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  1. As an American who was only playing on Jericho mostly, Citadel is far, far better than Jericho in every way possible.
  2. We've been over this before, literally, none of your ideas on how to fix this are going to have any effect at all. Just wait for them to test the new mitigation system.
  3. Experiencing the same, but getting much worse packet loss spikes, could be related to the new anti-DDoS implementation they were talking about.
  4. Can't aimbot/triggerbot vs other players if you can't even shoot at them. Seriously though, this is why OTW exists, this is why we should be using it, don't repeat the Halloween event of 2014 where crouchspamming up walls was a thing.
  5. Entire world server is offline, was getting 40 packet loss and then got a "The server disconnected you unexpectedly" message.
  6. Jericho isn't dead, it's just sleeping.
  7. where were you when jericho was kill? i was in center of map when dilby call 'jericho is kill' 'no'
  8. Jericho down again, districts crashed 2x in 10 minutes.
  9. There are two fixes to it running DirectX startup every time, go to \steamapps\common\apb reloaded\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2012 and delete installscript.vdf, now try again, it should run DirectX setup once more and then never again, but if it continues to set up every time, you can also try to delete or rename the vcredist_*.exe files located in the same folder you deleted installscript.vdf from.
  10. It's getting to a point where it's nearly unplayable in some districts at times, FC and Financial were absolutely terrible earlier, everyone was warping around and hit reg was incredibly spotty. I'm not at all frustrated with Little Orbit because there's not much they can do, and having decent protection from such attacks is both costly and complicated, but it is quite annoying.
  11. It's a weekend, I doubt support works on weekends.
  12. Not just Citadel, happening to every server. Probably the usual DDoS.
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