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  1. i'd rename Citadel to Russian Server so they all go plague some other zone
  2. i once killed a civi does that make me an abuser @SelttikS
  3. selttiks out here calling u out bro how u gonna take it op
  4. i spend money on game that makes me more entitled to more stuff then you, pls stop these threads
  5. mentor programs never work, just be a nice guy basically the same thing
  6. lmao at the op and the guy acting entitled cause he spent money on pixels
  7. cant change if you dont accept the change and live in the past
  8. Fr3e

    I'm sorry APB Community.

    sorry are we suppose 2 kno who you are? jk you can never escape the internet
  9. moirai only quality car, screw ur meta
  10. erm this thread already exists in the designer part of forums
  11. niche audiences isnt really that big in a population of like 1k-1.5k active players
  12. LO is a company, companies want $$$ why would they let stuff people don't want stay on their market when they can replace it with stuff people will buy?
  13. no poll in this thread? RIP battleye will be turned on when its done gathering data
  14. i think we should just ban weebs give a new rank above gold will solve everything 100%
  15. can the new car be an 18 wheel truck pls
  16. this post is filthy x-rated stuff
  17. my head physically hurts, everyone should just look like kanye tbh
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