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  1. Bypass the launcher for apb by running apb exe. If you press start on launcher it resets. Or use advanced launcher and youre good
  2. Lixil again in this thread has told us the ITs already scanned gm commands which iz not hard to bring a report up, i made my own lfd2 servers to admin abuse them ingame when i was trolly back when, so first hand i know shes telling the truth, not only that but shes offering proof so why all the hate on gms???
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thats why everyone was blaming non existant (yet) volunteers about having gm powers (which lixil said would not have any kind of powers btw) abuse ingame. Hmmmm
  4. People lie all the time that's why the truth is so hard to believe for most.
  5. Selective hearing at its finest. Right cookie? :3
  6. 20 posts a minute. Was prolly an accident. Im sure your common sense could figure that one out
  7. Oh i can imagine LO bought a dying game to gm abuse in it, not save it or fix it right guies????? Rightt??? Cus that makes more sense than a hacker or a cheater getting caught on stream to cover thier patootie. This community should have been supporting clinton. She might have actually gotten away with it for as much bs everyone likes to spread
  8. Sounds like more truth then a non existing volunteer doing this lhh
  9. Did you know the creator of weather forcast has already talked about this. The government only funded scientists that would prove thier theory on global warming. Not disprove it, they were bought and paid for. Fun fact -volcanic eruptions put more pollution in the atmosphere then we humans can in 8 years. And thats just 1 eruption. I think you need to view where you gather your information snowflake.
  10. What Tobi is actually showing is a video from 2 years ago of somebody warping not a current video of a speed hack so therefore he has no clue what is available in the hacking world. Stay woke people!!!! #beatheFuddd - i belive the streamer who has an Actual CURRENT stream of it before anyone else who wants to add bogus replys
  11. Published june 5 2016. Sounds like a current speed hack to me. >,> jesus. <-- eyeroll btw
  12. When everyone belives speculation to be fact. Thats why hilary almost won..why people belive in global warming, and why trump had ties with russia. Yet it is all fake
  13. Apparently you dont read fourms, nobody is a volunteer until lixil has the application fourm topic up which i have not seen. So to assume anything other then whats been told causes people to be mislead and inturn giving a bad name to lo. Just stop
  14. Cus volunteer gms have the option to gmode a game. Listen to yourself -.-
  15. Wow what a troll post. Really a refund on what exactly? You cant put orbit on the line for what g1 did with prices which you accepted when you bought g1c. Hell if it worked that way i could refund getting hep-b
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