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  1. Holy shit this is heated. IMO - You can't really have this discussion just yet when LO just picks up speed. I think we all read the same material where to bring it to a new engine, it needs to be reworked. None of us probably can be 100% correct in the matter, but I think we should let there be a nice time period where the community doesn't club each other or LO for whatever comes in mind. See how things work out and give input where it's necessary. I'm no great coder, but for there to be re-made mechanics, the team should first be familiar with the code. Better yet, the whole 'going over to a newer engine' is going to make the team working behind it go over the code. Everyone's that touched it has said that it's spaghetti and whack. If I'm not wrong, LO's aim is to re-write the game for it to be improvable later. They currently seem to be working on getting the game on a newer engine, so it may live further. Whether they're re-doing mechanics that turn shit when ported over now or when they work on getting it to UE4, we can only really start asking and judging after the process. When I ask to give this time, I ask to actually give it time. I understand the impatience, but no one can really judge right now. Any input given now can still be accounted at some point. It may not be now, but maybe the reason they're not responding to your requests is because they're quite not yet at the stage where they could afford to make efforts on the current base.
  2. I guess there's some unclear things around, but it did not have any mention on fixing any spawns in the gun game or fixing issues with the gun game itself - People outside of the zone can shoot those who go inside and remain gray, or you being spawned either inside and getting killed by outsiders or spawn far outside and take your time getting there. Has that been fixed to this patch or would that be next patch?
  3. Pufty

    Updates on APB development progress

    Here's my ramble about territories Here's ramble about the clan panel All of these are just personal taste suggestions. I'm still interested in - Would future APB present actual car races (given that vehicle controls get fixed/changed and upgrades would land more impact for vehicle performance). - Would future APB give animation more love and give AI bit more love? I feel like for the time, it was enough, but for me it feels like a sandbox shooter where criminals and enforcers are just above all law, than a town that is filled with chaos. I guess I want to see the feeling where you're actually just a bug in the city making noise, than just being fuck-all careless. - Would future APB's shooting change? Would it be played around with new missions where just shooting the enemy isn't the only thing that is necessary or it would be re-done? I don't know whether LO can answer these yet, but I am still curious.
  4. That takes time. I'll have to repeat my assumption - LO Can't add when there's too much to break. LO needs to progress with engine upgrades to be able to add to it, but for now they need to fill the time in between. And to Matt - Your openness sometimes scares me. It's neat that you keep addressing these things with what you have, so to you I wish only endurance. Still, this wouldn't change that one side isn't satisfied. I have a really neat reference meme here - Patience is key.
  5. Pufty

    Dear Little Orbit

    Great stunt to busy up some people. Saw some great Left and Right performance, but a lot of 'grey area' people still get shunned in to one side or the other. Everyone has already brought this point - Patience. There will always be something to complain or praise about. What I think of the game Overall - It'd be difficult and taxing to create/fix something that is broken and is even getting support dropped from(engine). Going over to 3.5 would give a chance to tackle internal game issues. Everyone's seen the Add 1+, break -2 theme going in APB, so everyone should understand that this is not some modern-day title with modern-day knowledge applied in programming. This leads me to believe that it'd be difficult to add things currently requested by the community and simply carry on with moving over to updated Unreal engines. The harm then is that there's nowhere to go from there whilst they/we wait, so instead LO has used this spacious time to upgrade other parts and look for general improvement. The website will help in the long-run, when everyone is familiar whilst the game is put on a newer engine. The changes now can still be applied to the future, but some changes may be too much in the current field and state of the game. Seriously, I envy the guts to take this challenge that is the mess of APB and FE. (This is how I see it) OP has a lot of time to be replying in such paragraphs or he prioritised This over other things. The shortest way I could say this is - Relax and wait. You are too invested in the argument and will not succeed with the point you are trying to make. Everyone can see for themselves and judge what LO is doing. Some, unfortunately, sometimes get miss-informed and still argue, but most could agree that you need patience.
  6. Thanks for the giggle. I won't repeat what everyone has obviously pointed out already, but I disagree with this post. If you don't have a decently structured discussion to bring out, maybe take some time to create structure.
  7. This warmed up my cold heart a little bit.
  8. Ueh, I guess I can put in my stuff.
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    [Forum] Request your title here!

    " Shoot first, question later "
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    APB = Pay2Win

    This has been going for ages. WHY is this still relevant? The main reason you might feel P2W, the enemy team has fancier reskins than you and have played the game a lot longer than you. They have found weapons that compliment their playstyle and use it better than you. You may feel disadvantaged when the enemy team is Coordinated and you appear to be placed with complete randoms on the same skill level as you, doing your own thing and utterly failing. There are many factors that can change the outcome of the game, but the MAIN BIG ONE is - You just suck. And sucking also has many factors to it - General feel of the aim. Understanding the enemy arsenal to remind yourself how close/far you can stay safe from the enemies deadly fire. Feel of the recoil for the weapon of choice. Game-awareness and predictions. Sounds, though misleading, help a bunch. Understanding for the game-physics... There may be more that I don't know of. Please shut up about this topic!
  11. When did they improve the graphics? Is this the so-called engine upgrade?
  12. It isn't cheating, but it is a problem, flaw or abuse of a flaw. It wasn't intended in the game, but right now that's an assumption. Guessing we can't really ask realtime worlds about whether it was intended, LO has to make the decision. I will be on the agree-ing side of fixing it, because a lot of people come to an disadvantage and when questioned, the abuser usually keeps silent of how he does it. It's fairly obvious from my point of view, but a lot of new players are having a hard time out there right now Playing the Game. Meanwhile we're here arguing about the legitimacy? I say, fix it. It comes in strong relation with macros and it was not intended in the game. Why would the programmers go thorough the hassle of creating shooting patterns and mechanics anyway then?
  13. I must point out how dense you are - You are quite dense. If you would have involved yourself in at least one another discussion about this topic, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't be here. Maybe you just read the OP and didn't bother going in the comments. You don't bother doing any research at all, I believe. You are wronged by so many people, but you waste your time answering and defending your argument. Insecure with a lot of time on your hands! Here is a quick answer to everything - They will unban most cases that seem to be overruled by force and little evidence. A lot of cases may be unfair and in some cases some scammers might get free, but right after there is another trap waiting for them. BattleEye will take care of the cheater problem. Payment model for the game is also in the works to work around scammers. These changes are made periodacally to improve the overall quality of the game. There are a lot more steps afterwards, all there is asked is your time. Just do some digging yourself and next time be more careful, aware, thoughtful.