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  1. same bright colours are my jam, see enough goths in apb
  2. "why are these things rng boxes that don't have the % chance of drop listed not giving me the item i want" idk prob cause they're loot crates?
  3. i hope the ddosers take ur away ability to make threads tbh
  4. nothing is p2w, only p2w is cosmetics cause this games about fashion you nerds
  5. these are the only poll threads that should be appearing not the "does this need nerfing" bs
  6. asking for an engine update when they haven't even got the anti-cheat fully on yet l m a o
  7. armas sale when cookie is done being bitter tbh
  8. no dont do this or if they do don't bring back the guns that came with it let the og's keep them
  9. not being able to quit the game completely ;(
  10. only deaths i dont get tilted at are nade-related deaths
  11. Give it some time they've got thousands of accounts to go through.
  12. Go on the support page on G1 portal and click on your activities and view your ticket. It'll say next to it if it's solved, what number it is.
  13. I'm sure lots of us that are awaiting our unbans for random reasons are all in the same boat.
  14. Got the same issue, however you've gotta remember the time they suggested for the patching was like 6 hours long. So I imagine it's going to take some time for them to unban all of them. Just be patient for awhile and worry about it in a bit when things calm down.
  15. Buy them all now and sell for $$$$$ later when the game picks back up. Ayyy.
  16. Pretty sure they have LOADS of accounts to unban and it hasn't officially been the six hours they said it was going to take. So let's be patient and hope.
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