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  1. God are you serious? Bloom for ir is perfect... when you aim at distance the bloom fairly fucks up your accuracy, that is already a good downside. Just fix it for the weapons with not negative effect. God why spin this so much, i cant even believe it.
  2. Yes, it needs to be reverted. I explained why. If they really need to nerfed i explained how without making it a fucking trash. But hey, spending money on a guy to make shitty changes is way better.
  3. ahhh delicious straight truth As someone who do not play games trying to make a game funny... and fresh.
  4. As long as light doesnt come from the floor i would tolerate it.
  5. Wow you are all an expert. Ive been eating flour based food lately and i started to have a lot of gas (now its fairly quiet). From my experience there are the ones that are looong and relaxed, and then there are the ones that are short and you need to push them out.
  6. Sure, maybe when they "grow up as a person" apb would find an end.
  7. What about changes that happened since lo took over? Then just buff every non "core" weapon.
  8. Desperated for gun banning, ofc they will push stuff like this. Theyll go as far as school shootings for it... completly souless pricks.
  9. nice more nerfing, you are really into fucking up the game like its been happening lately
  10. you forgot to mention that they are doing in a few months what g1 didnt in years
  11. i misspelled sauce, typed sausage instead
  12. It serves nothing. They can pump it up as much as they want, balance will be as trash as allways. Maybe its much better just to have your advice, having two primaries that cover each other needs is much better. So if you have a shotgun (you plumb cqc with it) a secondary buffed like act44 reduced ttk to 0.7 so you are able to kill at mid and long distance and improve its accuracy.
  13. if he is going to close every thread you are in... thats a lot of work for a free job im off to have sex with my pasta
  14. you say that because you want to watch some pasta, degenerate iam the one getting the consecuences later
  15. A concerned player hilarious a concerned player also derailed A concerned player delete post a concerned player go to off topic a concerned player abusive methods Ye completly chill.
  16. Looks like someone finally is spotting the problem lol.
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