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  1. I see on youtube like some freak use reshade to see through the smoke, I think EAC must ban for this things.
  2. Unbalanced matches = nothing to do in this game.
  3. UrsulaRex

    bring beacon back

    Bring back my youth.
  4. Because we living in the Age of Barbarians!)
  5. We are ruined this game. And what can save us now, nobody need it. lO is buisiness company they are need money, but they do only trash, now we entertaining ouerselfes how we can.
  6. What? Just some fckng stretched image, is all your problem?) Man, dont mess with people.
  7. Cose "only read" here everywhere, I cant take this game serious enymore.)
  8. So, they think about how better grab your money, instead of fixing the game. What a nice devs.
  9. Lol, Im not update my PC, Im just update drivers, and now have 7 day trade lock, now Im goin back to GTA Online on 7 days, maybe more, jeezz, this game with LO start to be worse and worse, first this stupid weapon balance, now this genius trade lock, damn man wtf you doing.
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