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  1. I want to see dirtbikes that you can upgrade to fly and shoot rockets with a flashy reload and massive capacity. Let it have an option to drop ammo for your team when above. If it gets destroyed, it drops it's core on the ground and you just hold it for 1 sec to completely repair the vehicle. Make sure only those with key of the city can buy it, so there is a drastic difference between the player advantage. But srsly - Bikes in APB would feel terrible to control... Physics would probably be the most hilarious shit since flying cars. I'm used to car handling, but it's still weird...
  2. The efforts, they are strong! Matt go patt your team's bacc Uplifting to see the efforts on multiple frontiers
  3. Are you kidding me?? Why do I see so much moaning about something that is an effort to have fun while we wait? I get that some have issues playing and can't attend, but there are still people that want to and can. Some here just start grabbing pitchforks to an unrelated matter to this and judging before anything has happened. It's dizzying to see the amount of people that have their questions answered as much as possible, but still asking the same question over and over again. And I'm not even a mod. Hope to have fun on the event.
  4. How 'bout drop it. This post booming because of a single sentence and nothing else. I guess I'm not in the 'proper' circle to know who you are talking about, but the guy made a post with absolutely nothing else to say and now it's booming Just seems dumb to me to not bring any notice, context or anything other than 'u dun gooft'.
  5. Okay, this looks very promising. Thanks for the video. Covers a lot of ground and I didn't really notice lighting problems myself 'till they were pointed out. So going forward it seems to be small issues, with the big ones already fixed Big thank.
  6. Very nice reception. The complementary cookies were good!
  7. From this stage of lighting, most things look amazing. Night time in asylum looks interesting. I am concerned how at some screenshots the overall look is pale and maybe a bit unreal (pun). It looks like the light either passes through objects or it doesn't hit off other surfaces properly. Idk how it works, but some parts seem 'off'. I get that there it is being worked on, but still that is a bit concerning. A surprise post with surprise actual progress. Thank you.
  8. Good timing with the update. Cleared up quite a lot of what I've thought to what regards the engine and Riot. This update still feels much quicker than g1 ever cared. I've already pointed my opinion towards Riot, but here is a short version - It's like-able at the current stage, which gives potential for something good to come out. At least both sides of the fence can agree finally on that the engine wasn't being held back by putting effort in Riot.
  9. I enjoy the experience, but not fully. I see divided opinions in this, but I enjoy the core of it. I feel inconveniences are here - My teammates during the game appear to be green as alive when it seems to not be the case. I'm still confused if it works properly or it shows that the dead ones are the ones gone and the green ones are still present in the game if still dead. Anyway, I would like clearer identification. Other player actions are unpredictable and this becomes a huge problem when we all have choice to activate a device in an area. Eventually all the safe areas from gas are scattered across the map and making across two red fields sometimes isn't even enough with a rad suit on. Even better, if you die in one, you respawn in smoke and have to make your way to sometimes much further spots of the map, which will end up killing you. Even if you spawn with a rad suit, it runs out very quickly and I can't use any I find because of a very long cool-down. It gets hopeless when you respawn far away, die whilst trying to run to a safe place and respawn way back again to die again. Sometimes weapons are difficult to locate. Starting the game, I notice that the radar is empty. Maybe a bit of cash around the area, but guns are so scarce that the more you try and die, the more hopeless it gets. It is confusing when you finish a game and survive. We've survived the game, but we haven't gotten the biggest bribe. In the panel it says 'next time' and indicates towards a loss, but where it says "Team position" or "Your position" - It says 1. As if we are the 1st. This is not an impact to gameplay, but whenever I join a Riot district and load in, the loading video ends a bit too early that I see a random location with assets just loading in. I think the screen to cover this up should be longer. I generally feel like more visual cues should exist to announce the riot van's arrival and that there are last remaining 3 teams etc. It certainly does not help me read the situation when there are 5/10 teams alive, but it's unclear how many left in each as it could be 5 people in each or 1. This made me hesitate so much that two people from a team just bribed and won without any trouble. I want confetti when I win. It's been awfully difficult to reach victory for me and I feel like someone should pat me on the damn back! These are named without taking any note before. Some of these points even don't really matter as it is personal to my experience EDIT: Without removing importance from the engine upgrade, these are what I want to see further after the engine upgrade happens. What I really want to see later is just an overhauled UI that translates information precisely and in a clean manner. After that comes the aesthetic of the whole Riot thing. I'd like to see garbage on the streets, something burning. I'd like to see a building's first story have some broken glass or boarded windows. Maybe some bootleg means of blocking zones in stead of the same concrete walls - barbed wire or wooden reinforcements. I'd like to see some real consequences.
  10. Not long has really passed and I don't think LO is in the power to create magic within your expectation. I may be wrong, but I believe there have been teams separated to these tasks. A team for working out the UE 3.5 bumps and a team for the game mode. There are probably even more teams to deal with other tasks. Maybe smacking more people at a task isn't an appropriate method to finish the UE 3.5 upgrade. The manpower they had was assigned to create content that could cross over to the new engine and create something that carries on as an option. They've stated they made Riot as something that goes annually or with seasons? I see that people aren't really supportive of RIOT on the forums, but in-game I join the district 3-5 times a day and seem to always get a match. People play it, but people also play mission districts. Both sides are populated and I personally enjoy a little bit of Riot. I eagerly await the upgrade and feel like it's one of the TOP priorities. I believe LO knows it as well, but I still feel like disagreeing with a lot of you. Not most, but lot.
  11. I haven't noticed this. Basically, when we completeled the ARG we were given a token that marks us as a participant who completed it and are to be processed for reward. I was sure I was T2 and even at some point many recieved rewards according to discord chat. I had to contact Lixil, I did through through forums and got a confirmation. Nothing has happened after that with me, but I may be wrong. Maybe I've not noticed that the skin was sent in my account.
  12. Didn't we all get some token to come back to? Just summon the topic again because I think they've moved away from the ARG rewards by focusing on RIOT itself
  13. Has RIOT grown? I've only been able to attend the first ever public test. Since I am a loner, I'm stocking on snacks, some good podcasts and launching the game with expectations to die a lot. Then just return to making designs for hours. Sleep deprived and hours spent in a design I'll scrap anyways. Can't wait! (not sarcastic)
  14. Allright. Maybe a bit sad, but allright. As long as I can go online and roleplay like a nerd in some alley
  15. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? I could say it's an upgrade from the contamination event which would be the closest thing to compare to R.I.O.T. in APB. It's new and comes in strong as something New. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? I could outline the first issue, which is that I am a random. I play solo and my experience strongly varies from those who have friends. I never did figure out how to play selectively with someone I would know, so I had to play with randoms. I feel like if there were more pointers and UI elements to show exactly WHAT is going on right now, I'd feel safer to try and encourage a friend to try RIOT. I played only twice and could only do so because I was stuck spectating and not knowing what to do, I waited. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? It's something new to APB and it excites me. So, you know how APB's missions are team vs team? Well, RIOT is when every team is vs every team. It's fresh and needs work, but I think it'll turn out in a cool survival pack game. You gotta survive by matching with a team you start off with and staying close to survive further. The city has gone down to shit and your team's goal is to survive. The map has a bunch of guns scattered, money and RIOT bombs. There's too much to get into right now, but to get the basic idea, it's a BR with it being cops n robbers vs cops n robbers. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? This is very divided, but I would NOT like to see the ability to use your own loadout. I hope RIOT to be something new, where players are pushed in a different experience than APB's mission districts, which means I would not like to see everyone run NTEC or ATAC. I don't have a vendetta for these guns, but when everyone is left in the mercy of the scattered guns, it's much more interesting on the 'survive the game'. I get that a lot of people would disagree with me and have their loadout be different, but that still means that whoever did not have enough cash for their own loadout will be completely wiped by the guy who's been running his same fav guns since 2015. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? I can't judge so well, but I believe I could return to this. I like survival. I like fighting for the scraps. There were moments of silence, but at points of interest, when you see a small group nearing the same items you want, it turns to a game of actually taking cover, pushing and trying to get around the enemy to kill them and get the items you wanted. It would be interesting to see more items of utility around with indicators to encourage planning of attacks in the game. To choose whether to try and run for those items and risk being wiped, or go further and look for different options. What about RIOT do you like the least? There wasn't much of any pointers around of what I CAN and can't do. I really loved the loading screen being a tutorial for the general gamemode, but I would like UI pointers towards organising a team, having their death displayed by what weapon. Seeing who you are spectating and seeing more of (M) elements appear on the radar as the zone blinking to be in danger etc. It's great as it is intuitive at many points, but I do get confused a lot of times. I generally didn't like that I couldn't understand much of whether can I reconnect and join a new match, or could I selectively make a group of my own, could I spectate more than that 1 player I was forced to spectate etc.
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