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  1. Matt and I have discussed in the past about ways for proper in-house anti-cheat measures to be taken, as far as I know, it's coming down the pipeline.
  2. i mean, your crosshair is only red when it's on the hitbox and if it's not it's white, but bloom will still allow your shots to hit the hitbox despite not being on it...but ok, apparently every tinfoil hat wearer doesn't understand what bloom is.
  3. Similarities

    Cheaters more and more. (YES AGAIN)

    Regardless of who posted this (I know you're just quoting OP but still), it's an untrue statement. You can easily detect when a WinAPI call is used by a cheating program.
  4. slimedemon is w coast and he gets 160ms, you'll be fine. the korean on the other hand, 400ms gamer go.
  5. Similarities

    Cheaters more and more. (YES AGAIN)

    idk man it could be legit. 119-2 seems fairly legitimate to me, maybe you're just bad? i mean...i could do that with my eyes closed bro. just get better at the game LOL?? btw getting similar KDs isn't necessarily hard, especially with the PMG, it's not 73-15 or whatever but it's near that KDR, if the image is from EU then i know who it is and the guy is cheating, but not everyone that does decent-well in FC is cheating.
  6. Did this already with the cheat this guy is talking about. Also gave him information on how to detect the cheat using their own measures. It's now just a matter of time waiting for the team to implement and test the methods I gave to Matt, it's coming, just be patient.
  7. Similarities

    does it work properly ?

    Probably related to him having a rank on the forum, for example, if someone tried to block a moderator the same thing would most likely occur. Don't think it's intended behavior.
  8. Similarities

    Repost - Marksmanship mode bug

    Looks to me like the switch on your mouse is dying, when you hold RMB it's actuating several times. There IS a bug where you unmarksman randomly, but that's not what's happening to you here.
  9. Wow, even I'd forgotten about the in-game video recorder. I still had some videos from when that was in the game a while ago, but most of them were just there because I misclicked the button. Fun times though.
  10. Similarities

    Car Play Balancing

    Shit talk my coywolf again and we're gonna fight.
  11. Similarities


    That's actually a half-truth, putting the entire binary in something similar to VMP is a terrible idea, the reasoning being that adding a virtual machine adds overhead. Period. PUBG saw a notable performance decrease when running through a VM due to the nature of VMs, and outside of a VM, you can't really do much to "encrypt" things, you could encrypt pointers, but that's not necessarily hard to figure out, Black Ops has done this for years and it hasn't stopped cheaters, as for the public SDK generator, it's going to break every update because the UObject struct changes every update, a lot of things change every update, but that doesn't stop people from using signature scanning methods, as for linear aimbot detection, it's something I've done in 10 lines in a Source Engine game. It's incredibly simple, but it's something one must have an understanding of to implement properly. EDIT: Please make it easier to merge posts btw, it's incredibly unfriendly toward users currently.
  12. Similarities


    As someone who has been providing input on the anti-cheat solutions and how to better them over the past months, EAC is no better than BE and vice versa, it all depends on implementation, I've seen them do a lot in the way of anti-cheating measures, not only regarding their own internal methods, but also going as far as hardening the existing implementations.
  13. Similarities

    New SPCT team

    Yeah, that's a yikes, good luck you two.
  14. Nice one sided form brubber duck, anyway, stuff is coming down the pipeline to deal with cheaters, that's about all I can say.