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  1. I agree with everyone but we all know the most important thing that's needed in this game right now is GUN BALANCE and EVENTS.
  2. She never gave me any names, just banned me. She gave Qracker an mlp themed name.
  3. All I'm saying is that the word "Qracker" isn't even a word. A simple google shows this my guys. If my name is "drbghraejugh" ur saying G1 had the grounds to punish me because they perceived it as offensive? Maybe I'm just not liberal enough to understand this concept.
  4. It's nice to hear that things came out well for you but you were unfortunately apart of the minority of those cases, Dogfish that I can think of as well when he got banned from someone else logging onto his account. Tiggs is human and if she had a great cup of coffee one day then hey ur unbanned kiddo. It's just sad she had a bad cup of coffee the other 99% of the time. We're talking about the person who threatened under-aged kids with driving a tank from the military base she lived near onto their front lawn lmao. Granted those kids were definitely out of line, but professional and Tiggs does not go in the same sentence, at least, not from my experience.
  5. hey member when G1 nerfed concs, buffed all car hp's, and put in 2 car mods that are objectively better than any other mods? i member
  6. Sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me. Isn't a massive design change and pushes the game in the right direction. Discussion was constructive until you flew in. Well done.
  7. For the talk about previous names, no one has Provocate and It won't let me take the name so obviously something is wrong with some old names. As for the money and jt's, the general sense I'm getting right now is that if you were unbanned in either of the 2 waves, u didn't get ur money or jt's. If u contacted support and got unbanned through them you were able to keep them. Personally, that just sounds like support weren't on the same page with the unbanning process. I'm glad some people got to keep their things, I was just curious if I missed an opportunity or something. Wasn't looking for anything out of this other than answers
  8. Why did they make a blanket statement saying everyone's accounts would be gutted in terms of money and jt's and then turn around and not actually do that for everyone? I really don't care considering I'm just glad to have all my things back but I figured it was worth asking about. Idk if we'll actually know their reasoning unless they gave an official response on the matter.
  9. I dunno, sounds like BS (from them not you), LO was pretty clear about removing $ and JT. Yea that's not out of the realm of possibilities, that'd just be a decent bit of people lying about it but what's new
  10. I'd say conservatively around 75% of the people I've spoken with that have been unbanned were banned by FF and didn't have their $$$ and tickets removed.
  11. Hi was just wondering why I keep hearing about people who got unbanned and kept all their $$$ and joker tickets? Are these just cases of ignorant support or mistakes in general? Also, my names are still trapped in the void thx tiggs -p.s. dont get this locked pls I'm actually curious
  12. Maybe things aren't entirely the same as they used to be. Good on you man :)
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