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  1. Would u list out the weapons and declare what stars are them? I'll start for you... Main weapon: Ursus 7: ******************************************************************************* Unlimited Stars (No explosive weapon allowed) Secondary: Nano: ******************************************************************************* Unlimited Stars (No explosive weapon allowed) Nades: Percs *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Infinite cum Unlimited Stars (Uninstall APB) Concs ************************************************************************************* Unlimited Stars (No explosive weapon allowed) Please continue the list so the admins can have a better framework to work with... You're inspirational. Hope to see progress here. Cheers! May i also add: Todesklinge + 2012 + ability to type = mY sKiLL iS HiGhER THaN aVERage = broken unbalanced. thanks.
  2. i am very curious that u complain about low yields, pmg/ntec and pioneer/vegas. what do u use then? nl9? with cisco? u are complaining about the best guns and vehicles that are available for FREE in the game tho. join any other game and naturally people will be using the best items they can find. it is ur prerogative to use other guns than ntec/pmg or vehicles other than pioneer/vegas, but that doesn't make those who are using those items, "tryhards". i do not necessarily agree with the need to run with an item just to win a mission, but if it works and people are desperate for that win then so be it.
  3. sense the joke bro. now i shall abstain from commenting on a 6 year player being silver and probably in bronze district.
  4. i used to main on Colby only to switch over to main on Han when Han was in Singapore. Now Han is vapourised and i have to deal with 300ms instead of 50ms? ....................... i got played .............. so bad
  5. What I find funny is how people are picking the Shredder to complain about. It's like they don't worry about a JG 2-shotting them when like 3 pellets hit from each shell. Come on... just stop pls
  6. well would u agree that if u and ur opponent are hypothetically equal skilled, u would have to put in more effort to beat the opponent who is using the jg? i never really fancied the csg due to its tighter spread and lower hard damage. The buff to the jg (alongside with its already larger spread) makes it way too forgiving. I myself have done 2 shots kill at ranges that were never possible before.
  7. not gonna judge u for a 255 using hvr, pdw and percs against silvers and green but yeah something definitely wrong with the green player since ur crosshair didnt even turn red so yeah it should be some client side issue with the green player. im just talking out of my arse i know nothing technical.
  8. i thought i was the only one feeling the upgrade but heh
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