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  1. Someone’s gotta always flex, like ricegum
  2. Arent you also the same guy that asked for free G1C? Buying ARMAS guns without having a clue on how to play isnt going to help you
  3. "Im gonna arrest you and leave you expecting none of you buddies will help you." I think you need to know how the basics of Cops and Robbers work.
  4. MoeEveryWeek

    Game Ideas

    Why can't we just have a burger helmet then? Ain't a marshmallow but still a food
  5. Mate I think you have the wrong game, Jailbreak in ROBLOX is the place for you.
  6. So basically undo shotgun balance. Im on the fence about it.
  7. Since there is no Sign up, Im guessing we will have to dig a lot deeper to find the credentials of an admin to "Login" to the site.
  8. Could always grab $10 head to your local Deli or gas station and get a $10 PaySafe card. Its really easy to find a store that sells them. You basically just lost your account since you just stated you are under-aged to play.
  9. Red Institute website states two lives were claimed, Devil Dog relocated to hospital, two bloodrose bodies found, maybe they could have chosen Devil Dog as a test subject and being this mysterious virus that has been claiming lives? And maybe he would defect resulting in him creating RedHill
  10. I was only interested by all this because the coordinates lead to an Australian Uni building. Australia being mentioned for the first time in a while.
  11. Its hecking annoying that chrome bug, can't flex on nerds when I cant see my own car design.
  12. There also that small bug where, I cant remember how to do it but sometimes the chat will just stay hidden and when you type the bar will come up and the message will send but you cant see the chat history and the only way to see the history is to fully open the chat box key
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