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    [Forum] Request your title here!

    " Shoot first, question later "
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    APB = Pay2Win

    This has been going for ages. WHY is this still relevant? The main reason you might feel P2W, the enemy team has fancier reskins than you and have played the game a lot longer than you. They have found weapons that compliment their playstyle and use it better than you. You may feel disadvantaged when the enemy team is Coordinated and you appear to be placed with complete randoms on the same skill level as you, doing your own thing and utterly failing. There are many factors that can change the outcome of the game, but the MAIN BIG ONE is - You just suck. And sucking also has many factors to it - General feel of the aim. Understanding the enemy arsenal to remind yourself how close/far you can stay safe from the enemies deadly fire. Feel of the recoil for the weapon of choice. Game-awareness and predictions. Sounds, though misleading, help a bunch. Understanding for the game-physics... There may be more that I don't know of. Please shut up about this topic!
  3. When did they improve the graphics? Is this the so-called engine upgrade?
  4. It isn't cheating, but it is a problem, flaw or abuse of a flaw. It wasn't intended in the game, but right now that's an assumption. Guessing we can't really ask realtime worlds about whether it was intended, LO has to make the decision. I will be on the agree-ing side of fixing it, because a lot of people come to an disadvantage and when questioned, the abuser usually keeps silent of how he does it. It's fairly obvious from my point of view, but a lot of new players are having a hard time out there right now Playing the Game. Meanwhile we're here arguing about the legitimacy? I say, fix it. It comes in strong relation with macros and it was not intended in the game. Why would the programmers go thorough the hassle of creating shooting patterns and mechanics anyway then?
  5. I must point out how dense you are - You are quite dense. If you would have involved yourself in at least one another discussion about this topic, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't be here. Maybe you just read the OP and didn't bother going in the comments. You don't bother doing any research at all, I believe. You are wronged by so many people, but you waste your time answering and defending your argument. Insecure with a lot of time on your hands! Here is a quick answer to everything - They will unban most cases that seem to be overruled by force and little evidence. A lot of cases may be unfair and in some cases some scammers might get free, but right after there is another trap waiting for them. BattleEye will take care of the cheater problem. Payment model for the game is also in the works to work around scammers. These changes are made periodacally to improve the overall quality of the game. There are a lot more steps afterwards, all there is asked is your time. Just do some digging yourself and next time be more careful, aware, thoughtful.
  6. Well, even if you are unforgiving, cheaters wouldn't care would they? Online, you can't do anything, but harass in some form. That wouldn't be OK either. At this point, where damage is massive, there are made compromises with the most promising results to further the healing of the game. I understand the frustration, but at this point everything is taken care of itself. I say - do not worry or fuss about it. Let it happen and enjoy the new experience. The thread is nice and takes good effort, but I wouldn't worry about it. If the reach was to reason with the toxic people in the community, they would just disregard the post. I like it, though.
  7. Is this my calling? Yes, yes it is.
  8. Pufty

    Give criminals fire

    I'd say OK, if you are willing to change the core game in many fields. There are many problems with this, but also cool bonuses. How will the fire be put out? It can't simply be some fire extinguisher. How will modifications act to this? I'd like to think of new mods with the ability to prevent fire damage or minimise it. Clothing could have great effect etc. Though people wouldn't like it for the start of customization limitation for the benefit of fire protection. How far do we go with fire weapons? Throwables, definetly, but flamethrower? :S Throwables would also need an effect like slow down speed, inability to fire or something, not just straight up stupidly standing and burning, unable to do nothing. It would need a new mechanic to pull out of the situation or take cover, roll on ground and awaiting assistance. Then again, awaiting assistance in this game would be a huge let-down as most of the time, everyone just tries to go on their own. I would propose molotovs, but no further than that. At least you can think of ways to tackle it. The cool thing would be that criminals would actually seem as anarchists, now that they mercilessly try to burn their victims. Fire is quite good for torture. I wish explosive mission objectives had more to the bombs, so it would give a much more serious impression about criminals. Combine the two and you got one deadly threat to San Paro. Either way it would need new mechanics, mods, solutions and at this state of the game, it is better to recommend it after a year or two.
  9. Name : GRUDZZ From : Latvia Preferred faction : Free criminal. Likes : Blood, brute knife combat, playing with victims, victim dissembly, sweets. Hates : Waiting, long distance-combat, pineapple on pizza. Phrase : Man, red looks good on you!
  10. Pufty

    Mke changes to rare nano activities

    Just a thought. Challenges categorised. Sure, make ones that are do-able by the majority, but keep Challenging challenges with higher rewards for those who go beyond. Just separate them in 2 levels or something. Like doing dungeons. After you've done a normal lvl dungeon, you can do that dungeon on hard or insane.
  11. Pufty

    Corrupt the wish above™

    Granted, but the kebab was too big for you, so you choked and spent the rest of the day tasteless in a hospital. I wish my poor life choices didn't pursue me in my career.
  12. Pufty

    Corrupt the wish above™

    Granted, but the X-ray is so powerful that you see through everything and in the end see nothing at all. I wish I had a puppy that gives good financial advice.
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    Rate The Avatar Above You 2.0

    Almost a "Oh Wow"/10 Squeezed up.