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  1. Well this is new... This gives a whole new reason to get on APB and actually do things.
  2. Char Name: GRUDZZ Server: Citadel Clown girl? Creepy schoolgirl? This... person. Since it's Halloween, nobody really paid attention to this person on the streets and previous witnesses have stated that they've disregarded the person for the sole excuse - It's Halloween. Reports about this costumed person have recently gone up. What really raises suspicion is the reason for these reports. They claim that the person in the costume has a terrible stench when approached. Nothing more than that. One report claims to interact with the person in question, but have gotten no response. No schools or exchange schools in the city have this dress-code. No shop has such a costume... Also, please stop whining and just try. Since half of the replies are complaining, you can bet your chances are crazy high. The community's small and everything counts. EDIT: I Sent you a pretty detailed PM to discuss this in private. Just don't clutter the post. EDIT: Added my entry
  3. Lovely how every first comment in the beginning of the thread is pretty accurate at describing tryhards, but every one of those comments has those two dislikes... I smell... sweat and tears.
  4. Ah yes, the Babylon shipping storage. Dynasties have done well to keep the business afloat for centuries. And yes, Timmy is right on every point. Nerd...
  5. I would usually say go for it, but bullying leaves trauma that ruins a person for the rest of his life. You already exposed yourself to the internet with this stuff, so I guess you can do it... and maybe suffer consequences Pick your poison Bait me
  6. > Says he doesn't want to stir controversy > Proceeds to spew controversy and spread toxins Heavy majority people I've talked to and have known over the lifespan of APB have always agreed that Financial is better and have only chosen Waterfront because of contacts they are forced to level. I am the same. @Solomante 's first point still stands and should have been the end of discussion... Your specific situation is... specific and so you go on a tangent about APB 2 and how the game's too dead. "Well yes, but actually no" APB is being improved and worked on, but a rant about people occupying your beloved district is not really the issue you're going on about. Your fragile opinions aren't really about 'fariness' because fairness would include being fair to bad or good players, whilst you say that golds on waterfront should be ashamed. 'BEGONE' you say with your fair opinions as you decapitate half the population because you didn't like how they look at you...
  7. This could really be disregarded right out the gate as this issue has been brought up so many times... discussed and ridiculed. LO has their own solution/theory/plan and are most likely already in the works on it behind the scenes.
  8. Anything LO is trying to do is much better than nothing. APB has been in stagnant decline. The only way this game has been pushed has been from pure empathy and love for the game. It's gotten so far that two companies had to die trying to keep this game up. You can remain skeptical, down-right refuse change or support it, but it has to happen. No change is death and taking a risk at moving things, changing or re-doing is no longer a risk really... It'd be riskier to remain where we are. I couldn't imagine people not liking this idea, but it's surprising that there are any that disagree with this specific topic. More banter pls.
  9. Things to do when waiting for maintenance to complete: Do something productive Write a novel of how empty you feel every time you don't get to touch APB Get a job and forget what videogames are
  10. This post should be enough to poke LO to release a more detailed description of an EMP and it's use. So far, with what they've presented, it's useful in certain cancer situations or to disorient someone trying to ram you. With it's current uses right now, I'd agree on the point - it would be dull and people wouldn't want to sacrifice hard damage. Then again, when it's released and LO sees little use, a buff will be introduced. Adding a variety is good either way. With a team comp where three use hard damage and one uses EMP's it could be pulled off well. Being the EMP guy would give a person responsibility and a role.
  11. Of course - It'd be much more engaging on low-pop and core additions like enemy AI are a whole mechanic that make a game more fleshed out. The better bonus of enemy AI would be that if behavior was fluid, it'd give replayability and value to combat. More casuals would appear, more content could be built to serve as live-missions that change San Paro as it goes and many more concepts could be expanded on... BUT Scripting NPC AI that performs like an actual opponent... in a sweaty world... is problematic. It'd take a lot of time, resources and testing. At a bumpy and slow pace that APB goes, it's risky to do that. It'd also change the core of the whole game by just adding something of the sort. It'd require to game be fixed and stable first. It'd require constant resources for the AI to think. The game would have to go through a ton of stabilisation. A decision to add Enemy AI would also cause divided opinions of the playerbase. Everyone here will be able to express reasonable doubt, but when a chance and resources get presented... I think it'd be something to pay attention to. Imagine though... as a criminal... you going to defend a warehouse that has an attempted police raid. Just Cop NPC's coming at you or Enforcers as a special attack unit, engaging on a criminal enterprise... taking out enemy AI that supposedly operate there... Story bits with AI that lead to random events around the town... Enforcers can find NPC crims and bust them for cash... Criminals can harass npc enforcers to estabilish 'territory'. This is just dreaming and all and would need a bigger world than the districts we have... It's easy to say it'd be cool, but it would take so much risk and time to pull of something in APB...
  12. This is the most insignificant issue I've seen so far... and people still find reason to fuzzy bunny. This would never get old...
  13. On that subject, it's not even confirmed. Just teased as a possibility.
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