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  1. And like i said in one thread like usually gets completly ignored, keep giving players a reason to keep playing. Wanting that powerful gun that would make you feel unique or play every day a little to reach that rank that would make the diference and tie players again to the game... but hey its better nerfing and shitting the game with retardism.
  2. I was really impressed by this when i started playing apb for the first time. Such a cool loging screen and music.
  3. Thats exactly the idea, not adding value on clothing. And you talk a lot about growing, but you are not adding sense to it: the big problem with nudity (on every body part) is the SYMBOL EDITOR and not characters because you get the detailed stuff in there. People will continue doing these kind of symbols even if they are not adding them to the characters (or probably yes, with transparencys) as i already shown you with a censored pic -that i wont share right here because dephormeus will have an excuse to jump on me-. I requested giving us the ability to remove underwear with healthy reasons with the above argumentations and you gave me a really, really vague answer... and same kind of stuff happens with weapons "balance" and such. The "grow" feels backwards, honestly.
  4. i can't find one video about a guy with funny voice, like an agent voice doing some comedy... That was my favourite apb vid.
  5. The only nerf that ltl needs is that you need to learn to play. Thats the best nerf it needs.
  6. I show my nipples without shame irl and i want both my male characters to show them freely. Fuck off, ty.
  7. Its honestly funny when they arrest you and start doing emotes or play some music.
  8. They usually mock a lot, specially on forums. Or create ridiculous excuses and explanations to make it look like everything is alright. Scroll back now and identify them yourselves.
  9. No right now... just wait until they buff weapons that really need it, make the game fun and add creativity into fc. Oh wait thats never going to happen xDDD
  10. Game is +18, forum pg 13. You can't submit +18 customes... this is why we can't have good things. Im heading back to my disney movies.
  11. And attracting players is meaningless if they are not retained.
  12. And then they are surprised why everything goes to shit. "Listen to the community" they said.
  13. We need 2,2 people to leave I am asking myself how a 0.2 person would look like? Is he like a midget midget? -- "Work in the matchmaking, with barely any people playing." Darkzero3802, 10/23/2k18.-
  14. One thing that they use to do just to tell you "yes, i am aimboting and there is nothing you can do about it" is: they kill you and they quicky switch to secondary -fbw- while firing at incredible speed and aiming to other side. Its like they dont have delay when switching. There are plenty of trash that did this to me just to let me know that they are still there doing what they allways do.
  15. Per shot when it only increases the max bloom. Man i will be honest with you... you want secondaries as powerful as primaries and you didnt know what the negative effect from ir was, dont u think its time to stop giving opinions about balance?
  16. Well if i used it and its incredible accurate, pointman hipfire, powerful and it has this hilarious range i would call that a nerf but a balance.
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