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  1. imagine pulling up a screenshot early in the day, middle of the week and being like: AHAHAHA LOWEST NUMBERS EVER DO SOMETHING NOW OR ELSE pls tell us more about how you have had so many successful games and are a master at marketing mr furry
  2. the one where i affk in social and roast weebs / furrys
  3. oh look another "games dead thread" weebs will never let this game die sir
  4. support too busy answering weeb tickets to get to urs sorry kiddo
  5. nah g they did nothing lmao thanks for ur input and lack of eyes much appreciated pls leave ur premium sub @ the door and don't let it hit u on the way out g
  6. i for one like my premium being wasted
  7. Because as I said, for some reason this thing wouldn't appear for all payment methods, but LO fixed it apparently. WHICH GOES ALONG WITH WHAT I SAID WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING ME
  8. wasnt on mine until LO became the big bois
  9. yo i wish i could use my mums credit card
  10. reported erm let me explain it properly for you utter weebs who don't know economy they added the tax to the price unlike g1 who didn't tell you that you were gonna get taxed *edited text size* - Lixil
  11. ye it exists bro, only the non-weebs get access to it
  12. l m a o pretending you have a gf xDDDD
  13. yeah i’d love to be able to block anyone from using their accounts just by creating a support ticket
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