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  1. What's worse is I let my IRL friend borrow my FFA R&D III and Glory and told him (while at work and wasn't aware I was banned) to just mail it to me from social district cuz I can't play at work, so he sent it, and from what I know, Mail is only stored in the box for 30 days, so If I don't get a reply ticket / unban within 30 days, Then I am loosing 400 hours of grinding $.
  2. Title says it all, I don't know what to do! This has gotta be a mistake or some kind of false ban. I don't use hacks or cheats in any other games and I just came home to this from work lol!
  3. @ThePoundofF This has been covered in another thread that Lixil answered with "Regarding the login issue our IT is checking this." -15 minutes ago. I think other people are also having this error
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