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  1. Id love to play with Lixil. Then she can carry me to wins. im not american so i never play with/against anyone not annoying
  2. its the weebs man, cant be trusted i think lixil should continue playing with the non-weeb community
  3. Fr3e

    server down

    told you at the start of the thread its the weebs bro, cant be trusted
  4. Fr3e

    server down

    not everything is a Upgrade X for better Y was a joke did u not see the XDDDDD
  5. Fr3e

    server down

    you realise they restart every time they crash right??? also use the $$$ from the sale to upgrade servers xDDDDD
  6. l m a o expecting this community to not be toxic xDDD
  7. oi if i want to drive around a dump truck and meme, u cant stop me. go play the quiet district if you care so much bruh AINT EASY TO WIN BRO #DJKHALED #BANWEEBS&FURRIES #GRIEFERSAREN'TTHEPROBLEM
  8. it already has friend imho i think the ignore list should be removed and you should be forced to grow a pair and not cry everytime some1 hurts ur feelings
  9. man ur really obsessed with weebs whats wrong with hating something so cruel and sinister its equivalent to the nazi regime
  10. tbh if u actually use an ignore list online ur the issue with being a fragile weeb and should prob go back to tumblr
  11. yo kurt cobain says we need crosshair changers, i support this because he came back from the dead to talk about it. good for him tbh
  12. this is what happens when weebs play ur game
  13. ah a quality post with constructive criticism and suggestions on what else to do
  14. erm post irl pics of urself unless ur shy thats ok this is me
  15. its up cause am on it rn
  16. quality gif 12/10 report cant be removed cause how will i report the weebs and furrys
  17. the lag is caused by the weebs and furrys on the game was confirmed by science
  18. i pm people telling them i reported them for having cat ears or weeb stuff
  19. erm sir i hope ur only referring to ur self
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