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  1. This gives me "telling a joke to your parents and then getting a passive aggressive life lesson out of it" vibes
  2. Well I'm kind of thinking now cause i got hacked and i lost my money and my guns... Sucks and discouraged me ..apart from the obvious game problems
  3. Remember why you play the game .To have a good time and because you like it , not the threat . It's really a mindset thing, but I'm sure there are guides online in gaming in general about this issue (ranked etc)
  4. First thing i did,thank you!I don't have my hopes up,but when you have missed a game and want to start again,seeing this as soon as you log in is a real turn off
  5. Didn't know that...i actually didn't.I changed it now though i guess too late
  6. I log in to the game after months and what do i see?Millions of gold gone and my legendary nano gone ...contacted support but we all know what's up with that.Have you had experience like that before?Should i change my passwords and pray for the best?Have you ever had your stuff restored?
  7. That's nice!Unfortunately i sold my growl.
  8. I voted unsure/don't know because i haven't played in a while and haven't really noticed this.But imo games shouldn't have reactionary last chance savior items (with a few exceptions like potions and leaps on cooldowns) .I am kind of split on this.Maybe a rework wouldn't hurt.
  9. All Russians hack and that is a scientific fact.
  10. You don't have a problem if you have a ling that goes from 999+ to 1024 (it hurts haha)
  11. Because all these battle royales that the masses play have great gun game ... I don't think the problem is with headshots,i mean look at overwatch ,there are headshots there but still many left for other games like paladins where the game is just about who aims better which gets boring and annoying fast(and i play ow). The point is that apb needs to fix the core issues that plague the game which are the main reasons people leave. I haven't heard too many complains over gun play,even the opposite i think it's quite different from what we are used to the past years. Thats just my opnion ofc
  12. So?There don't have to be rares in every game.Why limit something?Espcially in apb where the population is not big enough to support the effectiveness of "exclusivity".
  13. Don't generally lose money when using oplg and explosives?Ammo is so expensive it's hard to make up for it.Especially if you use it in fight club.
  14. History definitely repeats its self , especially in APB
  15. Races Races RACES!! . . . The vehicle ones ,no racism pls
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