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  1. klklklkl

    Suggestions as CBT

    I'm taking about the future . Not for now
  2. klklklkl

    Suggestions as CBT

    Agreed. Btw there are not as many on Citadel aswell
  3. klklklkl

    Suggestions as CBT

    Dear Apb ' little orbit ', and community. Some things you might do that can make gameplay amazing for every1. 1. A good advertising is the most important thing!!! I barely ( to be honest -NEVER saw any articles or forum's discussions about APB. 2. I would like to see a new map, but first of all the basic should be updated and only after the EXTRAS.. 3. I've heard of an Anti Cheat System coming soon. Played hours lately and pretty much on every server there are cheaters. 4. Less Financial and Waterfront servers. Perhaps make 1 or 2 for bronze/silver( and forbid golds to get in. And 1 or 2 others for silvers/golds. 5. Matchmaking pretty sucks. Not a problem for me, but for Newbies it sure does. 6. Adding another Rank like Platinum could be highly awesome for experienced players. 7. Market weapons and stuff are pretty expensive. Besides JK boxes are 0.0001% chanced.( and power boxes are bugged with 100jk point each ) instead of any other drop. If I come out with other stuff I'll make another one. These suggestions came to me as I opened the thread. Thx and good luck.
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