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  1. Honestly, I haven't tried the new districts because I already know what the RFP is going to be like just by looking at the changes. I don't need to try the changes to know they're silly. Might try the OCA out a bit though.
  2. wait is this the "just another easy day for sexual chocolate" guy? that thread was golden.
  3. It has an alternate skin that is all grey (or black)
  4. I remember downloading and playing the CBT, sitting there at like 3 AM on a school night designing my character for the first time. It's not really something that has changed over the years, but the nostalgia that comes with that memory is a drug like no other.
  5. Pretty sure mail with attachments on it doesn't automatically expire, so you'll be fine.
  6. Cores are irrelevant in APB, you can throw 32 cores at it and get the same FPS as you would with 2 or 4 cores of similar performance, because it only utilizes one core.
  7. This forum software is terrible, I can't even click the quote button without it breaking my post.
  8. Unfortunately, this won't work because further segregating an already small and divided player base will just make queue times longer and servers more dead.
  9. Ripley's believe it or not, you don't have to do other things while waiting. You can go AFK until your game is ready if you desire, but some people actually do...you know...not want to wait in a dead district for a match that may never start?
  10. Can we just remove threat segregated districts all together? If there's no immediate fix in sight, then just don't give them the incentive to do it in the first place. Unfortunately, this doesn't fix the problem of new players getting railed though. I don't know how we can fix that, and removing threat segregation won't help at all.
  11. I'm playing from the USA and only getting 80-120ms depending on the district and time of day. Another person in my friend group is from Cali and gets 160ms at worst. Entirely playable, but shouldn't be forced upon people. EDIT: Also as someone who came from Jericho to Citadel, I didn't drop from Gold or even begin playing like a Silver, even at 120ms with 5 packet loss (thanks Comcast lul)
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