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  1. ive been here longer so im smarter then u what u said is wrong kiddo
  2. its ok i just realised i posted this in the wrong section anyway cause im a mong :))) just used paypal cause support r busy
  3. omg but steam logon doesnt work cooky how do i fix im smart if u hadnt noticed
  4. cant buy g1c with steam wallet how can i waste my money on this game if THE OPTION TO WASTE MONEY ISNT THERE bans weebs
  5. i only accept quality dates as my celebration days like England winning PENALTIES
  6. omg stop dethreading ur suppose to back up your off topic post with something on topic or we get in trouble!!!!!! crims suck who wants their cars lmaooooo like this cooky
  7. i like how i insult people indirectly and i get warning strikes, u guys straight up insult these weebs and you get nothing stop protecting the weebs also dont you even dare make faction removal a thing i dont want ur crappy van
  8. "I bypassed my ban by making a new acc now i want the stuff merged" wat
  9. i think he said free to use what THEY have. not ask for the guns you're too poor to buy
  10. move to a first world country
  11. g1 prob had to pay LO to take the APB community into their hands lel
  12. i see fake golds everywhere in this thread
  13. can they take away ur ability to make stupid threads everyday pls
  14. i dont play in this lag i just let my premium disappear
  15. only ppl with low self esteem and willpower get addicted
  16. when ppl who say they quit actually quit and dont wuss out in 2-3 days
  17. they get fixed when you don't fake depression leave the game
  18. give me my own threat for balancing purposes
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