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  1. Who post this thread, Fantomas? You can talk whatever you want, they continue balance weapon, and now I start to think, they do this, cause they can't do anything more serious in this game.) But they need to create the appearance of working on the game, so prepare your patootie, balance weapons in this year, will be long and without petroleum jelly.) Between this they will tell you tales and myths about the new hyperborean engine.
  2. Nice topic, this devs from LO, must read stuff like this every time when they are here.) Stop destroy this game. Last thing what this game are need is new balans of weapons. And new freaking boxes no need too.
  3. Some days ago, I think about buying some new perm gun and few skins, and go again in FC raids every evening, like in old times. But this mad devs from LO roll they frankinstain weapon patch. And now I dont want play in a FC anymore, cose everybody kill each other from shotguns from any distance for half sec, lol and its start to be real boring and annoying. This game is not GTA, there is no other content except pvp, the balance of weapons is sacred, why they start manipulate it, I do not understand. Of course, I will not leave the game at once, I do not want to drop a character, the level and the money spent, I'll just hang around the social dist and scratch my balls. Well, the new players who came and looked at this mess all turn around and leave immediately, what the developers think are rolling out such hardcore patches. This why people will be leave. The game has more important problems, or is not ? Sorry for my super english.)
  4. Don't throw your rotten tomatoes. But this hyped gun look to ugly and cheap for "The Legendary".
  5. Just wait for you Euryael, you won't regret it.)
  6. The shotgun did not need a buff. LO like a diletant make change in a weapon stats, take numbers from the sky and make it alive, who say, that this changes is must be so necessary? Are they do it good for a players? Just go to FC and see this shotgun f*ck fest. Its looks sick. Servers lag and freez like never before. They GM jump around and tell to everybody is cool. Thats state of APB.
  7. APB long live! or no?) Are this Armas manipulation save us?
  8. For example, I do not really want to spend any more money in this game, until I see in it really new content, and a serious attitude to the things of the new game owners. Cose now this game some kind of trash.
  9. I've seen too many asses in all these years in this game. Sometimes it seems that there are too many sexually anxious people in this game. But this can be experienced, and it becomes clear that the person has in mind.)
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