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  1. Where's the option for "I'm not a baby, and I don't mind the HVR that much"?
  2. I like them. Here, another dumb snippet full songs soon™
  3. 50+ packet loss and districts all just went down. Nice can't even play this game. When will they do something about this.
  4. Don't get your hopes up kid, aeronaut doesn't upload videos anymore.
  5. I'm proud of you for developing your own style zombie, of which I blatantly rip the socks off of.
  6. Random stuff like car meets were always fun, reminded me of when the new mikro kit came out and everyone just went to the skatepark with their mikros. Also did you know how many car spawn slots there are on the boat, do they all work? There's like 30
  7. I like this idea, faster crouching would lead to slightly faster gameplay, which I'm all for.
  8. I'm working on more ideas for veteran players. It's hard to weed out what people who have been playing for years know already though. haha Thank you, it's tough to find that balance! I think so too, lixil get on this hahaha Awesome, hope it eases their introduction to the game! APB is pretty overwhelming Glad you learned something new! That's what the whole guide is for Only the best tactic hahahaha Thank YOU name of the community for at least glancing at my guide and supporting it!
  9. If they could limit it to one per team that's would remove any issue I have with the heavy hvr. People think nerfing the damage will do something, m8 it won't. In CS for example the AWP is very expensive so often there isn't more than one in play in the mid-game. Since you don't need to buy guns in APB limiting to one per team would sort of work the same way. And would eliminate sniper stacking which I personally find hardest to deal with.
  10. Dexem

    Police Sirens

    I, for one, certainly would like an improvement on sirens. Even though I hate enforcers, and sirens.
  11. here's a dumb thing edit: I forgot this song was used in Aeronaut's Adventure Season 3 Ep 8. So if you heard it there yes this is that same track : )
  12. Another simple QoL update that could be added to the game.
  13. Both can't be the answer, nobody has voted for pie, nobody likes pie. It is that simple
  14. If only video evidence was enough proof.
  15. Well I love this fix LO warned about editing any files while they implement BattleEye. Hoping they address the mouse fix though.
  16. Yes but hitting anything else with a nade will increase prestige (notoriety), so it's not a great indicator.
  17. Leaning has no effect on accuracy, its a weird habit some people have come to overuse.
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