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Found 12 results

  1. ApbMrK

    Threat rebalance!

    Hello everyone! I've read 2023 roadmap and didn't notice anything about threat rebalance in queueing and matchmaking section of it, but i feel like it has to be changed too. In general threat system seems to work fine, bronze players are not as good as silver, and silvers are not as good as golds. But! 1. A lot of gold players are too different when it comes to their skill lvl. 2. There is a lot of people that are in the "low golds - high silvers" category. 3. There is a whole threat is the game that almost is not being used - Green. My suggestion is - higher all threat thresholds so that green threat is actually used, other than just being in the game for dethreating achievement purposes. And it will result in getting low golds to silver as well. It will probably lead to longer queueing, but imho its more fun to play 3 nicely balanced matches in an hour, that 5 uneven ones. I feel like the only ones losing from these rebalance are tryharding golds that are running around owning everyone with 15-0 kda. (which are probably not the ones that are going to donate and keep this game going with their money)
  2. Clarie

    Hide threat levels ?

    I'm not sure if there is already a topic or poll concerning to this, but wouldn't it be a valid option to remove the threat visibility entirely after the threat segregations has been removed ? cons: hostiles' skill level will be a little less predictable (even tho gold doesn't really say anything about the actual skill level) pros: no toxicity when it comes to threat anymore people might take care less about keeping their gold → less tryhard less frustration about unfair matches because you just can't see your teammates' threats anymore lol it opens new ways how the threat system is implemented (or at least make it easier) which might result in more precise matchmaking Inparticular the last one is pretty interesting. Imagine a threat system with more than 5 different threat levels. With invisible threats this should be easy to realize and also to adjust without to change all the symbols/colors and stuff.
  3. It'd be nice to have people get moved into the correct threat district when they get a new threat level in order to make the game more fun, it's getting increasingly more and more frustrating to play missions when every single one is up against a gold threat team on a bronze district. Today on four occasions half my team has quit or disconnected when they get faced with a team of full golds and i'm not having fun playing either. People should be forced into the correct districts so they don't ruin other's experience and make people potentially leave the game lowering the playerbase even further. I'm fine with waiting an extra 20 seconds for a mission as long as i'm up against a fair opposition.
  4. Segregating threat on Jericho just doesn't make sense. I understand that it may not always be fair to put the veteran players into the same matchmaking pool as a silver who has only played a week, but it still isnt working on NA. We do not have the population to support it. NA peeks at around 200 players on at a time(THIS POPULATION ONLY STAYS ON FOR MAYBE AN HOUR BEFORE IT LOWERS). EU is 600-800 depending on the day of the week. This is eu right now. 602 players. they can support being segregated. This is NA. 82. We CANNOT support being segregated. When threats were combined into same servers, NA had a waterfront and financial going for most the day at 40-40 or close to it. But now we are back to this cycle of financial for a week and then waterfront for maybe a day... and back to fin (I have only seen 40-40 maybe 3-4 times since we got segregation back). And lets just say you need waterfront and IT FINALLY POPULATES after like 2 weeks of you waiting. half your missions are going to look like this. (blacked out to avoid name and shame) Dethreating is back. i played for maybe 13 missions yesterday and i got around 6-7 dethreaters either on my team or the other team (separate missions). Today my first mission was a deathreater. Just put NA back to unsegregated. Its dying regardless. *edit* New players are going to quit regardless. they go to bronze, dethreaters slam them. they go into silver, they get farmed by a veteran player.
  5. Hello! Before and today I want to play in waterfront district (because I have progression contact only in waterfront), after 20-30 min. waiting - enemy's absent. I thought why? And I saw it. I have gold threat... My next actions: Exit from the game... :( I understand, these limits made for a long time ago, for those who all time cry on the forum... It's true and everyone knows it. But if this is a game with an anarchist meaning, then why are these artificial restrictions made for all players? I do not want to do like others players - to lower the threat (to silver) of deliberate mission losses. Sorry! English is not my native language.
  6. Before I begin. I love apb and everthing good that this game has to offer. Even tho I'm an old player (since 2013) I never played this game for too much. I play for week - two, for month and then I mostly leave it for a half of the year. I started playing more constantly since G1 been bought by LO and I never woud've write any of this since I know my opinion is just "add it to the pile" but I really want to talk about the stuff I'll adress. Okay, good to know, so what's your freaking problem? I'm not gonna adress all the optimization issues and matchmaking, simply because it's topic since ever, I guess. Yes, I think matchmaking should be reworked simply because 1gold,3 silvers VS 3 T-players match is complete and utter bullshoot, not to say 1 V 1 missions shouldn't exist at all. Optimization should be impoved and I know it's not coming until 3.5 atleast. While some of you not suffer from optimization, some of us do. I have a crappy laptop wich are giving me 40-50 FPS on max setting in APB with constant freezes, fps drops and crashes. But regardless if i'm playing on max setting or potato graphics using advanced launcher, low fps and freezes and crashes never leave. While it's really frustrating sometimes, I'm still dealing with dying because of freezes and with drops to 5 frames per second because somebody uses LMG or NFAS. I deal with all this stuff because there's no other way for me to play this game. But this is not what makes me really upset, this is not what makes me wanna quit the game. Guess you can really imagine now that APB is something special for me same as for all of us, I guess. What really makes me wanna quit the game is a threat system. I'm between regular silver player and superiorly good gold player. I can't play on silver bronze because in most of the cases I will get gold. I can't play on silver simply because i'm not that good. I'm tired of getting demolished, tired of doing my best just to instantly die. I want to enjoy the game, I want to just chill and relax not to get a depression because 9\10 matches I'm just being raped and teared to pieces. And if you're reading this and thinking "just get gud lul", just stop reading and leave. Silver district is punishment for me, for being too good for regular silver. I don't want to dethreat, why do I have to always dethreating to enjoy this game? I want players who are +- level of my skill. I want fair fights, I want to win, I want to lose, I want to have fun, I want to enjoy the damn game. For all this years of APB existence it wasn't really a problem since I wasn't that good to be gold and most of dethreaters were better than me, even tho I was dethreating from time to time myself. I hated dethreaters, I was sreaming in my mind "go to silver server for god's sake!". Not as I'm a bit better, when I play on silver I'm simply happy to see dethreaters (don't get me wrong, deathreating is not right, but now I understand why most of dethreaters doing this), because I know, that even they still can kick my patootie, I'm not that worse than they're, meaning there's a change i'll have a fair and fun game. When i'm playing on silver 4\5 matches look like this. My team: 3-4 players R30-100, golds, most of the cases 1-2 silvers. Enemy team: 2-4 players R200-255, in most of the cases same clan. And score 1/10, 3/15, 3/13 ect while enemy team just feasting on our agony with their 20\1 10\1 KDs. I can't predict every enemy move, I can't land my every hit with 100% accuracy, I can't throw a granade with perfect timing always hitting my target. I can't shot with N-tec like it's a laser rifle and got no bloom with TTK of 0.7 second while being 50m away, I can't land every shotgun hit while dodging all the bullets and outshot sniper with carbine on the distance when the game simply stops rendering players. Sure there was a fair matches in silver district, but why do I have to gamble everytime I press K for that 20% chance of fair and fun game. I met a guy I I became friends who happened to play APB in the past. He haven't played more than 100h hours because of the "unfair matchmaking and P2W guns" but I teached him to play the game, told him about it's not the guns, but the way you play and pick your loadout. He finally had fun with the game, untill he got gold. Now he doesn't want to play since it's unplayalbe for us in silver district and not everybody wants to spend time dying to dethreat. I know that @MattScott and LO overall knows that matchmaking should be fixed and I know that it's not coming until engine upgrade. But what I think is also should be mentioned and worked on is threat system. You simply cannot devide players into Silver and Gold. Specially in game like APB where skill plays a big role and a lot of people have different level of skills. I don't have to struggle to play the game only because I'm too good for silver and too bad for gold. Imagine games like R6 and CSGO having only bronze, silver and gold. (I don't want to talk about bronze cause if you're still bronze after 10 hours of missions, then you probably need 10 seconds of brain processing information to start shooting a standing enemy). You have to add more levels of threats, atleasts 6, shit, even 5 would be better! Why golds who are just better than regular silvers should play against players with years of non-stop playing and skill of an enormous level. This and broken matchmaking (plus a lot of other reasons) is why noone stays in this game. I love the game, but if I simply can not enjoy it, what's the point? Honestly this is first time when i'm having such a bad time with the game, and reason I haven't left yet only because I love APB and times when it can be fun game, besides APB has so much potential and you know there's no other game like APB. It drags me back, I can not leave, I don't want it to die, not yet, not until there's no better successor. My opinion on future of APB. While i'm still here might as well adress my thoughts on APB future and LO decisions as well as few suggestions on improving overall experience for players, specially new comers. First of all I want to thank @MattScott and LO staff for keeping the game alive. I understand that different people work on different stuff, not every LO employee have a knowledge of C++ and OPP required to work with engine not to mention time needed to figure out how APB works. (people sure really understand this). While I think APB is sure need content and RIOT is not a bad thing (if done right, can be super enjoyable) I feel like doing it separately from game engine is might be mistake. This is why: Most of people doesn't want to play game untill new EU and even if they return for new content they may just leave pretty fast since apb didn't change much. If you'd let your people work on new content and game engine and then fixing all major problems (perfomance, matchmaking) and release it all together I honestly think it woud've brought more old players and created an opportunity to advertise the game to people who never heard of it or heard of it's being not really a good game, create a whole "we turned apb into a new experience/made an new content and improved game/ or even apb2" thing making it interesting for more people. I feel like APB need a fresh start. Some of my thoughts how to make the game more friendly for newcomers and making them want to stay. Overall I think APB as it right now is not the game that everyone can enjoy for reason listed lots of times. Also please consider all already said major issues. 1) Refer-a-friend system. I know it's been abused in the past, but after all it's might have brought some players too. And even if it's abused, meaning people gonna spend time on APB getting those rewards and later stay in the game to enjoy and play with those rewards. I think it should be brought back. 2) Tutorial. Tutorial as it is i think it's something players ignore mostly, even i back in the day didn't know it's existed. You need to create a special level or mission where players must go over all basics of the game including how to use chat channels and customization. 3) Make the game more rewarding. Game is very grindy and not everyone are get along with it. Add rewards, add perma guns selectors through contracts. For example STAR LRC isn't that popular and even got removed from armas, why can't you then add it as something you can get from contracts? But anyway, I think this is something that deserves it's own topic. In general we all want APB to a better game we all can enjoy. Thank you for your time.
  7. I don’t remember if there was a system like this or there is now honestly. But i’d like to share my ideas about reducing rewards of unmatched threat-district player. For example you will get 50% money and standing reward as silver player in bronze district. In silver district they will get what they should have. Maybe +% reward in gold district?(Might be abused) So what about gold players in bronze district? They should get 0% money and standing reward. In silver district 50% etc... One more idea from me about threats: How about weekly change threats instead of changing instantly after a mission? This system would find real threats of players who will enjoy at their districts and decrease dethreaters’ number because of time period imo. And maybe get some reward as higher as your threats weekly like fight club challenges to encourage players upthreat.
  8. Hello, i used to play APB Reloaded 5 years ago and came back when I've heard that there are new owners for GamersFirst which might listen and try to really improve the game so more people will come and join APB Reloaded (My fav game of all times btw) i'm really hoping a mod or a dev will see my suggestions here and tell me what they think about it. First suggestion, i thought of, new threat ranks. Most games have more than just "Bronze, Silver, Gold" ranks. What makes people to fight harder play more smarter and enjoy new ranks. I suggest to add 2 more colors to the rank which will make people play more and better. Bronze < Silver < Gold < Platinum < Diamond (or even 1 more) This aswell might help the matchmaking and bring more players to the game. Second suggestion, new district with new content a Co-Op district where Enforcers and Crimes can join together to fight against common threat. Like zombies or other enemy, this new content and option will probably help and make a lot of new players to join the game and enjoy more and new content. Third suggestion, Team Leadership vote and Team player kick vote. A command that you write down send and starts a vote for team leadership. The game currently choosing team leaders in missions automatically, and sometimes these leaders go afk and makes you lose or won't kick a player who is team killing or doing other bad stuff that interrupts the mission. The leader won't need to wait for a player to make a bad move and then to only have the chance to kick, it should be a vote that can only be started by the team leader. Then all other members of the team will vote yes or no to kick that person. That is fair enough i would say. I would suggest another vote option: Lets say you think someone is hacking, and their teammates also might think that, i suggest a vote that anyone can start which shows up both for your team and the opposition team and lets both sides to decide if this player should be kicked or not. Kick reasons would have to be chosen and show for everyone: Hacking / Exploiting / Flamming / Spamming etc'... Please read it carefully and reply your thoughts. It would be much appreciated to know what you guys think of this.
  9. Regarding the current matchmaking issue. Would it be a good idea to remove the Advance tab in district selection and let the game choose a district for you with people of equal threat? I am not very familiar with how the threat level works but from what I know, there is a number behind that color(a skill number, MMR). The game can use that to put you in a district with equal or similar skilled players. And if that's not enough it could take into account even district pop or the gap between the lowest skilled player in that district and the highest. Edit: Friends can still join each other through the Group&Friend tab.
  10. Way back in the day when GamersFirst acquired APB and made it into APB Reloaded, myself and many others who were/are passionate about this game due to its unique gameplay experience, worked on a lot of feedback (some going above and beyond in terms of effort). Unfortunately almost all of that feedback was ignored and we realized G1 had seemingly no real interest in improving the game, only trying to wring as much $$$ out of it as possible. I'm hoping Little Orbit is different. Sure, LO has to make $$, I get that, but I hope they are committed to breathing life into APB in order to make it last. It will be beneficial to both the players and subsequently themselves in the long run. Here are is a list, mostly off the top of my head, of things that if fixed/changed, should greatly improve the overall quality of the game: <<< Additions >>> Ability to see secondary weapons / grenades on score screen, possibly without revealing mods Ability to put a resupply box (consumable) in the trunk of a vehicle and resupply from the trunk area (similar to the vehicle mod Mobile Supply Unit) Better friends list akin to modern games (friend request, account-wide adding, etc...) Bring the district caps back up to 100 (50 and 50) -- Possibly higher OR implement some sort of cross-district matchmaking (sort of how WoW's phasing system works) High res setting for primitives Loose ping restrictions -- Boot players out of the district if their ping exceeds 350 for x minutes maybe Make "non-meta" vehicles viable --> Give vehicles bonuses to certain mods (Han Veo = radar range, Ceresco = % bonus to the cargo expander, etc...) Mission-length replay (very similar to the replay systems of PUBG and Fortnite) Permissions system: Allow us to set permissions on our creations be they clothing or otherwise so other people can modify what they buy or obtain from other players Return our precious bullet tracer effect (with optional toggle inside the options menu!) Weapon/equipment loadouts with save slots (this might make some weapon switching unfairly quick? idk!) <<< Quality of Life >>> Ability to join a queue for full districts Account-wide storage (Sending legendaries or mods to other characters on the same account is tedious as hell) Account-wide currency ($$ & JT) Add a delay/invulnerability when switching to a stage that involves takeouts Allow players to attach multiple items to an in-game mail Better weapon sorting (Would love things to be alphabetical right now, but I'm sure the whole interface could use a revamp) Change how yellow mods work: Either make them unlimited (no cap) or when you hit the cap, stop receiving extras (mail spam) Consistency, consistency, consistency! One of my biggest gripes with the game since my first day back in 2011. Sometimes I have to aim behind people to 'hit' them, other times I can shoot where their actual player model is. Also this sort of ties in with inaccurate cross-hairs and client-side blood splats / hit-markers Dampen the sounds of people outside of your current mission slightly + have an option to 'mute' out of mission players (voip only) Different color 'tie' score screen (Green is currently shown for a win and a tie) Eliminate client-side hit markets / blood splatters and other things that can mislead players Ensure weapon reticles and such reflect a true accuracy Fix certain fence walls being unable to be shot through Fix certain map geometry to prevent seeing/shooting through Fix LOD on map geometry (certain walls, etc... disappear at strange ranges) Fix objectives (vehicles) in vehicle delivery missions from exploding in certain areas when you enter their vicinity -- Cant remember the mission name(s) but I run into this often in Financial around Fix progress on a point carrying over to another mission (Example: A break-in door objective that had progress on it but was never completed will have the same progress for whomever has their objective at the same door later on) Fix that one vehicle spawn in Waterfront that spawns vehicles facing the wall Fix the game volume / VOIP -- Currently you need to turn your in-game volume to max and then turn APB down in windows in order to have both sound and the ability to hear others decently on VOIP. Fix vehicle spawn areas so that, no matter the size, two vehicles can always spawn side by side Gas Can 4 has had a loose vertex forever which results in it 'exploding' during animation/use Item jump/drop 'trick' -- This was fixed for heavy items years ago but not for medium items. In lieu of this 'feature' give a player carrying a medium / heavy item x% more HP (only while holding said item). Make out-of-mission vehicles have 0 collision aka 'ghost' for people inside the mission but ONLY WITHIN x RADIUS OF AN OBJECTIVE Make sprinting 'always on' by default (auto sprint) -- There is little to no reason to ever not sprint in APB Minimize 'cheap' hold areas and other supreme choke zones by adding more ways to reach certain areas (There was an excellent thread with pictures on the APB forums years and years ago about this) More control over our settings in-game to remove the need for tools like Advanced APB launcher, shader edits, etc... More meaningful gun statistics (in-game) instead of the obscure bars we have now News / updates 'panel' on the login / character select screen to keep non-forum goers in the loop Only allow ammo/weapon switching at proper locations (ammo vendors / contacts / deployed ammo). Right now players are able to change weapons and such at mail boxes and car spawners which feels silly Remove the 'rocket protection' -- When you aim over a car, even if you have clearance, your rockets will shoot off to the side to 'save' you (this also affects grenades) Remove the various district specific compat files from the official game. There is no need and it causes problems. Remove weapon rank 16. It takes about the same amount of time to go from 1 to 15 as it does to go from 15 to 16. Quite an arduous grind! Revamp the tattoo system as it is easy to delete layers unintentionally, the layers are sorted backwards, etc... <<< Revisit >>> Contact vehicle unlocks -- Why would a new player use anything other than their starter car (1 slot with mobile spawner) when it takes a long time to grind up a 1 slot car? Differences between both factions (restricted spawners, vehicle types) Equip times on certain weapons (I'm looking at you Silver Nano) Gun preset mods -- Most preset guns you buy have awful mods for the modern era of APB (HB3 SHAW / HB3 Alig / Any shotguns with reflex sight / etc...) Kevlar Marketplace 20% tax Out-of-bounds system -- This needs some tweaks (several rooftops can still be exploited by crouching) as well as perhaps some slack for people goofing around outside of missions P5 / N5 -- Getting these in a mission usually causes the person doing good to lose the objective and can be very annoying. Ram raiding (does anyone do this for $$ anymore?) Spawn system -- This honestly used to be worse before elective spawning was introduced but it's still far from perfect. The biggest problem being people spawning down range of enemy snipers. Threat system (Though I'm not sure anything can be done to make things better given the # of people per district) TTK -- Some weapons, especially in CQC situations, can kill people before they can react and this seems a bit silly (Yukon is probably the worst offender) Tutorial district (or something similar) Two equipment slots are still locked Vehicle carry limit (Namely for the Vaquero and Mikro as they cant carry a heavy item without a special blue mod. This was done for ram raiding years ago, seem archaic now)
  11. I Saw Some Topics Try To Give Suggestions About Threat System, Its a Sure Threat System is a Mess Right Now, But I Think At Least For Now Our New Dev Team Should Focus On a Very Fast And Effective Way To Fix This Issue. im not Playing Game Since 2016, and Now Realy Have Hope for This Game to Come Back to Its Glory, And Wish Luck For Little Orbit To Revive APB. So My Idea And Suggesion About Threat Is This: When i Was Play, The Threat system was a Mess, and i Was Perfer To Play in FC, Than Silver District. Things Made this Threat system so bad imo are These: Golds Play in Silver District and No One Play in Gold Destrict, Because Few Years Ago, They Made this Change, And Made Threat System From Gold in Gold, Silver in Silver, to Gold in Silver, Silver in Bronze, And it Was a Realy Bad Idea. Now Golds Play in Silver District With Silver Players Who Have no Idea How To Play in Bronze District, it Make Life for Silver Players a Real Hell, and For Gold Players, i Can Say Like 75% of time i Had 1-2 Silver in My Team VS A Full Premade 255 TS Team, Match Making Was so Funny. So i Was Perfer to Play in Fight Club When i Was Play Alone, and Only Play in District With My Friends. (Premade VS Premade) In Bronze District, All Bronze Players Play There, And Silvers Have to Go There to Save their Asses From being Raped By Golds, Mean Now They Gonna Do Same To Bronze Players Who Just Joined The Game, And Make Them Quit Game, That's Also Horrible. Green District is Dead as Gold District Because Imposible to Get Green at All. So Changes Should be Made for First Phase At Least imo, is to Make it Like old Times, Gold in Gold, Silver in Silver, Bronze in Bronze. And Also Make it Much Harder to Get Higher Threat. So Golds Are Realy Golds. Not Like Some People Who Carried Up, or Smashed some Bronzes and Get Their Gold. i Think in This System, Golds Have Very Good Teams To Play In Their District, and Premades Dont Be Much Trouble, But Still It Should be Managed to Premades Match with Premades More Often. (TS is OP ^.^) Silvers Match With Silvers And Yes Few Golds Dethreat, And Should Taken Care some how, but atleast Better Than this Mess, And Silvers Will Be Fine And Can Learn From Golds, But Bronzes: Bronzes Can Finally Play Peacefully with Other Bronzes and Dont Get Raped Like now And Quit Game, This Make Player Base Grow aswell, Most of People i Get To APB in All of This Years, Quited Game after first Month, Just Because Got Raped in Bronze Destrict, And Had no Other Place to Run. Green Destrict Also Should be Revived For People Who Are Realy New. The Only Thing Here Make This Paradise Unrealestic. is Some People Try To Make New Accounts And Get to Lower Threat Districts. This is The Hardest Challenge to Deal With. Another Thing to Note. I Belive its A Good Idea to Threat Drop By Time, When You Dont Play For Few Mounths, And Get back to Game, You Are not Good as Before You Leave, Its Just Make Sense, That Threat Drop By Time. You Leave Game as Gold, Get back after Few Mounts, And You Are silver. Till you Warm Up You Get Gold Again. Thats My Suggestion, At Least For Now, Im Personally Love Threat System More Than Any Other Matchmaking System, Its Just Need to Be Optimized.
  12. Let's bring some concepts I want to share since I've been thinking of this ideas for a while already. The threat system as it is already have huge flaws that let the portion of the players in both ends of the rating spectrum out of having chances of decent match-making while also enabling every single player out there abuse this system in search of more advantageous matches in detriment of the overall gaming experience for everyone else, aka: dethreat. Here are some reads about what has been done in the past in APB so we can base our discussion with acknowledgment of these previous updates to the rating (threat) system: March 2011: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2011/03/missing-skill-ratings-and-thanks-to.html April 2014: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2013/04/settling-score-version-11.html I think of a few options that might work to improve matchmaking and ensure encouragement of players to play fair, be more competitive and get rewards accordingly to their effort and skills. Let's get into it: 1. Frequency-Playing-Based Rating. Let's say, as how the system currently works, that your rating is based in your last 50 matches. How is this affected if you were actually performing above the average but then you decide to skip objectives, avoid killing opponents and barely participating in a mission for a couple of days to game the system and get advantageous matches as result? Well, this is not new and it is basically how dethreating works and is being exploited, right? But in such cases, there is plenty of people performing decently who maybe doesn't play too often and stop playing for a couple of days/weeks or more and then they return and get matched against tough players when are still rusty and even worst, since there's a constant flow of new players joining and leaving the game the overall scale of ratings varies causing a need of rebalance threats on such players who might be returning after a while. Usually a player returning after a couple of weeks or months should have his rating measurements reset so maybe they should play at least 5 matches or something like that before the game sets back a proper rating for such player. Potential solution: Monthly (or weekly) Rating System: Every week or month the threat system is restarted in a way that, while keeping the current rating every player has reach folded back, it requires you to play at least 5 matches to determine if you stay in your current threat level or you need a calibration to go up or down your current rating for further match-making. During this neutral period your match-making is based exclusively in your win/lose ratio from the past 10 or 30 days or whatever these time periods are set, along with your K/D ratio from the same period so you fight against players with similar stats. Once you pass the 5 matches threshold it settles your rating and triggers the more complex system where your whole performance is considered to set your threat progression based on your completed tasks, assists, overall performance, such as K/D and W/L ratios, etc. so you start to earn the assigned rewards for your threat/league/rating. _____________________ 2. Weapon-Role-Based Match Making: What happens when a group of experienced snipers who maxed out that role are teamed up against a group of CQC expert players? We are assuming here they are all on the same level regarding the overall performance of each one for any given scenario, but for some specific situations, having no snipers in your side when the other team is holding positions in high spots surrounding an objective with <4mins to finish it makes for a CQC team fall in the need of a very tactical and well coordinated moving to clear the area and reach the target before the time runs out, otherwise, we get very short missions as a result disregarding if you are in the winning or the losing team. Potential solution: Favorite Weapon-Class-Based Match Making: Every time the server searches for players to get them in a match, it could do a quick check on their role ratings and apply this in a very small factor to attempt to at least balance the roles of each member of the team to ensure both sides could cover almost every situation. I know this is mostly impossible and even if it is possible it could be not very accurate given the fact that there are only 40 players of each faction which means you can have as much 10 pre-made teams of 4 players as much which doesn't leave much space for such diversity as the amount of roles we currently have that are a bunch, but at least if you have 2 or 3 free players ready for a mission to pick for a match, it could then add this last check to see which one of them might fit better and be more helpful to balance the teams regarding this. Why not? _____________________ 3. Rewards for going up on a League System instead of only four threat tiers: When it comes to a wide player base the spectrum of skill ratings is way too big to actually have an accurate method to pair every player in a balanced match without risking to have an amount of them in the same pool with players way above or way below their level when there are so few tiers to frame them. Also in this particular situations there's the point where players looking for more rewards will try to game the system or would end up not getting proper rewards accordingly to their effort or skills put on the game leading to discouraging the new players or casual ones since they'll be struggling to get cash and xp or either making the more skilled ones get very few motivation to put an effort on improve and rank up if they could be getting same or better earnings and easier wins by just getting matched with less experienced players. Potential solution: Monthly League Rankings and Rewards Accordingly: If we could have sub-tiers within the current threat levels we could have some sort of a league system where every player gets matched within other players of his same league/threat but subdividing the spectrum into maybe 3 or more tiers within each threat rank. I think there already is something like 10 invisible ranks on each threat? Let's say the weekly rating session starts and past week you ended up as Silver II, then you have to play 5 matches to settle it down and define if you'll stay as Silver II or maybe Silver I or III or even jump to Gold or Bronze depending if you are performing better or worst this time. Then there's a multiplier in your rewards based on the tier you are which means that if you put an effort to go up to higher tiers your rewards will be bigger and also maybe in addition to this you get the chance of having some other rewards such as a set of League JMB with a small factor for bigger rewards and less relevant prizes when you are in a lower threat/league and a higher factor for important rewards and more relevant prizes once you go up through treat levels. This is also a way to discourage dethreating and add more interest for the players who will fight the best they can to get such mentioned rewards. To clarify this, let's say Bronze, Silver, Gold threats grants you better prizes (aka: JMB or JTickets) while the internal tiers (ie. Silver I, II, II, and so on) increases the multiplier for your cash and XP rewards and a chance of getting also a few JTickets if you earn MVP or something like that. _____________________ Now, what I think many of us will agree is that showing up that threat badge above our name tags only thing it did was not only segregate the community, particularly by separating servers, but also increased the amount of toxicity between players and discouraged a lot of newcomers of keep playing because they usually got bullied by other players who just reached a higher tier than them but were facing very stressful matches against higher threat players before so they learned it the wrong way, that's why I think threat badges should've never been there in the first place. If you want to see your ratings, you should be able to check your stats privately and then if decide you want to share them or not is up to you. We could have some sort of ladders or weekly/monthly rankings for these who wants to take part in a separated competitive instance districts ruleset for that too where also prizes might be more interesting. I'm not sure if I'm being accurate with my proposition in regards of what might be actually possible to do and what might be already in the board for future plans but by bringing this suggestion here, although it is a bit sketchy, I just want to contribute with some ideas I had based as well in what I saw around some other games where prizes for reaching higher leagues are a motivation that worked to stop tankers from dethreating and ruining the game. In addition, I'm setting a poll to know what kind of rewards you'd like to have if we could get a Leagues System with prizes for going up the ladder. Waiting for your feedback guys, hope we have a good discussion about this. Regards, Sal.
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