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  1. As far as my memory goes - Nekrova will be merged to Citadel And in the future, the servers would be a fully merged structure. Guessing so content is same across all platforms and servers. That's what I've heard anyway
  2. This game has an attracting force like no other. For me the game just fills a spot for design. Whenever I suck at gun-play and exhaust my efforts, I go to Breakwater, put up a playlist and just design things for hours. The next time I have designed an outfit, I gain the confidence of fighting in style. It helps my morale, since I am what they call a fake gold. It's nice to see that not every post is an unstructured complaint with the reason of just posting something.
  3. Don't bother with the ASCII, Both of the fields are the same spelling "R.I.O.T.", but the other was much more clustered together.
  4. It could be, but I recognise the looks of these and could say that I can recreate 2 of the 3 different images with the filter gallery available in photoshop. The closest result to recreating it was when I had some random picture, I added a bunch of noise to it and then applied the effects. It created similar results to it looking pattern-ish with whatever image you apply. Note: Since there is a tinfoil hat image with noise all over it in the web page, could it be possible that that was the image attempted to be shown? Conspiraciezz
  5. Okay, so far... I don't see anyone mention it here, but the ASCII is simply ASCII art that says Redhill. The website currently might be just for gathering information of events, rather than solving what could it all mean as many things have been tried today and nothing shows solid results. Pink text seems to be the intruder interacting with whatever was stopping him from attempting to do something on the webpage. "Blue Lake" so far does not bring up any immediate answers to why that even is mentioned only that it is resembled in the teeth image right below it. Seems like three times over the page the same 'image' was attempted to be posted. It has a strong resemblance to a video player, so maybe it was an attempt to post a video on the webpage. The scribbles could be there for nothing, but it has been noted that you can place them inside the black fields of a ripped up frame and it would partially match. The whole webpage in it's entirety is a JPEG and the access to previously working buttons is removed. At some points where ripped black fields appear, they remind of TV-static as they are in boxed shapes. This fits over a white space in the page that seems to be over the crooked text. Could as well take note that the text is not very pleasing to read and may by some cry to not trust what RedHill is. At the very bottom of the page the word 'RedHill' is repeated in multiple lines and each line says RedHill 9 times. The underlined words 'RedHill' (left-right, top-bottom) are 39 and 47. Thus 3947, but as anything it could be something or nothing. "Creach programs and othe besting ill conomy streets,that will's economy streets Redhillnessses or that stuff the Future of Medicine Your healthcare of Medicine Your health matters, that will be used by that stuff that's Econtinginginging in then San Paro the Future People, Redhill besting a Stronger Inves. Invest healing San Paro's economy We making San Paro that's Economy We matters, that will's why we are people Redhillnesses to do greating San Paro Creach programs and others San Paro's powerfu" That's what has been found today.
  6. Holy shit can we stop assuming things as soon as a word is said? I feel like everyone is too quick to jump to assumptions and conclusions when something has been shown/said. The RIOT 'reveal' post vaguely even explains the event. It does not mean it is or is not BR. It is said that a new faction Redhill Institute Of Technology is forming and recruiting civilians. That is out of the Enforcer/Crim faction range. Battle Yoloale doesn't even have factions, but rather every player for himself. I can make assumptions myself that this is some PvE mode about territory control because of the vague description. Since it's Civilians taking matters in their own hands, that could mean they stand against the reckless Enforcers and scum Criminals. The civilian-formed faction could also be players, but nothing is said precisely. Maybe the civilians shutting down city blocks is a way of pushing the Enforcers and Criminals in a fucking fight-to-death scenario, which would still be TDM. My point is - You can assume RIOT being absolutely anything. In the end, maybe Civilians just kill criminals, de-badge enforcers and APB just shuts down... P.S. - Game Journalism doesn't fall too far from regular journalism... sucking up to anything and twisting words in to a juicy read, so buzz gets around and they get their clicks
  7. You're going to make it harder for them to add a code, since you dug that out! I don't think a code will appear any more in there. Still, worth keeping an eye on that
  8. Holy shit this is heated. IMO - You can't really have this discussion just yet when LO just picks up speed. I think we all read the same material where to bring it to a new engine, it needs to be reworked. None of us probably can be 100% correct in the matter, but I think we should let there be a nice time period where the community doesn't club each other or LO for whatever comes in mind. See how things work out and give input where it's necessary. I'm no great coder, but for there to be re-made mechanics, the team should first be familiar with the code. Better yet, the whole 'going over to a newer engine' is going to make the team working behind it go over the code. Everyone's that touched it has said that it's spaghetti and whack. If I'm not wrong, LO's aim is to re-write the game for it to be improvable later. They currently seem to be working on getting the game on a newer engine, so it may live further. Whether they're re-doing mechanics that turn shit when ported over now or when they work on getting it to UE4, we can only really start asking and judging after the process. When I ask to give this time, I ask to actually give it time. I understand the impatience, but no one can really judge right now. Any input given now can still be accounted at some point. It may not be now, but maybe the reason they're not responding to your requests is because they're quite not yet at the stage where they could afford to make efforts on the current base.
  9. I guess there's some unclear things around, but it did not have any mention on fixing any spawns in the gun game or fixing issues with the gun game itself - People outside of the zone can shoot those who go inside and remain gray, or you being spawned either inside and getting killed by outsiders or spawn far outside and take your time getting there. Has that been fixed to this patch or would that be next patch?
  10. Here's my ramble about territories Here's ramble about the clan panel All of these are just personal taste suggestions. I'm still interested in - Would future APB present actual car races (given that vehicle controls get fixed/changed and upgrades would land more impact for vehicle performance). - Would future APB give animation more love and give AI bit more love? I feel like for the time, it was enough, but for me it feels like a sandbox shooter where criminals and enforcers are just above all law, than a town that is filled with chaos. I guess I want to see the feeling where you're actually just a bug in the city making noise, than just being fuck-all careless. - Would future APB's shooting change? Would it be played around with new missions where just shooting the enemy isn't the only thing that is necessary or it would be re-done? I don't know whether LO can answer these yet, but I am still curious.
  11. That takes time. I'll have to repeat my assumption - LO Can't add when there's too much to break. LO needs to progress with engine upgrades to be able to add to it, but for now they need to fill the time in between. And to Matt - Your openness sometimes scares me. It's neat that you keep addressing these things with what you have, so to you I wish only endurance. Still, this wouldn't change that one side isn't satisfied. I have a really neat reference meme here - Patience is key.
  12. Great stunt to busy up some people. Saw some great Left and Right performance, but a lot of 'grey area' people still get shunned in to one side or the other. Everyone has already brought this point - Patience. There will always be something to complain or praise about. What I think of the game Overall - It'd be difficult and taxing to create/fix something that is broken and is even getting support dropped from(engine). Going over to 3.5 would give a chance to tackle internal game issues. Everyone's seen the Add 1+, break -2 theme going in APB, so everyone should understand that this is not some modern-day title with modern-day knowledge applied in programming. This leads me to believe that it'd be difficult to add things currently requested by the community and simply carry on with moving over to updated Unreal engines. The harm then is that there's nowhere to go from there whilst they/we wait, so instead LO has used this spacious time to upgrade other parts and look for general improvement. The website will help in the long-run, when everyone is familiar whilst the game is put on a newer engine. The changes now can still be applied to the future, but some changes may be too much in the current field and state of the game. Seriously, I envy the guts to take this challenge that is the mess of APB and FE. (This is how I see it) OP has a lot of time to be replying in such paragraphs or he prioritised This over other things. The shortest way I could say this is - Relax and wait. You are too invested in the argument and will not succeed with the point you are trying to make. Everyone can see for themselves and judge what LO is doing. Some, unfortunately, sometimes get miss-informed and still argue, but most could agree that you need patience.
  13. Thanks for the giggle. I won't repeat what everyone has obviously pointed out already, but I disagree with this post. If you don't have a decently structured discussion to bring out, maybe take some time to create structure.
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