
  11. While I agree that they won't "just ban you", how will Support verify if it is a legit attempt to sell one's account? One way could be to check the posted images of inventories and character names and hold that up against the actual account data. If it matches and this is evaluated by Support to be sufficient proof, then "ban"? I'm neither here to speculate about the modus operandi of Support nor to stir up a streamer-ban hysteria, but as suggested above - an overlay to at least hide login details and character list would/should be very common sense for streamers.
  12. Which just sparked off my new vehicle mod idea for enforcers only. "Flashboom", which switches the "Max Health Damage" and "Max Stamina Damage" values for the vehicle, the mod is mounted upon, so that car explosions can be used to stun crims and advance the Cop role quicker. Even I cannot comprehend the potential level of butthurt from crims being "Remote Detonated"-stunned and arrested.
  13. You're saying your mama has crabs?
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