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  1. Wow, you’re telling me that you figured out that the game that has gone nowhere for the past 10 years and been through 3 different companies still isn’t going anywhere? You must be a fucking genius, why don’t you fucking play something else you loser this game is garbage and in its worst state in years.
  2. Hello? Anybody there? Support is nonexistent, engine upgrade has a better chance of coming out before I get a response to my ticket.
  3. Umm cause I know people who are hacking and only received a 3 day ban?
  4. Why are bans for hacking only 3 days and not permanent?
  5. This was a garbage patch. You ruined IR3 and shotguns are broken, nerfed everygun but left pointman OCA manz to be OP? Good weapon balance please never touch the guns in this game again if you have no experience with the game.
  6. There were a couple ff banned accounts that became bugged after they started doing the Punkbuster unbans in late 2016. These accounts became accessible to login to but if they tried to join any district they would get kicked by FairFight. There was also another issue where at times FairFight was disabled accidentally and any of these bugged accounts became fully accessible while FairFight was disabled. I know a couple people who’s account had this bug and can now play on their accounts again and I play on Jericho. My guess is that FairFight is either not working properly on Jericho or is just completely disabled giving these players access to their accounts again. (Side Note) Don’t know if this is really relevant but as far as I know all of the accounts that had this issue were banned in 2014 so my guess is that they were manual bans from our previous CM that were put under FairFight, not going to name names but a certain player’s account who got banned for sniping summit 4 years ago and got manually banned by Tiggs under FairFight got unbanned from this bug.
  7. Your depiction of what players do on this game is very inaccurate. You're suggesting that when there are 450 players online they're literally all doing missions and only 43 people are in social and you don't even include fight club so that just goes to show you have no idea what you're talking about. In what world do you live in that with 450 players online there are 2 full bronze and silver waterfront and financial? You clearly don't understand that lower district population DIRECTLY effects matchmaking, the less players in the pool to match you in the longer it's going to take to get a game. You're only going off of a best case scenario, who's to say those 120 players left aren't going to join the bronze district or go to social or play fight club? Jericho currently has 514 players online and would you look at that? not a single full district but with your scenario we would have 2 full silver districts and would you look at that? There would be no other option for me to join so what would I have to do? I would have to spam into one of those full district, but if the districts were instead 50/50 I wouldn't even have to wait, I could just join either one of the districts. Your representation is very unrealistic.
  8. Do you even understand what you are saying? Where did you get this extra 35 from? 50 is bigger than 35 you know. There is literally 0 benefit from going down in district population so idk why you're even arguing it.
  9. That doesn't fix anything, you're suggesting people spam into different districts if they don't get opp in the ones their in now. The districts will fill if there is a population to support it, lowering the pop wouldn't fix anything you can be in a full 30/30 district and never get opp and when you do get opp you'll only get the same players.
  10. The problem with lowering the district population is that you have less options in terms of players to be placed against. Yesterday playing in a full 40/40 district I still had to wait upwards of 10 minutes just to get opposition, so i have to disagree with you about lowering the pop. Yeah higher player base is essential to have when raising districts back to 50/50 but it's something that can be achieved with at least 700 players on the game because that's how it was before.
  11. Will districts go back to being 50/50 or at least 45/45? Please and thank you
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