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  1. not unfair, leaves said unarresting crim vulnerable because they have to unarrest in the same way you had to knock them out and arrest them in the first place.
  2. No lag compensation makes for terrible hitreg at anything that's not incredibly low ping.
  3. all i have to say about an ARG is keep the big picture in mind, don't narrow in too much on one single detail or you'll throw yourself off. EDIT: i giggled. EDIT 2: oh, and the logo looks more like a heart monitor to me than a graph.
  4. citadel is full of cheaters and the majority of them are eastern euros who got banned in the last BE ban wave and then unbanned by LO a few days later.
  5. Removing the ability to use the Cyrillic alphabet won't stop Russians from speaking in romanized Russian lol. Anyway, when are we getting a server in the middle of the ocean so that we Americans and Europeans can both get similar ping to the server, then merging everyone to that server?
  6. That's why he's constantly stating that the engine upgrade needs to be completed...something that changes the core fundamentals of the game? Just stop already.
  7. >be my clan mate >gets tk'd every time he plays fight club >makes support ticket >gets a reply 4 months later >"we're working hard against the dethreater problem" >dudewat.jpg
  8. It also tends to happen when you're moving diagonally (e.g. forward and right at the same time)
  9. I'm sorry but what? What about the PMG? N-TEC? HVR? Scout? Obeya rifle? Are you saying they're all underused because of these so called "category deleters" and if you're comparing the ISSR to the DMR, I'm sorry, but the DMR is pretty bad regardless of the ISSR's position.
  10. i wuz wondoring if u could not post a new thread every day
  11. I agree with you entirely, if FairFight was configured properly, it would be incredibly annoying because you're never safe, especially if it's constantly being configured. It's Big Brother, always watching. Same thing can be said with clientside anti-cheats, if they're constantly configured and updated, they can be very effective, but the problem with clientside is as you said, it is a gate to entry, but once you've found a way to enter, you're basically untouchable afterward.
  12. Well, it depends on the game, from what I recall with BF5 hooking a lot of the game functions would result in a fairfight flag and it made it rather difficult to cheat, not incredibly difficult per se, but more difficult than it would've been. The anti-cheating game, regardless of if you're a game dev or a security analyst/consultant, is a cat and mouse game, and the cheater can hide in every crease and crevice while the cat has to be crafty to catch the mouse. It's the name of the game, and as long as you can load order EAC/BE, they will never be effective in comparison to ESEA/FaceIT's own anti-cheat measures. Period. The people that say "bro just google BE bypasses and they're everywhere" are clueless and it shows in their posts, they make baseless and outlandish implications, yes BattlEye isn't the perfect anti-cheat, but to say EAC would be better, or PB, or VAC, or even FF is a half-truth. It all depends on implementation, if you implement the anti-cheat poorly, it'll perform poorly. End of story.
  13. How do you believe this would have any tangible effect on FF's capabilities? Actual question, since you seem so educated on anti-cheating technology and behavioral analysis. EDIT: Also, G1/LO does have their own anti-cheat measures and more are being added on a regular basis. More is in the pipeline, trust me.
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