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  1. But it doesn't concern me. Its like we should censor certain ppls flag because decimating palestinians, but no one cares. Why so much hate towards nazi flag? I dont get it.
  2. Yes you can, and you can know where snipers are watching the radar, their red nick or by sound.
  3. You barely know what you are saying, without fog you are able to spawn camp enemys bases at 100m with osmaw, volcano and opgl. Like, no.
  4. Fog is fine and there is no trouble with it. It prevents long range weapons stomping and spawn camping... but hey "le positive review".
  5. With cheats ofc. Finding anyone in any place, perfect ttk with this ridiculous lag. edit: a huge lag peak and a guy killed me anyways, name (unbaned kid) by pm.
  6. Maybe optional? I see completly pointless to change the whole outfit when its apb strongest point is customization. Even if you tell me that is for gameplay reasons, the only way you can aknowledge an enemy is not by the colour of his outfit in that hellish fog but the red name.
  7. You've chosen to ignore content by a Pair of Socks. Options
  8. I don't think so, he has a loser mentality. Is not about how hard you buy, is how hard your wallet gets hit and keep moving forward. Thats how jmb winners is done.
  9. Yeah just that... Is not that i don't like the event costume, probably a team "boss" should use it?
  10. Its nice because its fresh, i enjoyed it so far. You can camp mid road to fish some deliver guys, or try to destroy their base (i say try because its fairly impossible), or be the transporter, protect your team bases. You got plenty of choices and thats something you don't see much in most of apb misions.
  11. I side with the helicopter guys, but there are not helicopters... what a shame.
  12. Not because forums are pg13 means you can be disrespectful towards adults, jimmy. Go to bed now.
  13. I agree that yukon is fucking trash. Pdw is a straight updagre... honestly anything you can use its an upgrade lol, even snr and i am not even joking. I sold all my legendaries to try this gun out and turned pathetically weak. They have no idea what they are doing.
  14. The only way to solve it is buying more until you get your desired weapon.
  15. Yea i understood, i readed matt post about it. Still i keep my advice for areas and final event. The areas winner should be the "special" team and granted the higher chance to win, otherwise its useless to conquer areas.
  16. Is the final even independant from the area one?? And what you exactly need to do? I went to the bridge to kill people and thats it. I had a simple idea for areas part: areas should be conected to each other. For example: if you do not conquer x, you can't conquer y. If you conquered, y, enemy can't attack x, and should attack y first (just like planetside 2). That would give it sense and will make people feel less lost. EDIT: nvm there is a post for it... and i didn't know there are 3 teams LOL. EDIT 2: Seems like pointless to play the whole conquer areas for that final... the final even should be something like the winner has to protect the area from the other two teams (i dont exactly how or what they should do).
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