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  1. Didnd't understand... So far, from my understanding, the event goes like this: both teams has to conquer areas. The one with major areas will get the higher %. Once a team reach 100% you need to conquer the bridge? and it doesn't matter what you did until then or who won the % areas (?????????????), only matters the bridge.
  2. Event is not bad. It could be better, yes, but is not bad. I agree with him with everything else, that doesn't stop me to think he is a little fucking fuzzy bunny.
  3. I am reading so much projection is hilariously funny.
  4. Volcano missiles already spin make you miss fairly a good amount of times. Anyways i miss my volcano ;c
  5. "It has come to my attention" Stopped reading there. Just create a new acc and play dude, like everyone else. You are not missing much anyways. Its the same with me and vindictus, i wanted to play that game for so many years but ip blocked because racism... but i finally found a private server to play and it was shit. Biggest disappointment, i spent like 20' max and unninstalled. The worst part of this little story that makes me feel so bad is that i spent so much time wishing i could play that shitty game.
  6. So young and existential crisis? The point of life is like any other life form: be born; grow; reproduce; die. Don't spin it much, if you succeed at that your life didn't fail... the rest is filler. And yes, once you die you are nothing.
  7. What kind of tortures will the coder that did this be suffering.
  8. Aww not zombies... the only thing that could save apb is a zombie mode.
  9. So people allways readed gg ez but not l2p noobs... god i feel betrayed.
  10. Imagine exposing your bad intentioned thoughts. ... yikes. I'll take this as a joke.
  11. Okay, gl. We are going to censor bugsbunny for you because three reasons: there are risk that kids turn furrys; bugs is a drag queen; he doesn't use underwear. There is a limit to insult our inteligence.
  12. What has to do with anything i wrote? Didn't your mom teach you to stay shut when adults are discussing something important? Thats exactly the problem, apb is already worst than nudity and thats why i cant understand their thinking more than being scared or shy to handle it because disney. "then people would stop designing clothes" You are based in nothing. I wouldn't change my characters anyways and i didn't when i was able to remove the top with a bug. Thats what i expose in my text... apb characters has NO genitals, the problem is symbol maker. Removing underwear wouldn't be a problem if symbol maker didn't exist.
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