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  1. What was the jg drop off before its change? 20 or 30? I cant remember. Pointman guns were allways 30m.
  2. ? Anyways drop off barely maters in jg because the spread is fairly huge. It could have 100m that you would only land 1 pellet with plenty of luck. Ir3 on it is just a meme. And also i would want shotguns to get back where they were and so i voted that option.
  3. This is actually smart. Imagine having very dynamic events as a plus. Not sure if they could make it work in a future.
  4. Not rapidly, when you are moving side to side in semicircles, i think it cuts the animation or something like it and your character makes mini warps. If your weapon is in the left hand, swap it to the right hand when you are moving to the right and the other way around. Just try it in game. Also tap fire the gun if it is automatic, or space its shots if it is semi... that not only will grant you better hit reg but that warpy effect. Don't ask me why it just works.
  5. I stopped reading at increasing jg drop off range from 15 to 25. Shotguns where fine were they were and touching them was a huge mistake. It took years to find a balance but they fucked it up. Once done that mistake after other mistakes you just lose confidence in anything that can be done. I doubt is worth spending time talking about balance anymore, just let them break the game as they please.
  6. Desync switching guns*, a bit of lag. Thats the legit way. There are cheaters that would move like crazy when you are firing them, EVEN from the back. Experienced it myself. *swaping hands i meant
  7. No one reads that. It can say that they have the right to take your life and everyone is going to acept. Like stop damage controling. --- @mattscott matt come help this guy, your gms are acting like apes again and deleting the evidence as usual.
  8. Maybe tiggs is not as dead as your twitch profile, and she wants revenge on you. Because stuff that is happening lately is tiggs tier. No words, thanksfully i rarely log on apb. Why did you remove the video?
  9. But i can't run naked in the event and i only logged in apb to play the event.
  10. Nah. I disagree to changing the gmae even more to please p2w criers. They are already nerfin legendaries and any purpose to keep playing the game so its dead for good.
  11. I'll take the silence as a no. I hope there are more events where they override what you create so everyone looks the same and boring.
  12. No. Not everyone is same skill after playing certain amount of time.
  13. Or nerfing legendarys and then release another one so everyone is forced to switch to that. Pretty g1 business... well they still are g1 anyways. ps: anyone remember the low yield ninja nerf... really transparent.
  14. Excalibur!

    ehh oke

    Why is he posting about other games this is apb.
  15. I thought it was fixed some time ago??? Anyways, time to conqer and win is really short, in the other hand it can be extremely long if people attack others team barrels. Honestly last stage is ruining the fun and make the previous or either useless or way too op (you know when everyone just focus on the 2 neariest parts of the whole map to get the central point). Comment faster.
  16. They already tried with lesser stuff and ended looking awful. There is only one piece that luckily (unintended) makes female hips look wider which is welcomed.
  17. Plenty of times happened that i am heading to a car spawn machine to get some barrels, heading towards central park and i lose. How is that even posible?
  18. Wait im not sure if servers are the problem or me, my mer was droping and now its fixed after a modem restart.
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