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  1. weapon balance isnt a problem in NFS Heat bro.
  2. The pain is real, I can tell you that much.
  3. They never said anything about the last ban wave during the BE days besides there were erroneous bans and they were rolling them back, so sure you can say that the majority of them are cheaters, but with only one ban wave actually being rolled back during the time that LO owned this game, and them not making a statement on the number of bans that were or were not mistakes, I don't think it's fair to run around holding up signs calling people cheaters quite yet. Let's just see if a rollback occurs or not instead of going "haha lol pwnd cheater!" this community is so vindictive for no reason.
  4. I think it's easy to jump to the conclusion that everyone was cheating, but let us not forget that they rolled back a BE wave when we had BE and the majority of those people were from the eastern European countries. This could be legitimate.
  5. Look, it's wonderful that you guys are listening to our complaints, but the idea of "don't release numbers because people will write off the changes without trying them" is a bit of a half-truth, it wasn't the fact that the numbers that made us not play, it was the fact that the changes were flat out silly and didn't require testing to know that they'd be awful. I remember when the first round of changes went out last year for the shotguns and Artemis, everyone was downloading OTW to try them out, even though we were provided with numbers. Why? Because the changes were meaningful and intriguing, there was a genuine air of mystery to how they would directly impact gameplay. I didn't try the last round of changes with the Fang because it didn't take any tests, I've played with the RFP enough to know that just reducing the damage to make it an extra burst to kill and then extending the range was clearly a misstep in the wrong direction.
  6. my net would be too poopy for this.
  7. Honestly, I haven't tried the new districts because I already know what the RFP is going to be like just by looking at the changes. I don't need to try the changes to know they're silly. Might try the OCA out a bit though.
  8. wait is this the "just another easy day for sexual chocolate" guy? that thread was golden.
  9. It has an alternate skin that is all grey (or black)
  10. I remember downloading and playing the CBT, sitting there at like 3 AM on a school night designing my character for the first time. It's not really something that has changed over the years, but the nostalgia that comes with that memory is a drug like no other.
  11. Pretty sure mail with attachments on it doesn't automatically expire, so you'll be fine.
  12. Cores are irrelevant in APB, you can throw 32 cores at it and get the same FPS as you would with 2 or 4 cores of similar performance, because it only utilizes one core.
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