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  1. My kid is grow up already, where this freaking engine? Still come? Jesus Christ.
  2. I see on youtube like some freak use reshade to see through the smoke, I think EAC must ban for this things.
  3. Unbalanced matches = nothing to do in this game.
  4. UrsulaRex

    bring beacon back

    Bring back my youth.
  5. Because we living in the Age of Barbarians!)
  6. We are ruined this game. And what can save us now, nobody need it. lO is buisiness company they are need money, but they do only trash, now we entertaining ouerselfes how we can.
  7. What? Just some fckng stretched image, is all your problem?) Man, dont mess with people.
  8. Cose "only read" here everywhere, I cant take this game serious enymore.)
  9. So, they think about how better grab your money, instead of fixing the game. What a nice devs.
  10. Lol, Im not update my PC, Im just update drivers, and now have 7 day trade lock, now Im goin back to GTA Online on 7 days, maybe more, jeezz, this game with LO start to be worse and worse, first this stupid weapon balance, now this genius trade lock, damn man wtf you doing.
  11. New 3/5.Oz engine its just a dream.) LO actualy do nothing, rank/threat problem not solve, they not do any event, no bring Beacon back, no interesting things, price in armas stil high. Lets waiting more and more, when Matt Scot start to action.) We will smoke and drink beer in social, cose in this game simple nothing to do. Or, lets add some alert system in there, and start to shoot in social, LO you gotta do somthn.)))
  12. Why this game dying? Cos LO inject they sadomasohistic balance, now bronze distr full of golds Rambos jump around like a monkey with shotgun and kill silver and bronze noobs for 1sec, may be LO APB must look like this,) they do bad things for this game and people leave. Stop lick LO patootie.
  13. They think all they do is good and nothing need to change.) They add My God "Prototype" distr to continue they violent experiments with weapons. So expect more worse things.
  14. Cmon LO, many people dont care about OTW or what ever its call. Nobody ask about hells shotgun buff. Please made a litle hot fix to return it to they normal state. Cose it cancer. And then continue your top secret development research.
  15. And no shotgun fix yet, wtf? And more prototype areas, to ruin more weapons, no thanx.
  16. You know, too much champagne to fix shotguns.
  17. The Chronicle of pain: RTW - Fall of Golden Empire G1 - Age of Decadance LO - Medival Dark Times
  18. Noticed that there are a lot of Russians in this game, because its low quality is what people in Russia have long become accustomed to, low quality of life and deception of leadership, everything is like in this game.)
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