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    I average around 50
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    Notice how some bullets hit when I'm in the same exact position, same with the person I was shooting at. It wasn't hitting the wall.
  3. WaterLemons


    LO, please fix.
  4. WaterLemons

    fix your anti cheat?

    "He can track better than me, he's cheating! If I can't do that it's impossible"
  5. WaterLemons

    Radar tower bug

    There is also a bug when someone dies while being spotted by a radar tower, when they spawn the icon shows up on your radar/spawn screen for half a second giving away their location.
  6. capture briefcase instantly teleporting to 600m on certain locations , arming bomb points randomly exploding when coming close and getting opposition when 'k' ed up. I actually haven't run into those so far, but it sounds pretty (very) annoying.
  7. I said that looking back at some of the god awful updates G1 put out. Compared to those, the weapon changes aren't even close to bad to me. I just said I don't agree with some of the changes in that update.
  8. guess LO only want those "experienced players " that pm them. I was waiting for a significant update and so far broken weapons and extensive bugs. Lost hope.Time to move on forever. RIP APB Reloaded. Who says they're pushing "casual" players away? There have been major updates since they took over, the weapon rework being one of them. The reason we're behind with everything is the extensive DDoS attacks that Jericho and Citadel suffered from when LO first took over (not their fault). While I don't agree with all the changes in the weapon updates its still progress to a better game, and what new bugs have they introduced that are game-breaking? Finally, I don't care if you stop playing APB forever, but if you're going to make a good bye post of sorts educate yourself before flaming the company over nothing.
  9. Title says it all Seeing that you have a break-in which drops a computer then you have to drop it off all in the same stage the time limit should be raised to 8 or 10 minutes instead of 5.
  10. Dont hate because you cant follow the story.
  11. WaterLemons

    Diamond threat

    I'm all for more threats to help balance matchmaking. We just need more players to make it work.
  12. WaterLemons

    Rank on OTW

    Wouldn't mind having a max rank. Kevin | Crim War | Enforcer
  13. WaterLemons

    Deployable Filter

    Is there anyway to add a filter to what deployables you will receive from mission rewards? I've gotten about 5 or 6 mobile shields today alone. You could also add a limit to how many deployables you can filter out to avoid stacking only one deployable all of the time.
  14. WaterLemons

    adding friends kicks them from game