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  1. It's gonna end up being a debate of keeping current pop (content NOW) or reaching new pop (old/new players join for EU). I got a gut feeling that new pop outweighs current pop, but what do I know? I have new pop bias, just waiting for EU.
  2. Great Scott! Let it Bee known I'm alive, just lurking. All I can really do is wish for the path of least resistance with the engine and best of luck.
  3. There's still going to be crying and still some blaming. Some wounds cut too deep when you've grown old enough to become bitter I keep myself in the loop and I'm optimistic, but that's only because I haven't gotten on APB for a while. Sucks to keep reading that G1's statistics were better when it was years of this confused, silent and painfully slow murder. LO picks up the torch and now G1's comparably better in some margin? Nah. Stop bringing up that old name, it keeps me up at night.
  4. Dude ends up responding to the one comment he can respond and then dips before he builds traction on the bs he spews himself. Aight, have fun now. Toxic people aren't exclusive, but there's a good supply of them in games that you gotta sweat in, however the first response isn't any near the actual target you're supposedly trying to hit. On-topic: Hah, be real funny if I made a ban post too. I could claim I got 5k hours and that I never cheated in my life, because my religion doesn't allow it. I could claim I spoke to support and that they couldn't handle my skill. Would be fun, but I'm not actually banned... Just typing up stuff.
  5. I couldn't pay for Adobe programs anymore, so I'll take up you on that premium and do some designing
  6. I don't disagree that some quality standard needs to be set at certain points, but it's the first time I'm seeing something crop up from LO like this and it doesn't seem to be the last time it's going to happen. I just keep noticing them trying different things for community interaction. You seem to understand that you can do better or that someone else can do better, but half the playerbase may not even be approachable. I understood this as a start to something, like CET and their streams. The streams looked like they could be improved visually, but for the beginning I really just appreciate the effort. Quality or standard can come over time as more people are familiar with the costume theme integration and can come up with their own for the next time. I just feel that the community hasn't really changed perspective from the old ownership, by continuing to be toxic or just have this 'reasonable doubt'. I could understand why the dislike reaction was removed, but makes me feel that it should come back a time later... when the brainded get bored and can't exploit the red button.
  7. Are we gonna start gatekeeping costumes from community interaction? You're making it difficult to be approachable from the company's side. You'll get less and less interaction and that's gonna be another thing to start complaining about. This is optional, right? What's the fuss then?
  8. I got to play for a little and I was mostly on Financial at night. Roughly 1-2hrs spent and I had some strange results. Specs: GPU: Geforce RTX 2060 CPU: Core i7 6700K RAM: DDR4 16GB (single) I use a 120Hz monitor... Game was on SSD - For a game like APB, it was surprising that loading screens would take me a while. Maybe the strange feeling comes from the fact that Live may load faster, but I just noticed that loading took longer than expected. My live FPS is usually -90FPS in bad cases and 120FPS in best cases. Microstutters still present and Live crashes often. 2.1 Beta didn't crash, but the FPS was significantly down and the 'feel' didn't show for anything as it was not stuttery by screen-freezing, but simply because I dipped below 30 FPS. AVG for live at the first hour of gameplay at Financial was 40FPS with frequent dips below 30FPS. After a while my FPS started to AVG 60FPS with dipping to 40FPS. It still felt really bad to play regardless of the increase. I generally checked my task manager on the 2nd monitor and it never really went above 60% CPU usage or even 40% over other usage. I wasn't smart enough to check what cores at what times were used and by how much... Additional note: I did mess around with settings and found that normal-max settings barely change the FPS, but the lowest settings make it a little playable with STILL having occasional FPS dips below smooth. This is all by feel and this was the strange part I wanted to mention. The only way I got favourable results in performance was if I were to set my monitor to 60Hz and align settings to get that 60FPS on lower settings. The visuals made it look worse than Live currently, but then the gameplay was somewhat the same as Live. Because I still had some fun playing. Even with my horrendous gameplay, I was able to enjoy the beta a little bit with the thought - "This is good, but work is needed.... SEVERILY". I have gripes with the visuals being just too punchy where soft lights cast hard shadows and black colours are pure black, which makes fun encounters of staring in to the void, but that's just visual gripes. The visual punch adds a bit of a refreshing feel, but it also exposes how dated the game looks with certain areas being too saturated. Orange clubs on social look funny. In Financial a lot of buildings are the same with the Large objects being really barebone in structure. Small usable items, characters and cars will survive the test of time, but the environment felt barely detailed and dated, because I was now able to see further and see more. That's just a thought for the future. Performance wise I understand it's just been an issue with the foundations this game stands on and I understand that the devs understand there is much more work needed in the performance field.
  9. Oh my, did you severely compensate for that reply. Your post serves just about the same use and same reaction. J won't deny uou bring new points and already before were taken on, but in every each reply you overcompensate for what seems to be the same exact song. I hope within all those long replies with little substance you didn't forget to actually provide LO with the useful information. Severely disappointed? Take a break. Some points you raised I would agree if you weren't to make overdramatic posts and replies with barely any substance that I don't believe is anything new. Doesn't prove useful of my time, just as yours, to reply, but let ne just agree this time, so you don't miss my point. Muting themes for yourself individually is a good idea and has already been confirmed to be worked on. Performance issues have continuously been worked on without any change in efforts to make it better. I believe it's lack of data and testing that they can't approach cases like it's magic. Would be better if you left a comprehensive post and leave it at that. Since you report worse performance on Live, I report the opposite, so it isn't black and white. You seemed to get more comprehensive only when you were being agreed with and actually compared information, so here... I agree with the idea, not much of the execution.
  10. Haha, did I just read that before LO this game was perfectly fine? Strong opinions, poor thinking, but the idea is not bad. As you crap all over LO, they're still taking up your request and doing something about it that doesn't harm both sides of this discussion. Weird how a little more thought can go a long way.
  11. So many have went in with these weird expectations. The constant hammering of how this will not be that holy grail and it needs to happen to understand more issues, not this full release. I'll use some assumptions about Alphas and Betas. Alpha is a game being brought from ground up that is in really experimental stages. The game's gameplay mechanics aren't fully realized in this state and is so bare-bone, you'd call it a demo. Beta is when there is some basics for it to be a game (Start/Execute/Stop). Both are these labels for it to be a testing ground. You're not there to stay and actually progress, but to run in to these issues that the Devs didn't see coming. So many say the beta crashed and burned, but that's how it's supposed to go. The issue is how negatively everyone's saying it like it's supposed to be the actual release. Didn't get to play, but at least I helped crash the beta so hard that the Devs can prepare better. They learned more about which areas to prepare for, even if they did say there's some issues activity right before the testing date.
  12. I'm no expert, but so many times servers have been boggled for any game when something new opens up. It's so many new players with their 'new' characters trying to log in at the same time that it's really choking it out. You could blame any game for it and since it boils down to servers having to handle all this increased traffic, I'd call it all the same issue. It's simply that at some points the server lets you get further to see a new error, but gets choked out again in the middle of your steps. Don't know, but sounds like the same issue. We're not even play-testing it, we're stress-testing
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