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  1. This gives me "telling a joke to your parents and then getting a passive aggressive life lesson out of it" vibes
  2. Well I'm kind of thinking now cause i got hacked and i lost my money and my guns... Sucks and discouraged me ..apart from the obvious game problems
  3. Remember why you play the game .To have a good time and because you like it , not the threat . It's really a mindset thing, but I'm sure there are guides online in gaming in general about this issue (ranked etc)
  4. First thing i did,thank you!I don't have my hopes up,but when you have missed a game and want to start again,seeing this as soon as you log in is a real turn off
  5. Didn't know that...i actually didn't.I changed it now though i guess too late
  6. I log in to the game after months and what do i see?Millions of gold gone and my legendary nano gone ...contacted support but we all know what's up with that.Have you had experience like that before?Should i change my passwords and pray for the best?Have you ever had your stuff restored?
  7. That's nice!Unfortunately i sold my growl.
  8. I voted unsure/don't know because i haven't played in a while and haven't really noticed this.But imo games shouldn't have reactionary last chance savior items (with a few exceptions like potions and leaps on cooldowns) .I am kind of split on this.Maybe a rework wouldn't hurt.
  9. All Russians hack and that is a scientific fact.
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