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  1. I think it would greatly help the beginning player experience if they were able to play around with the higher tier mods more easily. Car surfer can be one of the most game changing mission mods, and locking it behind such a large rank requirement seems kinda arbitrary. I think they should lower it to either 100 or 150, and allow them to be purchased at a higher price from contacts or the marketplace.
  2. I think this could be really cool if it allowed for you to check the daily challenges for the final contact, and would alert you if the quest for a NANO popped up. I would sign up for that LOL.
  3. its just that the long time frame for the grind i.e 500hr+ to get to lvl 195 for a newbie is far too discouraging for new players that would like to see progress every hour. To feel that every night they made noticeable efforts to lvl up. I have a lvl 131 and i feel like im wasting my time every night to have no progress whatsoever. I see no downside to halving the grind time to 195 or even 255. Especially when the expectation is that more levels will be added.
  4. yeah like this game should speed up the grind from 1-195. this lets more people get to the "endgame" where the game is alot more fun.
  5. Is there a reason that the grind for this game's character levels are so long? Does it serve a legitimate purpose other than to limit the player base only to hard core players? It seems that premium is necessary to feel any sense of progression what so ever. reducing the grind and increasing the content may make it easier to convert new players, i.e warframe.
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